New Girl

Season 1 Episode 8

Bad in Bed

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • Jess wants to learn some new moves in bed for her new boyfriend, Paul.

    His name is Paul, but I will always refer to him as the awkward kid from the beloved "Dodgeball" movie. (Justin Long) But he's also the new boyfriend of Jess who she really likes and wants to make love to, but she realizes she is rusty since things ended with Spencer. So she weirdly asks the other guys for advice and of all people, takes Schmidt's by choking Paul before they could do anything. He leaves, but he comes back the next day to a no-less-awkward Jess. But they get through things and have sex in the elevator. Meanwhile, Schmidt competes for a promotion by trying to get closer to his pregnant boss at her baby shower. He accidentally pushes her into her pool, but she's surprisingly okay with it. And it's getting him closer to that bigger paycheck, while his competition glares. Oh, and Nick gets a haircut from Winston's barbershop. He looks real goofy afterwards, but that's Nick. Yeah.. Well, great episode. Kinda hard to imagine Justin Long being Zooey Deschanel's age, she still looks like a cougar doing naughty things with him. But nonetheless, an enjoyable episode with plenty of things to laugh at as normal.
  • Bad in Bed


    Bad in Bed was a superb episode of New Girl and I laughed out loud many times because I really enjoy Zooey's sense of humor and the subject matter was fun and what happened was hilarious. This episode had many great quirky Jess moments, Justin Long continued to play Paul very well, and over all this episode was just fun and gave more insight into the characters. I look forward to watching the next episode for sure!!!!!!!

  • Bland & Icky

    Tuesday nights are so boring nowadays! Even NCIS has lost its charm (sorry fans, it just has). I need my TV shows every night to be entertaining and enthralling. So desperate was I this starry night (I didn't go out to check, it might have been starry), that I tuned in to New Girl for an embarrassingly third time this season.

    The harping and the hype associated with this annoying show is beyond me. Zooey Deschanel is supposed to be quirky and adorable. She is. I'll give her that.

    But she ain't funny. Not by a long shot. Believe me, I tried to laugh, I really did (sob), but the laughs just weren't coming. Adorably weird, yes, Funny, no. And the singing doesn't help.

    I honestly think a COMEDY show should elicit laughs. That's not too much to ask, is it? I'm not looking for realism. We have other shows for that (Boss. Starz. Awesome). I'm not looking for a moment during the show where I'm gonna go "Oh my God, that is sooo just like what happened to me last week" (best impression of my cousin I could manage). A COMEDY show should have more than one or two laugh out loud moments. Take tonight's episode for example. The only time I was close to laughing (well, maybe a guffaw), was when the blood spurted out of YouTube guy's head. And he's not even a main character. He was funnier than the main cast!!

    I pine for the shows of old, like Everybody Loves Raymond or Frasier or even Becker (not seen Becker? Log off. Log off now!). These shows made me laugh. There were no gentle smiles. No giggling or the feeling of pleasant amusement. I'm talking belly-aching, spit-your-beer-onto-the-TV-screen laughs. Two and a Half Men used to do that for me. Well, it did until--that's an explanation for another day.

    I'll probably be bombarded with insults and slurs and retorts about how big a jackass I am for not loving this cute and adorable show. I'm not looking for cute and adorable. I have my Teddy for that.

    Give me laughs and I will give you positive reviews (I need to save that line. It's genius).


    - All this hostility might just be directed towards Justin Long. I dunno, maybe.

    - Pushing a pregnant woman into a pool is NOT funny. Tell me it is. I dare you.

    - Every line from Danny Glover's grandfather was hilarious! And that guy's from The Office (Hank, the security guard). So does that make the show funny? Did I change my mind? Bring him back next week and let's see (yeah he's not coming back).

    - So Zooey Deschanel is trying to win the affections of Justin Long. What's wrong with that picture?

    Go ahead. Call me a moron. My opinion is ironclad.
  • Jess wants to be prepared to have sex with Paul (Justin Long) but she gets very nervous about it so she gets sex advice from Nick, Schmidt, and Winston


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "New Girl". It was definitely very funny and entertaining to watch. The plot is that Jess wants to be prepared to have sex with Paul (Justin Long) but she gets very nervous about it so she gets sex advice from Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. This episode most certainly made me laugh hard from start to finish. It was also good that Justin Long returns as Jess' boyfriend Paul. I hope this means that Justin Long becomes a recurring character because he really shines as Paul in this show. Jess and Paul trying to have sex in bed but Jess is just making those western voices along with her naughty suit for her sex with Paul and Paul saying "Oh! happy birthday to me" (in the western voice) was drop dead hilarioius. It was also hilarious when Schmidt and Winston are saying how Nick is NOT good at sex and then Nick keeps saying that he is fantastic as sex. The baby shower scene where Schmidt goes crazy was very funny as well. I also thought the very ending of the episode was super hilarious and cracked me up. Overall, an excellent episode of "New Girl" with tons of excellent humor. 10/10

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