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Taking a modern look at friendship and romance, ensemble comedy NEW GIRL begins its fourth season, continuing to follow a group of six friends, their somewhat interconnected romantic exploits and their often hilariously misguided attempts to find their respective places in the world.

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  • Great.

    One of the ebst TV Shows Ever.
  • Better all the time!

    I wrote the shows producers a couple years ago, and complained that the show was going to crap. The ship has turned around now though, and is better than ever. My faves -- 1) Schmidt freelancing off script, 2) Nick and Jess sparring (popcorn machine sketch was the funniest every), and CeCe's on and off feelings for Schmidt. Everything else on the show is just gravy -- tasty gravy yet, but just gravy. Thanks, NG!moreless
  • You need to be in the mood

    I like New Girl. Every episode is hilarious. Except it's not keeping my attention. I haven't watched it in about 8 months. In my opinion, it's the type of show where you have to be in the mood to watch it, otherwise you'll just be plain bored.

    The plot is a bit silly, but it's definitely funny.
  • Fourth Time's the Charm

    New Girl is back! From an awful Season 3 (despite canon Nessie ship which was practically the only thing that kept me going) Season 4 is hilarious and all around amazing. Though nothing can top the first two seasons, this one gives us the fantastic reality of the true flatmate dynamic.

    We're done with the getting to know you season, the starting to like you season, we've cringed through the messy bit season and now we've hit the I already know you, I already like you and let's just pretend the last season didn't happen season.

    Here we see how The Jew, The Hot Indian, The Clutz, The Screw Up, The Black Guy and The Other Black Guy really come together. This is the time where we see what their true friendship entails.

    All the wackadoo nonsense imaginable, coupled in with honest to God heart-to-hearts is just the Apartment 4D Crew's run of the mill day -as I've seen so far in the first 10 eps of the new season- and I can safely say without a doubt in my mind that New Girl Season 4 sure is one great waste of 30 minutes every Tuesday.moreless
  • It's funny again!

    After a wonderful first season, a likable second and what the hell happend third I have really liked all the episodes so far in the fourth. Hoping that the last episode "Background check" will serve as a benchmark for episodes to come.

    After sitting through the third season with a big question mark on my forehead, I really laughed my ass off today. With Jess throwing her talent on everything she can, Schmitd crazy funny again with lines perfectly timed and executed. Winston so enigmatic awkward and inappropriate that I just can't stop smiling everytime he is on screen. Cece and Coach bringing it and Nick as much Nick as we can get, moonwalking and sweating like no other.

    Keeping my fingers crossed the show will continue in same fashion...

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    • This show is...
      OMG This show is terrible.... i could not watch it straight. the dialogue as horrible. Whoever wrote this has a secret hatred for...
    • Cece in turquoise
      In last night's episode, Hannah/Cece looks 100% attractive in her turquoise skirt in the bar scene, we need more of her in that sk...
    • Nick vs. Schmidt???
      Schmidt is more handsome, but Nick is more harsh!

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