New Cutey Honey

(ended 1995)



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New Cutey Honey

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Welcome to the New Cutey Honey guide. Cutey Honey Lovely Warrior Cutey Honey is the story of a rediscovered heroine needed to restore order to a city where Evil has risen to great power. The adventures of Chokkei and his family as they work with Honey Kisaragi to rid Cosplay City of Evil. Opening Theme "Cutey Honey" by les 5-4-3-2-1 starts off the first 4 episodes. Episodes 5-8 have an English version of "Cutey Honey" by Mayukiss. The second version is a vocal version of the music frequently used during the "Cutey Honey Revelations" of the first three episodes. Ending Theme "Circle Game" performed by les 5-4-3-2-1 in episodes 1 & 2. Ending Theme "Rendez-vous in Space" performed by les 5-4-3-2-1 in episode 3. The fourth episode had 2 instrumental themes. One during the Japanese credits which included a narration by Dr. Kisaragi. Later Chokkei speaks and then The Cutey Honey song instrumental.
Jessica Calvello

Jessica Calvello

Honey Kisaragi / Cutey Honey

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant

Daiko Hayami

David Nance

David Nance

Chokkei Hayami

Tamara Lo

Tamara Lo

Black Maiden

Tristan MacAvery

Tristan MacAvery

Danbei Hayami

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  • It's allright

    The Japanese music score went fine with the original Japanese speaking version of the OAV, but I wonder why it's left out for the dubbed version? Anyway, I would believe it's very good.

    Although I sure wish there are New Cutey Honey full episodes in English and in WMV for WMM editing.

    I don't really mind both Japanese and English speakers in this OVA, as well as the action, transforming and fighting, as well as foes being defeated, sort of similiar to DragonBall Z.

    Although I do have another question in mind: Why (in episode 1, An Angel Descends), is the part where the mutant biker throws Chokkei out of the way when Chokkei tried to stop the biker?

    Anyway, I think this OVA's the most hardcore in Cutie Honey history forever, with an English speaking Dub.

    My favorite NCH English actos: Jessica Calvello, David Nance, Tristan MacAvery and Tiffany Grant.moreless
  • A bit different but I enjoyed it...!

    In this eight part animated Japanese based series ( which can be seen in North America either dubbed or with subtitles), Cosplay City, a mythical city located somewhere in Japan, is under siege from a variety of sources: mutants driving motorcycles to a woman statuefying her fellow victims to the ongoing threat from Dolmek and Black Maiden. The only thing standing between these multiple menaces and the general populace is the legendary heroine Cutey Honey. The red haired woman, with a red and blue costume that hugs her buxom body from the neck down, is quite a sight to the viewer as she combats all foes with her sword. An interesting note is that as Cutey Honey fights in these life and death struggles, she carries on a conversation filled with piercing dialogue and capped with a final declaration that is quite interesting to hear.

    As for an overall impression of the series, this is a show that is definitely geared for adults. Between the violence and the large quantity of nude scenes ( when Cutey Honey changes outfits by spinning in the air, you see a great deal of her naked body....), it is not for the young ones. However, people watching this series will be entertained by the humor that often balances out the ongoing action of the episodes.

    Although Cutey Honey is not an anime series for everybody's tastes, this reviewer enjoyed the blend of emotions shown over the course of this short run series. Good stuff!moreless