New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on FOX

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  • No Tee Pees and No Shamans

    I was disappointed in the inaccuracy of the portrayal of the Native American people. The Lenape did not live in Tee Pees - EVER. Also, the Seneca and other Iroquois people inhabited New York at that time. There may have been Lenape there but they would have been absorbed by the Seneca. The Seneca and other Iroquiois lived in long houses. The North Eastern people were not nomatic so their houses were solid log and bark houses.
    Just a note: We do not have SHAMANS! That is a new age wannabe word that means nothing to us.
  • Implausable premise

    The premise in this is quite unbelievable. ***Spoiler alert (pass this bit if you haven't seen the episode yet and don't want to know any details) Colonial man defends Native American woman and is run through with a sword in the process. Native Americans bring him back/preserve his life, making him IMMORTAL(?!?!) until he meets his true love, whereupon he will be allowed to age normally. Doesn't it seem logical that if the early Native Americans had the gift of immortality the Europeans would have had a lot of difficulty defeating them. I know, I know, I'm all for a little suspension of disbelief, but this is a bit too over the top. Hope the writers can lend some plausibility to this later on - now that would truly be a miracle. ***End of spoiler alert

    Some of the characters seem interesting (like Omar), some seem cookie-cutter (like Eva). The acting is not too bad. It is somewhat interesting that John Amsterdam doesn't seem intent on hiding the nature of his existence. Will this continue? I'll watch a few more episodes to see if the writers can really bring this all together, but if it makes the same amount of sense then as it does now, I'll be giving this a pass.
  • A NYC Homicide detective is immortal, he solves crimes. Fair pilot, mite predictable, about 50% interested.

    It's an interesting premise, though that's not to say it hasn't been done before. However, I much preferred the Dresden Files to this. Sure, he's immortal, but how far can they go with it? The usual discovery of his ability by his partner, him dying a few times, solving a few mysteries here and there, interspersed with flashbacks of his past, etc, etc. The actor seems relatively new to me, though he only carries off the "old, and wise" facade occasionally, not that believable. I like the effort and the little hints of his past, like the wooden table with his old-style photo, and the painting. One can only tell at episode two how it will go. Will keep a brief eye on it.
  • Interesting

    This was a new interesting take on crime shows. You got a homicide detective whos immortal so he's scene pretty much everything. I like that this new show John is a homicide detective and not a CSI, I think the CSI shows have kind of worn out having a show about a CSI. I love this, he's immortal and can not die until he finds the one and their souls are married. I wonder how many children John has had over his life of 400 years. He talks about his almost 6 year old son who died. Some of the scenes were actually kind of boring and half made you want to flip the channel but something tells you just to stay tuned and find out what happens next. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • I liked the pilot, especially the part with the table at the end.

    I liked the pilot, especially the part with the table at the end and how his past caught up to him (i.e. his previous relationship with the blind painter). I especially liked how he has at least one friend who he can be frank with about his 'curse.'

    HOWEVER , I greatly disliked how open he was about the past with Eva ... he just came out and told her about his 600 -somethin girlfriend, fighting in WWII and going to the speakeasy -whether or not she believed him is a whole other issue, but still! Whatever happened to a little mystery?!

    The homicide aspect was a little formulaic...hopefully these storylines will improve and become a little more interesting.
  • Interesting concept. I hope the writers can do it justice.

    I watched the pilot for New Amsterdam last night and while I didn't follow everything that happened, there was definitely enough merit to keep me watching for a few more episodes. I think the concept is really unique - something that tv hasn't seen in a while where crime dramas are concerned. I am not sure if the crime drama part is supposed to be secondary to John's story of immortality, but last night it definitely took a backseat, perhaps because we were still in the exposition of his character. There were some great inside jokes centering around John's inability to die - my favorite was the joke about how long he had been sober. It was very unclear how many of the characters were privy to his immortality, though. I that very confusing. I am hoping that this will be a strong show and that with a few more episodes we will fully understand who John Amsterdam is.
  • This show is okay. The crime story was very pedestrian. But I'll give it a few more episodes.

    I really liked the actor who plays Amsterdam. love the way he uses his knowledge of the city to navigate the crime. Felt a great connection to him. The weakest part of the pilot was the crime story. All these shows, K-Ville, Life, vanished, the crime in the pilot is like right out of law and order. The dialogue was also a bit cheesy. The overall "mystery" of the series, the story of his love, was a little sappy and at times too on the nose. I'm sorry, but there's no video surveillance system that gives you TV quality angles like the one from the NY subway system that appears on this show. Why did it take it so long to look through? Also, the chick he found is kind of old looking. Pretty, but not hot.
  • I like Amsterdam. Typical cop story. Confusing and chaotic story line. Pretty funny.

    I was really worried this would be another let down. But surprisingly, it wasn't. I really enjoyed the story, the characters, the premise of the show.

    I like John Amsterdam. His character of course has all the typical "I'm a tough police detective, no body can stand me, and that's just fine because I work best alone." But the jokes are funny, he's nice to look at, and he's believable. The cop story wasn't so interesting and left something to be desired. It was never really explained why the murder victim was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend's father, who is the one who killed her, but we really didn't know why, and then he tries to frame her current boyfriend. Hmm... now that I think of it, I am even more confused. The set up of his back story was somewhat intriguing, but is still a little bland. Hopefully that will be juiced up wwith more episodes. Immortality and tepees aside - I was just glad he wasn't a vampire. I love the jokes, especially the one about his 600 something girlfriends. And when his new partner asked how many wives he's had, he answers " a time". Cute. I hope this is one of my new favorite shows!
  • Great introduction of John Amsterdam and the world his lives in past and present. We start out nicely in the present with John chasing a suspect but during the chase he collapses. It was a nice way for the writers to give us his backstory. As a

    Great introduction of John Amsterdam and the world his lives in past and present. We start out nicely in the present with John chasing a suspect but during the chase he collapses. It was a nice way for the writers to give us his backstory. As a new comer to the new world John is stabbed and hexed by a native person he saved. The hex lets him live forever until he finds his true love. I really like how all of the key facts of the show were established in the first episode. We also got to meet his key satellites that surround him throughout the series. His friend at the bar, his sexy tough partner, and his jerk backup detective. In a final bold move John even potentially meets the woman who's love will kill him. Great to start to what appears to be a great series also avoiding all the cliche labels the uninformed threw at this show.
  • What would you do if you could live forever? John Amsterdam can. Welcome to his story.

    In this episode, we are introduced to Detective John Amsterdam of NYPD Homicide. Amsterdam has been immortal since saving the life of a Native American girl in the 1640s. John has led many different lives and had many different names but doesn't grow old. Now, in 2007, John Amsterdam uses his knowledge to find murderers. He comes off as being a bit bored with his immortal existence. His new partner, Eva Marquez, seems to butt heads with John near the beginning. I like how they slowly build a trusting partnership. The past comes back to haunt him during this episode. He also believes that he has found the one whose love will make him mortal. John has a lot of knowledge that he uses to help solve the case of a murdered girl in this episode. This seems to be an interesting start to the story of a man who's looking for a mortal life and his true love. In the meantime, he's around to help the city of New Amsterdam.
  • We meet John Amsterdam who has lived for 400+ years but looks like he is 35. He has lived many lives, been married, had 609 girlfriends, and 36 dogs to date. In his current life he is a Detective for the New York PD. This is his story.

    Very entertaining Pilot episode. Some nice touches throughout and he even solves a murder investigation while he's at it.

    He seems very open about discussing his past as it seems that people just find that a quirk of his personality. I like how it seems people like him but find him eccentric. We see he has been a famous furniture maker among other vocations and has known some famous people through his time here in the New World.

    We find out he has a rare blood type that no longer exists when he dies and gets put in the morgue. It seems this is not the first time that has happened as he just walks away and insinuates as much. Some snappy dialogue for example when his new partner gets a little under his skin he says, "you sound like my last 609 girlfriends." When they go into the underground club and he mentions it was their during prohibition with the same name she asks him how he knows and he says, "I use to drink here." Very matter of fact.

    The murder mystery was not much of a mystery as you suspected the father early on. Especially when he mentioned the 10K bracelet was nothing from a monetary standpoint. The story held up well enough on its own and was very well done. I like the bit with the Madagascar Red paint as it is true that paint with lead was not used after about 1940 when the dangers of lead poisoning were first really pushed as a health hazard. The paints were very distinctive though so it is easy to match what artist used what medium so that was cool.

    In general a clever use of the lives forever fable and an excellent use of his long honed skills to find the answers to questions and situations. After seeing this first episode I am surprised it lasted only eight episodes. I will watch the rest and endeavor to understand why that happened. Thanks for reading...
  • We are introduced to the main character Detective John Amsterdam in the NYPD Homicide division. He has a really strange past and has to be up for retirement soon, especially when we find out he's over 400 years old !!!

    The pilot episode was very well done and the flicking back and forth from the present day, back to the time of his encounter with the indians and the magical sharman, who brings him back to life and makes him immortal.

    There are some dark humour aspects in the episode, like the AA meeting, where he tells us that he's been sober for 15495 days, then the guy says thats 1965, see, even at an AA meeting you'll still find a smart a$$ no matter where you are.

    We also meet his dog, and I love it that he's called it 36, whether its the 36th one of the same lineage or just his 36th doggie.

    I can't wait to watch the rest of them.
  • good start to the show...

    At the very beginning of the episode I was really wishing I wasn't watching it, however, after about 5-10 minutes it really picked up and impressed me. I love the character of John Amersterdam and it looks like they can do a lot of character development on him. The introduction of the characters was solid. The idea of the show was introduced well also. The story was ok in this episode; it was just a typical murder and who-done-it with gut feelings and such. I loved the bit with the old woman recognizing John. This was a really goog first episode because it did a good job of introducing everything. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  • John Amsterdam saved the life of an American Indian in the early 17th century, and in return, gained immortality until he unites with his soul mate. Unable to die until their souls wed, he lives each day for the future while remembering his long past.

    They say that truth is often stranger than fiction. Chalk one up to the cliche in this pilot episode that has charm, wit, intelligence and heart.
    John Amsterdam is one of NYC's finest, most brilliant detectives. Of course he's had a few centuries to hone his skills. At every turn he alludes to his immortality-a "gift" given to him by the American Indians he saved from slaughter- and everyone just seems to shrug it off. Even his new partner (we learn she is just one in a string of numerous homicide detectives to become his partner) seems to let the comments he makes about history, age, wives, girlfriends etc. go by without question. Only his dear old friend Omar knows and believes the truth.
    With this being the pilot episode, it's hard to critique character, plot and interpersonal relationships, but it certainly has the makings of an enjoyable, possibly addictive new show.
    Of course, after living in NY for hundreds of years, you'd think that John Amsterdam (played by the Danish Nicolaj Coster Waldau) would have perfected his American accent. Need to work on that Nic.
  • New Show - New Amsterdam

    In this pilot episode we are introduced to John Amsterdam, he seems normal, leads a normal life as a homicide detective with a vast knowledge of history, only John has a secret, he is immortal.

    400 odd years ago John rescues a tribe of native Indians but is killed in the process, a witch doctor of the tribe brings John back and gives him as a gift immortality, John will not die or get old and the only way to break the spell is to find true love, naturally John searches for ' the one ' without success until one day chasing a perp onto the subway his heart gives out, a doctor travelling on the train gets him back to the hospital but is pronounced dead on arrival, this is just a minor heart stoppage and John lives but starts to wonder why he had a heart attack.

    Along with his friend Omar and his dog ( which he numbers instead of names ) go about there daily lives still searching for the one. I loved this episode and it looks as if I have a new favourite to fill the void, my only concern is that Fox doe's not have a great track record when it comes to new shows and especially a new show that's been compared to Highlander.
  • Very strong start to what looks like it will be a good series.

    Very excellent characters. Historic references are interesting and educational. A lot of it is shot on location which is nice because there aren't a lot of crappy sets. Main Character, Amsterdam, is funny and believable. It provides an interesting look at life through the years in New York City. Most of the historical references I've noticed were accurate. Surprisingly good for a show on Fox. I heard they were going to cancel it but hopefully that was just a rumor. Even when I don't watch on TV I watch full episodes on [and suffer through commercials even though I know its available elsewhere- commercial free] because I want to support the show. Definitely worth watching. One of the few good shows on Fox.
  • The story of an nearly immortal man, waiting to age, and not being able to.

    This an engaging story with an interesting twist. I really enjoyed the pilot and hope they keep it fresh. The characters were interesting and the pilot had enough humor to keep it light and enough drama to keep it interesting. The premise is one that can be examined at length. And future shows will be able to delve into, how can John stay in NY, why those around him don't notice he doesn't age, and what if he never meets his soul mate. The other characters will be able to develop their backgrounds. I hope they keep a mixture of humor and drama. So far, not predictable and I'm looking forward to the rest.
  • Loved every minute of it.

    Hopefully will fill a void left by Prison Break and Terminator finishing already.Love the whole premise of the story and super excited that Robert Clohessey is on the show!!Is it just me or does Amsterdam have more chemistry with his partner than with the Doctor?TPTB will need to work on that relationship a little bit more if she's supposed to be "The One".I hope we get to see more of Amsterdam's past and how Omar fits into this all.Loved how Omar gets Amsterdam to make him furniture and than sells it like its restored not the real deal.Great episode can't wait for the next one.
  • not a bad way to introduce something new, i hope it gets better as it goes on

    New York City homicide detective John Amsterdam is cursed with immortality because he stopped the murder of a Native Indian girl in 1642 by stepping in front of a sword. Due to this act of kindness, the Indian girl rescued Amsterdam from the stab wound by making him immortal, but warns that it is a curse that will only be lifted when John meets his true love.
    Now, Amsterdam is a homicide detective in the Big Apple where he shares his secret with Omar, a blues club owner with a few secrets of his own. John is partnered up with Eva Marquez and gets into a chase with a suspect. When he suffers what appears to be a heart attack and is revived by ER doctor Sara Dillane, he realizes that mortality may be closer then he thought.