New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on FOX

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  • We meet John Amsterdam who has lived for 400+ years but looks like he is 35. He has lived many lives, been married, had 609 girlfriends, and 36 dogs to date. In his current life he is a Detective for the New York PD. This is his story.

    Very entertaining Pilot episode. Some nice touches throughout and he even solves a murder investigation while he's at it.

    He seems very open about discussing his past as it seems that people just find that a quirk of his personality. I like how it seems people like him but find him eccentric. We see he has been a famous furniture maker among other vocations and has known some famous people through his time here in the New World.

    We find out he has a rare blood type that no longer exists when he dies and gets put in the morgue. It seems this is not the first time that has happened as he just walks away and insinuates as much. Some snappy dialogue for example when his new partner gets a little under his skin he says, "you sound like my last 609 girlfriends." When they go into the underground club and he mentions it was their during prohibition with the same name she asks him how he knows and he says, "I use to drink here." Very matter of fact.

    The murder mystery was not much of a mystery as you suspected the father early on. Especially when he mentioned the 10K bracelet was nothing from a monetary standpoint. The story held up well enough on its own and was very well done. I like the bit with the Madagascar Red paint as it is true that paint with lead was not used after about 1940 when the dangers of lead poisoning were first really pushed as a health hazard. The paints were very distinctive though so it is easy to match what artist used what medium so that was cool.

    In general a clever use of the lives forever fable and an excellent use of his long honed skills to find the answers to questions and situations. After seeing this first episode I am surprised it lasted only eight episodes. I will watch the rest and endeavor to understand why that happened. Thanks for reading...
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