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1. Could they be a more adorbs couple?

2. They out awkward each other. It's always a battle of who can be more adorkable. I would love to see them get to a point where they're comfortable with each other but I think everyone can appreciate how socially awkward you feel around someone you like. I love seeing these characters play those feelings out.

3. How hot was that kiss after all that build up?

4. Nick should finally catch a break, shouldn't he?

5. Think of all the hijinks that can ensue with roommates dating each other! Schmidt & Winston have SO many opportunities to screw around with Jess & Nick's relationship. Or maybe now they'll have a chance to branch out on their own as characters. What happens when Jess & Nick fight? What if they want to move out? What if they break up? A move like this could add plot points for a whole new season!

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AIRED ON 5/5/2015

Season 4 : Episode 22

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