New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 3

Soldier's Heart

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • John and Eva investigate the killing of a Psychologist by a former war hero. John gets a confession but based on some his former experiences he thinks it's pretty unlikely that the man did it and looks for another culprit.

    Great episode investigating the very real PTSD many soldiers experience and a phenomenon that has occurred to soldiers since war began. I never knew or heard of the expression "Soldiers Heart" but it is a very romanticized version of the term Post Traumatic Shock Disorder. We send these young men and women into horrific situations and they are generally ill equiped to deal with the aftermath of some of the things they witness as we all would be.

    Orlando Jones is wonderful as the decorated Sargent Harold Wilcox. People say we don't learn from our mistakes as a species. Maybe it would take living a number of life times to correct behavior and response problems to stress and life in general. This is one of the advantages John has to many of the problems of today. In some way he can look back and relate an experience to one he has had before.

    It was interesting how they pieced together the identity of the real perpetrator in the Psychologist murder. The fact that it was colleague in the end was not a big surprise but it shows you the lengths people will go to protect themselves and their reputations.

    So far this show has showed a very even well written quality and it is very difficult to understand why there was no interest in the program. Maybe it isn't action packed or gruesome enough for today's viewer as I have found a lot of the program to be cerebral in nature. Thanks for reading...
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