New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 3

Soldier's Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on FOX
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Soldier's Heart
A homeless Gulf War veteran confesses to the grisly murder of a controversial psychiatrist, but Amsterdam is skeptical. While reviewing the psychiatrist's soon-to-be published book, Amsterdam contemplates the reliability of memories and the reasons people bury them. Could the motive for this murder lie in the psychiatrist's own research? The murder also brings Amsterdam closer to finding "the one" who he believes will unlock his heart and make him mortal. Though he's certain the sparks he feels are real, he encounters the unexpected.moreless

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  • John and Eva investigate the killing of a Psychologist by a former war hero. John gets a confession but based on some his former experiences he thinks it's pretty unlikely that the man did it and looks for another culprit.moreless

    Great episode investigating the very real PTSD many soldiers experience and a phenomenon that has occurred to soldiers since war began. I never knew or heard of the expression "Soldiers Heart" but it is a very romanticized version of the term Post Traumatic Shock Disorder. We send these young men and women into horrific situations and they are generally ill equiped to deal with the aftermath of some of the things they witness as we all would be.

    Orlando Jones is wonderful as the decorated Sargent Harold Wilcox. People say we don't learn from our mistakes as a species. Maybe it would take living a number of life times to correct behavior and response problems to stress and life in general. This is one of the advantages John has to many of the problems of today. In some way he can look back and relate an experience to one he has had before.

    It was interesting how they pieced together the identity of the real perpetrator in the Psychologist murder. The fact that it was colleague in the end was not a big surprise but it shows you the lengths people will go to protect themselves and their reputations.

    So far this show has showed a very even well written quality and it is very difficult to understand why there was no interest in the program. Maybe it isn't action packed or gruesome enough for today's viewer as I have found a lot of the program to be cerebral in nature. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • good episode...

    I liked this episode, but I have some problems with the flashbacks. It seems to me that they're not utilizing his past experiences enough. The flashbacks are very choppy and very short and they never really reveal much information. I mean, this one was just about a kid that he had to cut off his leg that finally killed himself because of soldier's heart. Ya, that had to do with the murder story, but they just didn't utilize it well. I've seen other shows use flashbacks different ways and some work, some don't. Right now, I this these don't work. We'll see how that turns out. Anyways, the story was pretty good. A doctor was murdered and the main suspect was a crazy vet. In the end, it was her old partner that killed her. John starts talking/flirting with "the one." Overall, a good episode.moreless
  • So John has finally met Dr Sara Dillane and though some sparks flew there was no cardiac arrest.

    After a homeless Gulf war vet is arrested for the murder of a psychiatrist and with the help of John confesses the police think they have there man, however the more John thinks about it the more he realises he induced the thought of the murder in the vet, he decides to look into matters further and finds himself face to face with Dr Dillane who naturally recognises him as her dead John Doe who rose from the morgue table and walked away, she wants to know more and John helps the best he can only as a way to get close to her.

    On the murder front John and Eva find a manuscript of a unpublished book the dead psychiatrist had wrote only to find the evidence they need to confront the real killer ( the psychiatrists ex work colleague ) and arrest him for the murder.

    John has further flashbacks of his time as a doctor in the civil war and helping a soldier who had his leg amputated only to kill himself in front of John.

    The episode ended with John seeing Sara in the street only to be introduced to her husband……….. Stay tuned.

    Another brilliant episode, some nice twist and turns and enjoyable viewing, I do love the flashbacks John has and the way he tells Eva ( his partner ) of his past years/life in a non sort of joking way but she takes is as a joke.moreless
  • New amster DAMN! Whats so civil about war? Sigh- If only I could make someone's pulse race. D'oh! She's married!

    Okay, this show has now officially entered the top ten of my favourite current shows. The Civil War was always one of my favourite thing to study in history. So this episode was especially interesting to me. And the fact that the writers included very accurate information only made it that much more awesome! The inclusion of Walt Whitman was genius. So for the writer who is a Civil War nut like me - I got it!! The Battle of Antiedam was a good battle to choose for the flashbacks. It was one of the better known battles. Don't get me wrong, the whole reason it was brought into this story was not lost on me. I know he remembered having a patient who had PTSD, and he didn't do much to help him with the pain that wasn't physical. So he really wanted to help the soldier who was suffering from the same affliction in current times. Loved the part where he checks his pulse when he sees the doctor. It took my breath away, it was romantic in a innocent but cheesy way. Though it's not the "finding his one true love" that interests me as much as his long life and his evolution through time, I did feel as if I had been punched in the gut much like I am sure he felt when the Dr. Sara introduces him to her wanker looking husband.

    Keep it coming!! I have the episodes marked on my calendar.moreless
  • The show continues to become stronger and great viewing

    Another fantastic episode of New Amsterdam, if this continues like this then i know it will become one of the best things on tv this year. As seems the format for this year show the episode was divided into a few storylines:

    1. The main police case Amsterdam has to solve

    2. The flashback story of Amsterdam

    3. Amsterdam's quest to find his one love and be with her

    I think i felt the last previous 2 episodes were a little off pace, the story didnt seem to flow as well as it should of been. However episode three got it right, weaving in Amsterdam's flashbacks with the current story whilst at the same time furthering his quest to get to his one true love. Fantastic ending to the this episode, the start of this series i wondered how Amsterdam will chase this girl thoughout the season and what obstacles he will face and we found out obstacle one, the husbandmoreless
Richard Short

Richard Short

Robert Camp

Guest Star

Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones

Sgt. Harold Lamar Wilcox

Guest Star

Mark Blum

Mark Blum

Dr. Leonard Macvittie

Guest Star

Robert Clohessy

Robert Clohessy

Detective Tony Santori

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Historical Gaff: The battle of Antietam, during and/or immediately after which the flashbacks take place, was in September of 1862. John is assisted in a post-battle surgery by a nurse who it is suggested by other events is Walt Whitman, who did indeed serve as a nurse in the Civil War. Whitman did not, however, become a nurse until at least early 1863. The writers should have chosen a later battle to set the events in.

    • During the Civil War flashbacks, John, working as a surgeon, has a colleague who gives him a book "he just finished", titled Leaves of Grass. Walt Whitman, the author of the poetry collection, initially finished it in 1855, but did serve as a nurse in the Civil War.

    • Soldier's Heart is explained to be another name for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Also known as Shell Shock, Combat Stress Reaction, or Battle Fatigue. PTSD is a military term used to categorize various behaviors brought on from stress which impact a soldier's performance.

    • The Battle of Antietam was the first major battle in the American Civil War to take place on Northern soil. It took place on September 17, 1862. With around 23,000 casualties, it was the bloodiest single-day battle in American history. It was also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg.

    • Flashbacks reveal that John was a doctor/surgeon during the American Civil War (1861–1865).

    • John tells Eva that he was a history teacher at Kings College, which was the prior name of Columbia University when Britain controlled New York before the American Revolution.

    • In this episode, John reveals that he has served in the Army, Marines, Navy, and the Coast Guard, but explicitly states "not in the Air Force", as he has a "problem with heights", suggesting he has acrophobia.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sara: (to John) You want to tell me how you got up from the dead and walked out of my ER?

    • Omar: So, if she's the one, what are you waitin' for?
      John: The right moment.
      Omar: Well, why not just walk up to the woman and introduce yourself?
      John: How do I explain what happened?
      Omar: She there when you died?
      John: Her hospital, where they took me.
      Omar: You're gonna have some fancy footwork to do.

    • John: Violent, paranoid, delusional. Post-traumatic stress.
      Sara: Raging.
      John: They used to call it soldier's heart.
      Sara: Soldier's heart?
      John: Shell-shock, battle-fatigue, post-traumatic stress syndrome. Different wars, different names for the same thing.
      Sara: Soldier's heart, whatever you call it, Lonnie Amadee's got it.

    • Lonnie: Ang Bar Province, corpse on the side of the road, we stop to pick it up, take it to the morgue, so the family could I.D. the body, give them a proper burial, but...
      John: It was booby-trapped. VC did the same thing.
      Lonnie: Well, two guys in my squad blew their legs off at the knees. I watched them bleed out while the medics tried to save them.
      Eva: Why wouldn't you want to forget something like that?
      John: Because that would mean it didn't matter.
      Lonnie: That is was all for nothing, in vain. That's not even what I remember most. The corpse was a kid, an eight-year-old boy.

    • John: PTSD, ever had it?
      Eva: Never. You?
      John: Off and on for the last 300 years.
      Eva: Seriously.
      John: Okay, 350.
      Eva: Whatever.

    • John: Never had a coronary over a woman before.
      Omar: Sometimes a coronary is just a coronary. Face it, you've been eating omelets now for nigh on four hundred years.
      John: I have the arteries of a 35 year old.
      Omar: You keep telling yourself that.

    • John: History. Fascinating.
      Eva: Right.
      John: I taught history. At Columbia, ages ago. It was still Kings College.
      Eva: Of course you did.

    • Eva: You a vet, Santori?
      Santori: Gulf War I, the good Gulf War.
      Eva: You've got issues?
      Santori: I've worked through my rage. Anger management, Marquez. I recommend it. Amsterdam, you a vet?
      John: Army, three times. Marines, Navy, Coast Guard. Not the Air Force. Don't like heights.
      Santori: What, no Border Patrol?

    • John: Favorite part of the job. "Sorry for your loss: got an alibi?"

    • Sara: Have... have we met?
      John: I have one of those faces.

    • Eva: What was that about?
      John: What?
      Eva: She couldn't stop staring at you, you were flirting with her.
      John: I wasn't.
      Eva: Shamelessly. And when you walked up, her reaction...
      John: I get that a lot, it's, uh...
      Eva: I know. It's your face.

    • John: The myth of fingerprints.
      Eva: You don't believe in fingerprints?
      John: No two people in the world have the same fingerprints? It's an untested, untestable hypothesis. You'd have to fingerprint everyone in the world to prove it.

    • John: Is this what they mean by "The City That Never Sleeps"?
      Omar: Which is why it looks like hell in the morning.

    • Omar: Oh what a tangled web we weave.
      John: Spare me, I hate getting parental advice from my children. (asking about the band) Do they take requests?
      Omar: When they're written on a $20 bill.

    • John: Usually I can tell when someone's lying to me.
      Omar: Must be losing your touch.

    • Dr. Macvittie: I can't abandon my patients. Some of them have been with me for years.
      Eva: Shouldn't they be getting better by now?

    • Eva: I wish we had a warrant.
      John: There's an old one in the glove compartment if it makes you feel better.

    • Eva: You are a freak of nature.
      John: So I've been told.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The book John, as surgeon during the Civil War, gets at the end of the episode is Leaves of Grass.

      Leaves of Grass is a poetry collection by the American poet Walt Whitman. 1855 was its initial release, but the collection was released and reprinted a number of times during Whitman's life, with poems added, altered, and removed during the course of its releases. Historians vary, but there are at least six to ten variant editions. There was no edition released during the Civil War, however.