New Amsterdam - Season 1

FOX (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts
    Episode 8
    Eva investigates the case of a woman who apparently drowned, alongside John who is recovering from a gunshot wound. The death is apparently related to robberies of wealthy men linked to a dating service. In the meantime, John looks back at his life in the 1920s, when he committed fraud and stole an expensive diamond pendant from his lover. Also, John wants to be sure if Sara is his true love, who can convert him to a mortal. But when Omar points out that John is still immortal, he begins to wonder if she truly is the one. and decides to back away from their growing relationship.moreless
  • Reclassified
    Episode 7
    Andy Gleason, John's first partner on the force, is dying of leukemia brought on by a bullet fired by an unseen shooter. He asks John to bring his killer to justice, because of his weakened condition he can't do it himself. The investigation brings John in contact with the Russian Mafia while he flashes back to how he got started as a police detective.moreless
  • Legacy
    Episode 6
    John and Eva investigate the murder of a bullet-ridden body found in Chinatown. However, the body looks similar to Amsterdam's lost son from the 1900s, Roosevelt. The case leads John to a crime family, the Spoors, which is led by Roosevelt's descendants.
  • Keep The Change
    Keep The Change
    Episode 5
    John alongside Eva investigates the case of a homeless man who died of an overdose. The best friend of the homeless man believes it was a homicide. While searching the belongings of the dead homeless man, John gets hold of an expensive guitar in his locker. In the meanwhile, John remembers when he was an addict and had to enter a 12-step program in 1964 after being drunk too many times.moreless
  • Honor
    Episode 4
    A nun is brutally raped and murdered; a fashion designer survived a similar attack. John takes charge of the case and realizes he was involved in similar circumstances in the 1800s when he worked for a wealthy landowner. Meanwhile, John and Sara begin getting to know each other.
  • Soldier's Heart
    Soldier's Heart
    Episode 3
    A homeless Gulf War veteran confesses to the grisly murder of a controversial psychiatrist, but Amsterdam is skeptical. While reviewing the psychiatrist's soon-to-be published book, Amsterdam contemplates the reliability of memories and the reasons people bury them. Could the motive for this murder lie in the psychiatrist's own research? The murder also brings Amsterdam closer to finding "the one" who he believes will unlock his heart and make him mortal. Though he's certain the sparks he feels are real, he encounters the unexpected.moreless
  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy
    Episode 2
    While John and Eva are investigating the death of a student at a private school in New York City, a big revelation is made. A flashback of 1941 reveals a big secret that John was keeping to himself.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    We're introduced to John Amsterdam - a brilliant New York homicide detective who's also an immortal being. John will only start aging once he finds his true love which hasn't happened for the past 400 years of his life. John's homicide partner is a woman named Eva Marquez. The only person who knows John's secret of immortality is Omar, who also happens to have his own secret safe with John.

    John escapes death when he finds himself investigating the murder of a socialite who is somehow connected to his past.moreless