New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2008 on FOX

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  • John and Eva investigate the mortal wounding of John's first partner when John joined the police force after 9/11. John is dealing with his first feelings of possibly being mortal in 400 years. Sara witnesses John being gunned down in the street.

    A lot of emotions rolled in this episode of New Amsterdam. We were dealing with John's former partner Andy played by Chris Bauer dying of cancer, John's feeling of immortality slipping away and threats against his life, and finally a bitter almost unbelievable betrayal.

    It seems John joined the NYPD after 9/11 because of what happened to his city. If anyone can call it that it is John. He was there when it still was owned by the Indians.

    Things are progressing with John and Sarah but I have to feel that John is questioning his judgment after the way the episode ended. Is she the one? What is the process to becoming mortal? Is it just boom you're mortal or is their a gradual change? I'm not sure how he can know one way or another.

    It seems Andy was a good but tough partner for John. I guess it never would have occurred to him who was responsible for his death in the end. I have to admit this piece and the shooting at the end raised this episodes score significantly. I was disappointed in this episode until the final last twenty minutes or so.

    Andy never told John about his wife Didi's cancer even though they were partners at the time. It does seem strange the coincidence of her going into remission and Andy contracting the cancer thru his blood poisoning. Sometimes life is funny that way.

    In general it turned out to be a pretty good episode with some nice twists and three very good endings (Who did it, Andy dying, and John getting shot) that if the rest of the episode had supported them this would be a clear 10.

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  • Mystery of who shot and mortally wounded detective Amsterdam's is solved.

    This episode reveals answer to who shot John Amsterdam's first partner.

    When Amsterdam first became a detective, the rookie was assigned a senior detective in the department as his partner.

    One day, his partner was shot. He never saw the man who shot him. The shooter shot from the shadows.

    The case was a long unsolved crime.

    Now, the ex-partner is dying from leukemia supposedly brought on by the gunshot wound.

    Amsterdam joins his ex-partner's struggle to solve the years old crime.

    The pair's quest leads to mobsters, gun smuggling, and a several emotional scenes involving the dying man's wife.

    In the last several minutes of the episode, John's relationship with his doctor girlfriend undergoes a couple major twists in rapid succession.
  • good episode...

    John's old partner asks John to find out who shot him which is causing his death. This leads to the mafia...which was actually interesting. I liked how haughty John was. I also liked the idea that John was starting to fear death, but they dwelled on it too much; it got old after the first time. I thought it was obvious who shot his partner at the beginning. Oh well, still a good story. I liked the flashbacks. My only issue: don't they notice that John looks the same after all those years....oh well. And then...John gets shot. It was so overplayed and I just thought it was pointless and could have been better placed. Still, it was a good episode.
  • A Partner is for life.

    Johns first partner Andy Gleason at NYPD is dieing of leukaemia and asks John to find his killer, a strange request but the leukaemia was brought on by a bullet fired by a mystery shooter during a gun runner raid, Andy wants justice before he die's and John and Eva must find the killer before it's too late.

    I have read that a lot of people were disappointed with this episode, yes it wasn't as good as the previous six episodes but it's the hidden messages that hold significant key memories as to whom John really is and how he has coped with being 400 years old losing all his past love's and friends plus how his city has changed in front of his very eye's.
  • What can I say except – disappointing.

    I keep hanging on, hoping that the show will improve. It has so much potential, however, episode after episode, the show does not deliver, and it is frustrating. Very frustrating.

    Why is it frustrating? Because it could be a GREAT show. I love the idea (similar to high-lander but without the head chopping…) but instead of dealing with his immortality, his past, finding his true love etc. most of the show evolves around the crime he has to solve and frankly, if I wanted to watch another crime solving series I'd watch NYPD reruns, Homicide etc. which truthfully are much better crime solving shows. I watched this show for Amsterdam's story, not his work. Notice I wrote "watched" because truthfully, I don't know if I'll watch the last episode, it's just too painful to sit through a whole episode waiting for the 4-5 minutes throughout the entire show where we actually learn something interesting about the main character.
  • John helps his first partner.

    In this episode we learn that John began his most recent career as a New York police detective as a result of the terror attacks on 9-11. The flashbacks reveal his relationship with his first partner, Andy Gleason. Andy tried to instill in John the importance of relying on a partner. That's a lesson John hasn't quite learned but he still feels a great deal of loyalty to Andy. He takes on the Russian Mafia to in order to solve the 3 year old shooting of his partner so that his partner has justice before he dies of leukemia caused by the bullet. What strikes me the most in this episode is the difference in John. In the flashback, he is fearless and takes chances that a mere mortal would never take. Now, he seems more tentative. I'm not convinced that Sara is "the one" who will make him mortal but I think it's messing with his head. In the scene with Omar, John says time no longer feels endless. He's been thinking about death and it scares him for the first time. Also, when Viktor Brosky tells John he's a dead man, there is a look of fear on his face. The ending was not quite a shock but I'll definitely be tuning in to the next episode to see what happens.
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