New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on FOX

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  • A murder in Chinatown causes John to remember his life in 1913 Greenwich Village when he was a painter. The body looks identical to his son and he discovers a new branch of his family tree. John is trying very hard to reconcile with Sarah.

    A pretty decent episode but by far the weakest of the first six. We get to see a seedier negative side of John that is somewhat surprising. The truth is immortality must make one very unconscious of others feelings at times. Openly cheating on his wife with another woman that may or may not be just a diversion. We see another of his wives that understands the danger of loving an immortal but who eventually is thrown aside. A very negative image to say the least.

    The Spoor family tree turns out not to be so much the making of John's past but a symptom of the times the family lived in. His grandson made choices during the depression that changed the direction of this branch of John's family. Somehow you feel during the episode what's really important to John is not that the family is dirty but that he is responsible for it. That's guilt plain and simple. Truly a lot to get from an episode of serialized television. Maybe a little too heavy for the average viewer.

    They contrast the immortals family by showing Eva and her conflicts with her father. Somehow things always repeat themselves and will as long as human beings survive.

    The odds of having a body look so identical to his great grandfather and John's son and then having John turn up to be the investigator is astronomical as well. I am not sure the storyline was subtle enough. It sort of hit you over the head and was very unlikely.

    The painting sitting over the wall of the warehouse was interesting. You wonder why of all things would John's painting been taken in the first place and then still be kept by his family over all those years. That really was the impetus for John's wife to leave and usually you would not take something so personal to another person. I would have thought it would have been destroyed if taken.

    I guess the odds of all these pieces falling together is just a little too much to take. I did not find this episode to be overly genuine and it lacked something. Maybe some heart. I'm not sure.

    I liked how Omar referred to the Butterfly Effect as that is really a truism. How much does one really effect that much change when you have no direct effect or stimulus. You'd think after 400 years you'd have to have learned that.

    John and Sarah look like they are going to give it another try. With only two episodes left I am not sure we will get to see much development of that story. At least not enough for it to have a great deal of impact.

    Interesting story but disappointing in general. Again I have to state probably the worst of the six first episodes of New Amsterdam. Thanks for reading...
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