New Girl

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • Good episode

    It was a good episode but it was still SUCH a copy of The Big Bang Theory. It has many similarities with the episode 'The Werewolf Transformation'.
  • new girl control

    i thought this was another good episode i laughed at some scenes like when nick and winston were slapping each other in the supermarket and i did feel a little grossed out when it showed a flashback of Schmidt puking because i did not expect them to show that but it was funny at the same time really good episode
  • Jess tries to teach Nick how to relax when he feels too stressed plus Nick and Winston argue over money from their poker night

    Feeling Schmidt is too stressed, Jess teaches him how to relax, but trouble quickly arises in the loft. Meanwhile, Winston and Nick argue over money and who owes who what. This was, another, perfect episode of "New Girl". Just like "Injured", it was hilarious episode with a very well done execution for the storyline. I'll admit, I love "Injured" slightly more than this one but I still loved this episode. The whole "arguing over money" storyline has been done thousands and thousands in sitcoms before but the storyline here was highly enjoyable and hilarious. Nick and Winston's arguments were just downright hilarious if you know what i mean and I couldn't stop laughing especially the scene in the grocery store along with one of the best quotes I've heard from this show "You did not just slap me in a supermarket". Jess trying to teach Nick how to relax when Nick has been feeling a lot of stress was very funny as well. A well crafted storyline, the acting here was terrific, and the humor was just splendid. Overall, a perfect episode of "New Girl". 10/10
  • Control

    Control was a hilarious and perfectly entertaining episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Schmidt who has some obsessive compulsive tendencies, lots of good humor, and the friends all learn more about each other and grow as a group. The actors are perfect in making the characters believable and engaging. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • This show gets better every week

    New Girl would have to be the best new comedy around. Every week gets better and Schmidt is just a classic.I would love to know more of his background though and the transformation from fattie to the way he is though, unless I've missed that somewhere. His secret meetings with Cece are so funny and the dialog coming from the bedroom at the end of the show was hilarious. And Jess' comments about the cannons on Nick's back, that was priceless..
  • Jess makes Schmidt realizes everyone takes advantage of him and Winston and Nick argue over money.

    It's hard to compete with such an amazing episode like last week's but it had to be done and the writers and actors did a splendid job. Nick is just coming off a cancer scare, but Winston doesn't feel sorry for him anymore, as he is demanding money after a crazy poker night. We've seen this storyline performed many times by other shows. But this cast still did a great job. I thought Nick and Winston's fight in the grocery store was priceless: "You did not just slap me in a supermarket." That little spat gets settled quicker than the Schmidt plot. Jess helps him realize everyone has been taking advantage of him, so he goes on "strike". He learns to relax, and although Jess thinks it's a good thing at first, it immediately turns bad. The place grows to be a huge mess. I thought the scene with Jess and the other guys trying to convince Schmidt come back was excellent with loads of laughs. In the end, he comes back and things are back to normal. This was a super episode, although I thought some sort of little reference to something as major as Nick's cancer scare could of made it a little better. For example, Nick could of said something like, "I almost had cancer and now you're wanting me to pay you $487!?" , etc. However, still a very enjoyable episode. Every character was great.