New Girl

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Depth everywhere

    When watching this episode of New Girl the last thing I expected was that it was light on the humor and heavy on character development. There was a lot going on here, Cece's deeper issue of being a prize to all the men she dates, Nick's overanalyzing of every single thing in his relationship with Julia that causes their break up, and Jess getting bullied by a kid at school.

    I loved how all these themes were handled all differently. With Nick it ended tragically. With Jess she refused to change who she is and forced her enemy to join her in what she loves doing while smiting her. And with Nick's trying to convince Cece that he sees her more than just a prize. They were all different and handled nicely. It'll be exciting to see how these story lines further unfold.
  • new girl bully

    this was again another funny episode of new girl jess tries to help a student from getting bullied by writing a song about it but it goes wrong when a girl named rihanna posts a youtube video of her and she's a bird that part made me laugh and jess breaks her science project and i liked it when the principle praised jess for it and then jess asked rihanna to do a duet with her that made me laugh and the subplot with shmidit and cece secretly dating that was also a fun storyline very good episode and i could see this show going very far
  • Jess helps out a student that is being bullied by the smartest kid in the class

    Jess tries to help out one of her students who is being bullied but she ultimately becomes the next target of the class bully. Schmidt wants to tell the world about his sexcapades with Cece but she wants to keep it a secret. Nick and Julia's relationship is on the rocks after she sends him a cactus. I thought that this was a good/decent episode of "New Girl". It wasn't the best episode that I have ever seen but I still enjoyed it. It definitely could've been WAY better though. The execution here was pretty weak and not really a lot of funny parts here. I liked the idea of Jess helping out her student that is being bullied by the smartest kid in the class but I honestly didn't really feel it. What kinda made me dislike the main plot a little more was the fact that Jess is named "Kid Hater" and while I know it's meant to be funny, it just wasn't funny to me. The subplot to the episode was getting boring as well. Not the season's worst though so that's good. Overall, a good/decent episode of "New Girl". 7.5/10
  • Bully

    Bully was a superb episode of New Girl and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a character depth and development along with some funny moments. It was great to see Schmidt and Cece spending more time together and interacting. Nick predicts and perhaps brings about the end of his relationship with Julia after she sends him a cactus. A young girl in Jess's class is a bully and makes a disrespectful video about Jess. Jess accidently ruins the girls project and became the target of the girl's mothers. It was great to see her regain respect in the end. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Jess gets herself in trouble when trying to help a student with a bully.

    This was a pretty good episode of New Girl, as elementary school teacher Jess wants to help a student who is bullied, by the smartest kid in the class. (A girl, I will mention, as well) Jess has trouble communicating with her and accidentally breaks her science fair project. Julia gives Nick a cactus and he gets super paranoid as she travels to Beijing for a few days. He thinks the cactus means he can't "handle a real plant" (lol) and that she's breaking up with him. He's originally wrong, until he leaves seven voice messages on her phone, and Julia decides to end it. It was weird, he was talking about he'd love having babies more than taking care of plants and I almost thought she was going to tell him she was pregnant when she was trying to get him to shut up, but sort of surprised me by breaking up with him. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece continue their friends with benefits relationship. I was not too interested with this storyline, I mean, put them together or leave them apart, but I have to admit, Hannah Simone in lingerie is sooo sexy. Meanwhile, Jess admits to "sabotaging" the bully's project and while she thinks she is in trouble with the principal, she actually gets praised for being a "kid hater". I didn't like that and neither did Jess but it was a fun storyline although it really didn't get too much attention for an A plot. Winston played a little more of a role and his "Brown Lightning" quote at the end was funny, but I wish he would get some more attention every once in a while!
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