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New Girl S03E16: "Sister"

Wow, who knew Don Draper's sappy squeeze had it in her? Well, maybe you Freaks and Geeks fans did, but regardless, Linda Cardellini added a new a screw-up to a show full of screw-ups. Abby Day's antics were less zany and more zany-with-a-side-of-angst; no one thought her drinking, scamming, and prison stint were cute... and Abby knew it. Her genuinely heartbroken and then angry response to Cece's text—"So has Abby ruined everything yet?"—instantly elevated Abby beyond typical "crappy relatives" territory. Tossing Jess a sister this late in the game could have backfired REALLY badly, but New Girl navigated the wide-open waters just fine.

Jess had a lot on her plate this week, between retrieving her wayward sister—twice—and fielding miscommunication both to and from Nick. She didn't want Nick to meet Abby because she thought Nick would judge Abby's trashiness because I guess she forgot about Nick's father. Nick, of course, noticed Jess's reluctance to initiate introductions and immediately assumed the worst—that she was embarrassed by him. (I don't really blame him.)

New Girl resisted the urge to turn Jess and Nick's momentary mix-up into a THING and honestly, their resolution was a simple matter of just using their words. Now, Nick's apprehension about Abby staying for a "week, a month tops, six months super tops" etc. was obvious—and again, who can blame him?—and there's plenty of potential for disagreement and disaster when New Girl returns on February 25. 

It's hard to say how long Abby will be sticking around. The next episode is called "Sister II"—so she's at least got that ahead of her—and given that Damon Wayans Jr.'s triumphant return as Coach was never billed as anything more than a "stint," one never knows. Coach has already exceeded my expectations about four times over; this week, he was pining for Cece and everything! Coach's own hang-ups, on display week in and week out, have also managed to paint the potentially one-dimensional Coach as a screwball with a soul. After having the briefest of brief flings with Cece a few weeks back, Coach was smitten—or at the very least, lustful—with regard to Jess's bestie, and when Cece failed to romantically reciprocate via text, he was torn apart like a seventh-grader with some seriously misdirected affections on V-Day .

While I would never advocate the taking of hostages for any reason, romantic or otherwise (especially not romantic), Winston's forced double date with Bertie might just have been the best thing to happen for Cece and Coach, forcing them to confront their lingering feelings about sexy wall time and accept that they're just not THAT into each other...and that's okay. They can just be friends and neither party is torn up about that. I'm really starting to appreciate how much effort New Girl puts into highlighting non-romantic friendships among its characters. 

Elsewhere, Schmidt went to a Bar Mitzvah to pick up Jon Lovitz's daughter and get his groove back. But he didn't get his groove back, and IDK, for the like, the first time ever, I thought everyone else was doing way more interesting stuff than Schmidt. Sorry, Schmidt. Better luck next week in two weeks! 


– "Have you seen a girl who looks like me but with chaos in her eyes?" Lol @ Jess and everything with Outside Dave.

– Jon Lovitz and Jamie Lee Curtis—man, this episode had some sweet, sweet cameos.

– Any predictions regarding the tenure and tone of Abby's stay in Chez Loft?

– Cece and Coach agreed to just be friends. That means Cece and Schmidt are going to get back together soon right? RIGHT?

What'd you think of "Sister"?

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