New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 8

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

A dead woman sinks in the water.

John is swimming at night while thinking of Sara, and Eva meets with him. John is still off-duty after his bullet wound, but he wants to get back to duty. Eva gets a call about a floater in the East River and goes to check it out with Callie and Santori. They've identified the victim as a Martine Shane. John decides to tag along and remembers back to 1927 when he was a grifter working the area. A victim caught up to John and his partner and shot John. When John's partner runs, it turns out the shooter Fiske is working with John to grift the fleeing man.

In the present, John notices that the victim is missing a finger and Callie orders John off the case and back home. Back in his car, John grabs a police radio to keep track of the investigation. Back at his apartment, Sara comments on his remarkable healing and the fact she's seen him die twice. She suggests they go to Montauk and John claims he's on a case, but Sara's already checked with Eva and knows better. Regardless, John goes to the morgue and checks with Mank on the corpse. Martine was dead before she hit the water, strangled to death and left in the water for a week. Eva and Callie arrive and John manages to get Eva to throw up at the odor. Up in the squad room, John manages to bribe Santori into claiming he's sick so he can take the case with Eva. They talk to Martine's friend Kayla who directs them to Robert Browning, a commodities broker she was living with on his boat. Martine was an actress and John remembers back to 1927 when he and his partner are discussing a con when he spots an attractive actress who he wants to use as part of their scam.

Eva and John talk to Browning who called in to the police a week ago. However, he didn't call about Martine's disappearance, but about a break-in. He claims Martine was unpredictable and he didn't know where she went. John tries to get access to Browning's GPS info but Browning says he loved Martine and tells them to get out.

In 1927, John flirts with the actress, Olivia Behrendt. She recognizes him as a grafter and offers a few pointers in return for half his take.

John is swimming when Omar visits and wants to know what he's going to do about Sara. Omar points out that John is still immortal and warns that she isn't like his other women, and it may have been someone else on the subway platform. He tells John he should tell Sara the truth.

Records show that neighbor heard the sound of a fight and Browning took his boat out the night of Martine's murder. They go to visit Browning again with a warrant, and John thinks back to 1927 where he meets with Olivia at her home and they flirt.

Searching the boat, Eva smells bleach and John finds a brochure for a dating service. They show him a towel they found with blood on it, but Browning claims it belongs to one of his workmen. John spars with him over conning an honest man, and remembers back to when he stole a gem from Olivia.

John and Eva go to the dating service and talk to the owner, Inga Skoll, who says she set Martine and Browning up and thought they were happy. She claims confidentiality to avoid turning over her records but John threatens her with exposure to the police. Inga caves and directs them to the other men that Martine dated before Browning. None of them had much luck dating Martine, although the third one recognizes John as Benwarr, a turn of the century furniture maker. They confirm that all three men were robbed by an inside man, Martine, then get a call that Browning tried to kill himself. They go to his boat and he refuses to talk to them, but they figure that Martine used him. Browning says he knew she was a thief but doesn't believe she ripped him off, and he tried to kill himself because he missed her.

In 1927, John is meeting with Fiske but considers giving the gem back. Fiske is skeptical that John has fallen in love with someone.

John and Eva talk to Nash, the detective investigating the burglaries, and tell him what they know. He directs them to a fence, Ray de la Cruz, who is wanted. Callie catches them heading out and takes John's gun. He uses Omar to track down the fence and then approaches Inga and gives her the bad news. She doesn't believe Martine was a thief but he wants to know who referred Martine to the dating service. He then goes to see Kayla who reveals that Inga is the one who brought Martine into the dating service. John notices a photo of Martine with Inga and takes it with him.

The lab reports that the blood on Browning's towel matches Martine's, and John lets Eva and Santori go to arrest him. John gets word from Omar of where Cruz is and tries to talk to him. Ray makes a run for it but John has his dog bring him down. John takes Ray in and mentions he's being charged with attempted murder. Ray denies knowing Martine and finally admits he dealt with a woman but doesn't know who it was.

That night at his apartment, John runs a computer check on Inga and Sara wonders what's wrong. When he focuses on the investigation, Sara lets it go. The next day, John talks to Browning and reveals he doesn't believe Browning killed Martine, and someone set him up. When Browning reveals what was stolen, John fixes on the engagement ring that Browning gave Martine. John asks if Martine ever mentioned former lovers but Browning didn't want to hear, but he did notice her fighting with an ex over the phone.

In 1927, John and Olivia talk and she admits she's from Grand Rapids, MI. She notices his scars and they talk about truly knowing each other.

The next day, John calls Inga into the office. As she waits, John storms out of Callie's office as the two of them fight and she suspends him. He storms out and Inga offers him a ride to Omar's bar. Once there he boasts about being ready to break the case and starts drinking heavily. John refers to her as Susie Barkowski: he knows she was Ray's contact and is in debt. Inga spotted the marks and Martine got in through the dating service, but now he doesn't claim. He offers to sell her information about a hidden safe that Browning keeps on his boat that holds a rare gem (Olivia's), and she agrees.

That night a shadowy figure sneaks onto the boat. John and the police show up: it's Kayla, Inga's other partner. She and Martine were lovers and a furious Kayla cut off Martine's finger to take the engagement ring. They bring in Inga as well and reveal the whole thing with John's suspension was a setup. It turns out that Inga and Kayla went to the same high school together, then changed their names and recruited Kayla's girlfriend Martine. They killed her when Martine really fell in love with Browning.

In 1927, John tries to put the gem back but Olivia catches him. He tries to explain he was putting it back but that means he has to admit to stealing it in the first place. She tells him to get out and gives him the gem, saying it's not real… just like him.

Later, John waits for Sara as she comes out to go on their trip to Montauk. He tells her that he isn't going and that she doesn't believe that he's 400 years old. She still refuses to believe and asks if there's someone else: he hesitates before answering and she slaps him, then storms off to get as far away from him as possible. John is left to walk the streets… alone.
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