New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Nikolaj Coster Waldau's accent slips several times throughout the episode.

    • Trivia: John's detective badge number is 9298.

    • In the scene where John is being resuscitated they are shown defibrillating Asystole. According to current Advanced Cardiac Life Support protocols, you only defibrillate Ventricular Tachycardia or Ventricular Fibrillation. You never defibrillate Asystole.

    • In the end of the episode when John discovers that there are security cameras in the station, we can see that the camera was hanging up near the ceiling, but when he finds the woman that helped him we can clearly see her face as she was walking towards the camera looking straight into it. We should have seen only images from above and not from the level of a person's face.

    • In the final scene of the episode, when John wakes up after being stabbed, his chest is clean except for the scar. When he stands up, his chest is covered with mud.

    • John's dog is named 36. Whether it is the 36th generation of a single lineage is not revealed.

  • Quotes

    • John: New York City. A beautiful catastrophe, someone once called it. I call it home. Romance, glamour, excitement. This city has it all. When you've lived here as long as I have, and you've seen what I've seen, cynicism isn't just a pose. It's what gets you through the day. And there've been a lot of days. And a lot of nights.

    • Older Indian Woman Crone: You will not grow old. You will not die. Until you find the one, and your souls are wed.
      John: How will I know when I find her?
      Older Indian Woman Crone: You will feel it, here, in your heart.

    • John: (to Mrs. Carlton) You asked before how you go on. You do what you can. Go to work, you see your friends, you cook food...get up in the morning. Then, one day, it...changes. Don't know why, it just does.

    • Eva: How do you find out about this stuff?
      John: It's what we do. We bring closure to people who need it. You seemed to need it.'s what we all want.

    • John: I've watched the world change. Best invention - indoor plumbing. Worst invention - the alarm clock.

    • John: Hi, my name is John and I'm an alcoholic.
      A.A. Man: Hi, John.
      John: I haven't had a drink in 15,495 days.
      A.A. Man: Hey, guy, do you think that's funny. I can do the math. You'd have to have been sober since 1965.
      John: I look young for my age.

    • Eddie: Don't do this, man, I don't want to have to shoot you.
      John: Then don't: it hurts like hell.

    • John: Trust me, all of it gets old… except me.

    • John: How long have we known each other?
      Omar: Long enough to know better. You know the answer. Why are you asking me that?
      John: Do I look different to you?
      Omar: You could use a shave.
      John: Look closer.
      Omar: You look, uh... happy.
      John: I almost died.
      Omar: Hey, let the good times roll.

    • Omar: Now, I thought when you met the right one, you were supposed to become mortal.
      John: Only after our souls are united.
      Omar: What the hell does that mean? After you kissed her, after you've slept with her, after you've done Lamaze class…
      John: They didn't give me an instruction manual, okay?

    • Eva: Look, we need to set some ground rules here.
      John: You sound just like my last 609 girlfriends.

    • Eva: You learn that from one of your 609 girlfriends?
      John: One of my wives.
      Eva: Plural. How many have you had?
      John: Only one at a time.

    • John: Ever ask yourself why a vampire has no reflection in a mirror?
      Omar: Not this week.
      John: Because it'd be too painful. To see himself year after year, century after century, unchanged while everything around him grows old. To search for love but know it's always just out of your reach. Because to be human is to die. To die is what makes life worth living. It's God's joke.

    • John: I can read lips.
      Eva: And you're also deaf, I suppose.
      John: It was temporary. Normandy. A shell exploded too close for comfort.
      Eva: Sorry I asked.

    • Eddie: You're the dude who chased me. I thought you were dead.
      John: I was. Now I'm not.

    • Eva: Thought you were going to wait for me.
      John: Yeah. I lied.

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