New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 8

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on FOX

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  • John is recovering from his gunshot wound and despite the fact he is suppose to be on leave he works with Eva on the case of a woman found in the river. She seems to be tied to a string of robberies. John has second thoughts about Sara as the one.

    Actually a pretty good episode but it is terrible as a series finale. I think it suffers from the fact that anyone watching it knows it is the end. It is really hard to tell a complete story in a series that lasts only eight episodes.

    Nikolaj Coster Waldau does a wonderful job as Amsterdam. The supporting cast of Zuleikha Robinson as Eva, Alexie Gilmore as Sara, Stephen McKinley Henderson as Omar, Robert Clohessy as Detective Santori, and Susan Misner as Sergeant Burnett are all great in their roles. The acting in this series is first rate.

    The premise in each episode being tied to something from John's past is fascinating and generally well thought out by the writers. In this case a grifter scam where one uses love to con someone else. In the end someone always gets hurt a lot more than just the monetary loss.

    It was interesting how the women loved her so much and was hurt so much that she killed her. It makes you wonder how much passion one would have to generate to kill someone over it. It happens all the time though. The fact that she brought her girlfriend into this is especially ironic. In the grift she lost her to another human being. Remember how she said the man used her as a piece of property. She was obviously bitter about the relationship beyond just friendship. I didn't see the connection at that point though myself.

    So this is it. The final episode of a very promising series that came and went. Hopefully we will see all of these actors on the screen again in something worthwhile very soon. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Thanks for reading...
  • Well, despite my review on "Reclassified" I ended up watching the finale "Love Hurts", hoping to see some improvement and, in order to determine if, in my opinion, the show will be renewed for a second season.

    So, here are my two cents on the show:

    Definitely an improvement in comparison to last week's episode. First of all, John Amsterdam's realized that the annoying doctor (Dr. Sara Dillane) is not the one and gets rid of her! I never liked her character and something about the actress just irritated me. So I say good riddance. Also, it was nice to see more of his past, which is what I enjoy most about the show. It was especially nice to see his past as a bad guy (a con artist). However, I do feel that the character of "the one" should have somehow already been introduced into the show (obviously without John knowing who she is) and of the two possible women, his partner (Eva Marquez ) and his boss (Detective Sergeant Callie Burnett), none seem to me to be the right character for the part. All in all, the episode was an improvement and I'm sure I'll end up watching the first episode of the second season, should the show be picked up for a second season, but, I have a feeling that the show will not be renewed. Like I mentioned before, the idea is great, but the episodes were not special enough to warrant a second season. And while the main actor, is cute in his own way, I'm not sure that he's the right choice for this series. I think the producers should have gone with a more familiar actor, which could have led the show a bit differently.
  • Still looking.

    So we have come to the season finale, it only seems like yesterday when this wonderful new show started, I had already lost Journeyman and most of my other favourite shows when either affected by the strike or on hiatus, so when New Amsterdam started it was a breath of fresh air.

    Now it has finished and we hope with baited breath we get a second season.

    The season finale was slightly disappointing and though a good storyline left us wondering if John will hook up with Sara again in the future settle for immortality or keep up his search, only time and a second season will tell.
  • good season finale...

    I thought this was a good ending to the season. John breaks up with his girlfriend after surviving a gun attack and knowing that she must not be the one. More nudity...but it was funny. I think the writers just want to get John naked as much as possible so the girls watch...Anyways, the story was ok, nothing special. The flashbacks were ok, nothing special. I really liked the dynamics between the boss and John and the whole arguement over John being injured and shouldn't work. Overall, the story was just average, but the little bits here and there made the episode great.
  • John is disappointed that he is still immortal and we learn more of his background.

    This was a fairly moody episode, told in parallel with more background on John.

    A young woman is found floating in the East River, and during the course of the investigation John and Marquez discover a Con game being run through a dating agency. As the investigation proceeds John reflects on his 'career' as a Grifter in the 1920s, and with the Captains co-operation, they run a con of their own on the dating agency's owner.

    Meanwhile, after the revelation from the last episode that the good Doctor isn't his 'soul mate', John has to make a hard decision. Should he continue with the blossoming relationship with her, or keep looking for that one person he's searched for, for 400 years.

    I don't know that I really liked this episode. By that, I'm not saying it was a bad episode, on the contrary, it was a very good one. I've watched it a couple of times and it really conveys the mood of John. His disappointment at not being mortal and dying when he was shot. I really felt his despair of continuing on the treadmill of immortality.

    Some excellent script writing and acting, but the direction wasn't anything special. It didn't pull all the different stories together to best dramatic effect. It wasn't bad, but could've been better.
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