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  • Very enjoyable series

    When I found the series it had already been cancelled for four years. I like series where flashbacks are handled in a good and supporting way. John had seen so many things and was living with all his experience. But still he managed to be positive most of the time. Good!!

    And: a Danish actor playing a Dutch character is for me, being Dutch, a bit troubling. But he did well.
  • why did it finish!!!!

    I loved it soo much!!!! just found out about it this week and im sooo dissapointed they finished it!!!! i mean come on there many people out there who would love this but cancelling it because no media were keen on it? its just like secret circle!!! WHY!!! btw i really wanna know what happens next:( 8 episodes, what can i get from this:O

    My husband had seen the preview and planned to watch the first episode. We knew the general subject matter, but was not prepared for what we saw 3 seconds into the opening sequence. The violent images and stress inducing music caused both my daughter(age 24)and me to leave the room leaving my husband to watch for another few minutes and it was then too much for him! Seriously - there's enough gore and shock on the daily news.... we don't need our tv entainment to be as bad as real life!
    This much violence and disturbing content in an opening sequence left no doubt that the show would only be worse but, we didn't stay to find out and will not tune in again.
  • liked it but not too sad to see it go

    When this show first came on i really liked it, it was something different and had a certain feel to it that really pulled me in. As time passed and the episodes continued to air the show remained constant, the story kept developing and more and more things were revealed about the characters, now looking back remembering the show i see that throughout it all it was always missing something..not sure what but it wasnt quite memorable. i can't imagine the show still on now i have no idea how the show could've developed further, they created the love interest from the beginning and the whole point was for him to find his one true love...unless they ended up making it his partner idk how the show could have kept you tuned in to your tv every night to see what happens least after the 1st season (if that)
  • Not given a chance!

    This show started really slowly, and I did originally fear it would never hit the mark. And then all of a sudden it just clicked with the characters and the storyline meeting in the right places.
    Too bad by that time FOX had already made up its mind to kill it, after doing their best to bury it in a lousy time slot with no promotion.
    I liked that it was an interesting variation on a theme, for a change, and "John Amsterdam" promised to be a deep and followable (is that a word??!!) character. The lady doctor was a dud as far a character for a relationship, but that was a minor detail.
    I have wondered where Nikolaj Coster-Waldau disappeared to, and I think its time some smart network brought him back!
  • Why was such a good show cancelled so early?!

    This show concentrates on a 400 year old immortal man named John Amsterdam (not his original name) who is currently working as a homicide detective in New York while he searches for his true love to break his curse of immortality.

    On the surface this show could have come across as sentimental or wishy-washy but it didn't. It was effectively a cop show but with an immortal lead character. The plotlines are quick and usually convey more than a little information about the history of new york along the way. The characters were all well rounded and very well acted with some great supporting roles along the way. I really feel this show could have gone from a good solid new series to a very clever and compelling show if it was only given the chance.
  • John Amsterdam is immortal. Four hundred years ago when the Dutch were taking the island of Manhattan from the Indians he took a mortal blow to save an Indian girl. She bestowed this gift/curse on him that he won't grow old till he finds his true love.

    Yes, this premise has been done before, but never so eloquently or persuasively. This is in a way better than the Highlander films as it brings the real world into the mix. Not a world of immortals but one in which John is unique. There is really no one to share his curse with until he finds his one true love.

    The way in which each story unfolds is wonderful. Really connecting each story with some part of the 400 years he has lived brings to view how the world really doesn't change no matter the technology or the time.

    Nikolaj Coster Waldau does a wonderful job as Amsterdam. The supporting cast of Zuleikha Robinson as Eva, Alexie Gilmore as Sara, Stephen McKinley Henderson as Omar, Robert Clohessy as Detective Santori, and Susan Misner as Sergeant Burnett are all great in their roles. The acting in this series is first rate. I really enjoy that he at least has a confidant in his son Omar. A lot of times a secret of that magnitude can ruin a story. I also enjoyed that he is always so open with people and doesn't worry about what they think. Time this minute and thoughts are fleeting if you live forever.

    It was truly a shame that this series was canceled after just eight episodes. It came out as a mid-season replacement and I find this is the fate of a lot of those shows. I think back to ten years ago. A show ran generally for its 22 to 26 episode run one way or another. There were shows they played in the summer that were sometimes audition shows, but this idea of canceling shows mid-season and replacing them with fill ins is for the birds. I think you are going to see more and more shows of this type coming and going as they are never really given a chance. The Unusuals was this years case. It never caught an audience and it was ten episodes and out.

    Great production values, well written stories, well thought out characters, and well played roles. Should be the sign for success. Unfortunately not in this case. Thanks for reading...
  • A decent show with a good plot the whole family could get into.

    A decent show with a good plot the whole family could get into. Not sure wht it went off but all 3 of us enjoyed it . Just like normal good shows get cancelled and other we could care less about are renewed. We still watch it if it was on today but instead I guess we'll be watching ncs's new lineup. How does a decision get made to cut out or keep shows? Is it just a ratings thing? Perhaps better advertising would help but hey we are just normal people trying to find good shows even out kids can watch. So where's the logic?
  • New Amsterdam is a wonderful blend of romance, fantasy, crime and drama. Coupled with an engaging cast and interesting premise, this well-made show is a gem.

    New Amsterdam follows the exploits of John Amsterdam, a New York City homicide detective in the 21st century and his search for the one. Through flashbacks, we learn that John was a Dutch soldier from the 17th century that was granted the curse (or gift?) of immortality for saving a native American girl's life. His biological clock will not resume until he finds the one and their souls are wed.

    Each episode reveals pieces of John's life over the last 400 years. We learn that he has been an artist, coachman, and grifter to name a few. In the present, John teams up with a new partner, Eva, to investigate murders in the city that never sleeps.

    First of all, let me just say that this show has made me a fan of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. His charismatic portrayal of John elevates this already excellent show to greater heights. The rest of the cast is equally good. I love the banter between John and the show's other characters particular Eva, Santori, Omar and in later episodes, the Sarge. The lines are witty and funny. A favoutite of mine is between Eva and Santori. Let me quote from episode 3:)

    Eva: That the weapon?

    Santori: You think? Heavy blunt object covered with blood.

    Eva: I was being rhetorical. You know what rhetorical means? That was rhetorical too.

    The chemistry between John and Eva also sizzles. There has not been such a pairing since Mulder and Scully. I also love learning about John's past and how his past ties up with the present. John's search of the one, whom he believes is Dr. Sara Dillane, brings a welcomed touch of romance into this fantasy crime drama. In summary, New Amsterdam is a wonderful show that succesfully blends romance and fantasy in a crime drama. Given time, I really believe that this show will only get better.
  • The premise of this show grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn't wait to see what fox would do with it. I was pleased with the results but as usual just when a show is getting good it's canceled. John Amsterdam over 300 years

    The premise of this show grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn't wait to see what fox would do with it. I was pleased with the results but as usual just when a show is getting good it's canceled. John Amsterdam over 300 years old due to a Native American "blessing". The catch is he'll live forever until he finds his true love. It was interesting the way immortality was linked to true love and then death. Along the way we had good flashbacks and plenty of surprises as to how our hero became what we see today. We see him change from a selfish and at times criminal to a person wanting to use his ability to help others. Watching him navigate his past and present personal life was often time thrilling and surprising. Great show and I'm really disappointed that it had to end with so few episodes.
  • Not my fave show. But was good-watchable. Enjoyed the storyline and acting was good.

    I think it was better than a lot of the shows that get beyond their first season...and I would have enjoyed seeing another season to see where the show planned to take us next. There were a couple of shows this year that got cut that I was shocked that it happened. Journeyman iw probably the closest to this show that I thought was a potential great series that also got the sharp end of the stick. Some shows, like the Bionic Woman, I could understand why they failed. Anyway, if you haven't seen the show, take a few hours and see it, because it is definitely worth seeing...though I wouldn't go out and buy the series dvd's if you know what I mean.
  • Great show. Ashame it was on Fox.

    God, I hate Fox. If it wasn't for Family Guy, I'd probably never watch the network at all. Every good show they get going, they cancel. What a bunch of crap. Someone needs to cancel Fox!
    I thought this show was great. A few historical inaccuracies that bugged me a little but if you can look past that, it was a great show. Part Sci-Fi, part police/detective show with edgy characters. It had a nice feel to it and it was something to good forward to in the sea of crap that is TV today.
    When are these networks going to figure out another way to track ratings rather than rely on Nielson's crap system anyway?
  • I found the show a mix of Sci-fi,law-n-order crime solving, meets romanitc love lost. It was all my favorites rolled into one. I am truely sad to see this go after such a short start on Fox.

    I recently saw a list of shows not returning in fall, in my TV Guide. I had a shocker and a half, a fit mind you when I saw New Amsterdam on that list.
    This show and its actors deserve more tv time, especially after the mess of last fall with writers strikes and such.
    This show had potential, and characters I liked. I wanted to watch the show. I havent looked forward to watching a show on tv like I did this one in a long time.
    I liked how we got bits and pieces of his past, as we went along. Slowly unfolding the mystery and timeline of John's long life. Who and what he had been and done. I especially liked the surprise of finding out that the bartender was not his friend but son! It is slightly irritating to only just get into a story and not get the ending. Shame on you Fox. Its like reading a great book and then having your brother toss it in the trash, after only getting to read the first few chapters!!
    Bring this show back next season someone! Please?!
  • Wonderful new crime drama. If you like the police part of Law and Order, mixed with a little flavor, you'll love this show.

    It's a terrible shame that they will not be bringng this show back. I am really hoping that someone will pick this show up if Fox isn't interested. Some aspects were not 100% awesome, such as his partner and his boss which seemed like weak distractions, but other aspects such as his son were great additions to the already intriguing story. The flashbacks to earlier times were well done and added a lot of feeling to the stories at whatever given time they were used. Great story, great writing, great art direction. If anyone at Fox reads this, Please bring it back!!
  • I want more! Bring the show back please!

    Why is it that Fox and other Tv Networks keep on burring new shows. Shows that people like. But they still end the show after only 2-22 episodes. Some people like me love shows like this and we all are asking Fox to bring New Amsterdam and other shows back please! Give the show a secend chance please. Bring back other shows like Drive, The Winner, Vanished, and more please. Just because not enough people didn't watch it (maybe) doesn't mean people didn't like the show. So all I have to say is that Bring it back just bring it back!
  • This was my new favorite show

    I absolutely loved this show. Unfortunately it aired at a time that was inconvenient for me to watch. I was grateful to be able to watch the missed episodes on! I am very disappointed that they cut this show. I only hope that they bring it back... irregardless of what station does it! Boo hoo! The show's ability to connect perpetual tragedies and crises of today with those of hundreds of years past, was insightful and well-done. Putting the idea out there that there is only one soulmate out there for each of us is a novel concept in today's fast-paced, throw-away society. Insight and criminal-based drama... a little bit of seduction, what more could you ask for?! Bring it back.
  • New Amsterdam is a unique look at finding your soul mate in a modern day setting. The acting is fabulous.

    I just want to express my disgust with Fox Execs for calling off further episodes of New Amsterdam. They need to get their heads out of their butts and realize they have a hit on their hands. They are letting it slip right through their fingers. If CBS is looking for another smash hit they should pick up New Amsterdam. Some networks should look more closely at this program and let Fox drop further down in the ratings. The actors are superb and should be given a chance to show their skills. I understand the writers had to make a point but the strike has hurt the viewing public more than the network execs. Try killing your game shows and reality shows and put more dramas on starting with New Amsterdam.
  • An immortal guy conquers time in order to find his one and only , once in a life time, never twice, love. Bu hu.

    This storyline sucks. I like the idea: man looks for love, but to actually find that love he doesn t settle for looking, he has to break the heart of every female in New York. And why is it that he never moved? Always in NY no wonder he is miserable. I mean how about a little variaty. Some sight seeing. But no. Just one city for eternity. It really is no surprise that he never found the one. He must really annoy that gipsy. I beat she is screaming from heaven from the thousends of chances she gave him. That is life. One big disapointment after another. Peace and an angry out.
  • A show about a cop who can't die until he finds his one true love, but in the mean time likes to look for peoples killers.

    The show is only mildly entertaining. I am not a huge fan of this type of television. It kind of feels like fox is trying to make a less entertaining version of CSI, Law and order, or something of that type. The main problem is the main character, because the storyline for him make it hard to connect with and then there for care about. The actor himself is good but that can only make up for so much. It would be better if there was a strong supporting character that was easily to connect with to makeup for this lacking in story line.
  • The best programming in a while!

    I do not watch much television. The main reason is because of all of the RETARDED reality crap, dance crap, and singing crap. Just about every televsion station plays the same old tired crap!

    I look for shows that are entertaining, stimulating, and well thought-out. FINALLY, a program comes on that does just that - NEW AMSTERDAM.

    Sure, the plot is corny. The actors are sometimes corny. The development of the plot is even predictable. SO WHAT!?! Trying to figure out how they are going to get from point A to point B makes watching fun!

    New Amsterdam is a return to great programming. When does it come out on DVD?
  • the show New Amsterdam on fox is one of the best on. various friends and acquaintenances look forward to watching and discussing it. som of the friends are in texas and others in new york and new jersey amongst a few. please see it kept on.

    i cannot exclaim enough about this show. the flash backs are extremeley interesting and it's amazing how you find all these children of his past. it would probably be informative if you could do something chronolgical so that we can keep up with it and also refer to. this is one of the few shows that i have interrupted watching another so that i can watch this. a lot of us have done this and have no regrets. lets have this back in a big way next season. the writers should get an atta boy for the different ways of referring back.
  • A sexy imortal who has lived, unpatiently waiting to find his true love in order to become mortal. A great storyline - different than some of the other shows now on TV. I highly recommend New Amsterdam.

    This is a definite favorite at our house. I chanced upon it by accident. I finally decided to check out American Idol on FOX, and ended up checking out other shows on FOX too. Glad I did, as this is one of the three shows I really like and will not miss. It has an unusual, never before used (that I know of) storyline and it is refreshing to watch something new and entertaining. The lead character is captivating, sexy and worth watching, and I'm a grandmother! Take my word for it, it's good! The season finale is tomorrow night and I can't wait until the new season starts.
  • I really love this programme and its star Nicolaj thingy wotsit is gorgeous ... but ... it's hardly a new storyline is it? I mean a bloke that can't die, lives for 400 years and catches criminals ... ooh let's see now ... what does that remind you of ..?

    Well first up ... Mick St. John in Moonlight [OK Amsterdam is not a vampire ...bit picky ... and the basic idea is there!] and Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood ... who is seriously even more gorgeous ... if that were possible!!!

    I like Amsterdam's softness in his character - his humanity if you like but then Mick and the Captain have both had dodgy pasts and are also on a mission to do good now. Now Amsterdam has met who he thinks is his soul mate who will make him mortal ... well guess what ... dear old Mick is now mortal [for a while at least] ... and so on.

    Now I don't want you to think I am criticising this show ... because I am so not! I love the fact that it is easy to watch ... and very entertaining ... dare I say it even has a feel good factor!? I often get to the end of an episode and wish it was on for longer!

    My concern ... is that at some point in the not too distant future it is all going to get too familiar and unoriginal and that would be a great shame because with a bit more thought and originality this could be a very special show!
  • New Amsterdam is the best show out there right now. It's a mixture between x-files and numb3rs and that is what I like the most. Very intruguing and suspensful.

    This show is getting better and better all the time and right now this is my number one show. It got everything a series needs; great actors, suspense, love, hurt. I like the way it deals with crimes as well as the fact that John is an immortal. This way the show is intriguing and it makes you want to see more of it. Brilliant script. This reminds me some of X-files ( an old best friend) and I like the partnership between the two detectives. The fact that we dont know if the doctor is the ONE for John is also great as well as the solving of crimes. The flashback from different lifes is a brilliant move and I cant recall a show with a plot like this before. I really hope that FOX keeps this show since its one by its own and if they will I don't think that they will be sorry :) I can see a new X-files couple/ series rising in the horizon....
  • New Amsterdam is a show about a police detective who is invinsible. He has lived around 400 years and has seen all there is to see. He cant die unless he meets the woman that is meant for him.

    I love this show. Many people are saying that this is a copy of some show called highlander...I dont know about u but I am pretty sure that is before my time. And so I am proud to say that I dont give a crap if they are copying someone becuz this show is awesome!! I look forward to it every week and havent missed it once. A lot of people dont even know what it...but I am quickly spreading the word. Hopefully this show will not tank. It seems people care less and less about interesting television and would rather watch people sing and dance for their entertainment. Forget that! I need intrigue and comedy and suspense rolled into one. I need excitement. After all I am young. If ur even relatively youthful or looking for a good detective show, then tune in. It'll be worth ur time!! Trust me!
  • Didn't grab me at first but it's definitely picking up!

    Watched the first episode and didn't love it, but it interested me enough I thought I'd give it one more episode before I decided if it was worth my time. Somehow my DVR missed the second episode, but caught the next four which continually grew on me. It's definitely very similar to HIGHLANDER, and the star even reminds me of Christopher Lambert at times, even in the way he pronounces certain words, but it's also its own show.

    I like that NEW AMSTERDAM takes place in the same city over four centuries so you get a sense of how New York has changed and evolved. I like that the star has had 63 children, including his current son, friend and barman, Omar. But one thing I'm unsure about is what the whole "true love will make you mortal" aspect will do to the show, considering it seems to be on track to happen soon. I guess it adds a twist, but I think I'd like the show without it even better.

    But based off having seen five of the first six episodes, I'll give it a thumbs up and say it's worth watching. Especially since it's been airing during a mostly dry season of scripted television thanks to the writers' strike. What else you gonna watch? ;)
  • If you liked the highlander series/concept or the movie The man from earth you will most likely enjoy this program.

    However compared to the man from earth it is not as good, but still pretty original. It shows how an immortal grows with the passage of time and how traumatic events tends to stick into your memory and influence ones actions later. The fact that he speaks so openly about his condition allows for the audience to feel the odd humor that he is telling the truth but everyone just seems to tune it out. So far the series has impressed my unlike all of the remakes of old shows/concepts that end up sucking. Not a truly great series but it is most certainly watchable IMO.
  • Highlander without the swords. It's been done before.

    This show is basically a re-hashed idea of an immortal person having flashbacks of various points in his past. He does this while holding down a job and dealing with the fact that he's different from everyone else and searching for his "true love"; a pretty non-sensical, generic, and uninteresting premise. The only interesting thing the show does different from Highlander is that the immortal protagonist has children who have children. Other than that Adrian Paul played a more convincing immortal and had a better developed, more interesting character. I had the pilot show on DVR and fast-forwarded through half of it.
  • Why should we care about these characters?

    Which character are we watching the show to keep up with? Is it the immortal who for no apparent reason wants to die, the partner that is more a lap dog then his actual dog is, the old blues man/son that never wants to leave his bar, or the doctor love interest that picked up with the man who died in front of her and still is too dim to have any real suspicions? The writing on this show is focussed on the murders and has no real depth of character. What are we supposed to root for with this show? The main character wants to die! You know that if this show lasts to a full season they're just gonna kill off Omar for the season finale. This show has no hope in it or for it.
  • I like this show...

    New Amsterdam has pleasantly surprised me. I was worried that it would intrude on Highlander too much, which would be bad because I hate Highlander...Anyways, the characters are interesting and I love how John tells things strait up and everyone thinks he's lying. It's halarious. The irony of hte whole situation is great! I like how they have Omar as being his son; it adds more. I don't really like the "one" story line. The romance with the doctor is interesting at first, but then it drags. I really hope it ends up that John's partner is actually the one. Anyways, I love the flashbacks, but sometimes they seem too choppy and a bit pointless. Overall, great new show and I hope it continues for a long time.
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