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Tuesday 8:30 PM on FOX
Ok I was watching Tv and I saw this ad for the new fall Tv series for "The Millers" and all I saw was the title and then Margo Martindale pop up on screen and was kind of excited for a second. Then after watching for a while I noticed something wasn't quite right (the fact that I was on CBS instead of FOX should have tipped me off) until finally I realized that it wasn't a spin off from New Girl. Which is weird cuz I read rumors that a spin off would happen with Nick's family. Unless I totally misread everything and all those articles were really about this show... anyways I'm disappointed now and I must be living under a rock b/c I haven't heard of this show until today :/

Anyways this isn't the commercial I saw but its one of the previews:

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Oh, interesting! I had no idea they were in talks to make a spin-off show about Nick's family but I would definitely watch that! This is definitely a separate show (though I agree with patsully, not looking great!)
I love these actors and I really wanted to laugh while watching that highlight reel, but I did not.
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