New Girl

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 2013 on FOX

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  • One of the Best New Girl Episodes

    The final scene is what made this episode amazing. Watching this episode is like... waiting..... waiting... waiting... YES!
  • Finally, a show that is not afraid of moving things forward.

    It gets really tiring when TV shows slow things down on purpose just to keep up with the ratings to the point where it gets boring. New Girl, however, doesn't seem to do that, especially after this episode. It was incredible. Hilarious, sweet and adorably romantic. Lovely final scene.
  • Cooler

    Cooler was a hilarious and perfectly entertaining episode of new girl. I really enjoyed watching because Nick was very funny with his stolen coat, Winston was funny trying to pick up women, and Jess was buggin out by herself in the loft. I like tell everyone came together and played our favorite game. I I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens in the next episode because the ending was awesome amazing and mind blowing I could not believe it happened!!!!!!!!
  • ''So much weird crap happens in this apartment''

    Such a great episode, I think this is my favourite episode so far. So many great one liners:

    'Let's just suck it up and French a little'

    ''Sam, Its Jess, please come get me? I'm probably fine but I also might be dead''

    ''So much weird crap happens in this apartment''

    and of course the return of the crazy True American game this time with 'Clinton rules' hilarious.

    I'm a big Jess/Nick supporter and was not expecting a kiss this early in the show so I thought this would be all build up and no show but boy was I surprised. Cannot wait for next weeks awkward moments and more from Jess/Nick.

    I think this was a strange episode to introduce a new love interest for Winston but I like that it wasn't fully revolving around Jess and Nick.

    This episode was as eccentric as usual. I didn't love Brooklyn Decker intruding on what turned out to be a milestone ep, I'm not really into Schmidt's sexual exploits, and I find their presidential drinking game more bizarre than hilarious. I also found Jess a little too weird at times in this ep - making a faux Nick out of a melon and setting up a pillow fort to hide from what was obviously a dog. However, flaws aside, there were some very funny, and very heartwarming moments in this ep. At first it seems to be about Schmidt and Nick competing for Brooklyn Decker's impossibly shallow character, until Jess calls for help and Nick rushes home. Or is it about Winston pretending to seduce an engaged girl? No, it's about Winston ACTUALLY seducing a girl who's PRETENDING to be engaged. CeCe arrives with her date around the same time Jess's boyfriend Sam arrives, also in response to Jess's call for help. For a while, 6 potential hook-ups are hanging in the balance, and we're not sure who will end up with whom. Nick gallantly avoids kissing Jess as a result of a dare, protesting "not like this!" which piques Jess's interest. Schmidt disappears with the barfly, CeCe departs with her date, Winston goes off with Daisy and Jess takes Sam to her room, leaving Nick all alone. He laughs and shrugs, as if to acknowledge the inevitability of the moment. Poor, unsuccessful Nick, with no money, an unpublished zombie manuscript and a woman's trench coat. But then a dog scratches at the door. In a moment of serendipity, he find himself alone with Jess in the hallway and seizes his chance. Jess is stunned, and so are we. We've finally found something that Nick is really, really good at.
  • Maybe the best episode so far!

    Now that was great kiss, it seemed to be real and tasty ;)

    Although the best moment was again True american Clinton Style, everyone had to pick their intern,

    I totally had to laugh, and then Zooey in Bra.. even for girls (not lesbian) this is stunning!

    Zooey is way too beautiful!

    But back to the facts : It is great to see Nick and Jess growing together, BUT it is just like Friends and how I met your mother, I dont wanna see a sitcom based on relationships, I want weird jokes! Want everyone of them to be crazy
  • For the Nick and Jess fans this is a MUST watch!

    Through out the whole second season we have been seeing a lot more build up towards Jess and Nick having a relationship and this episode is a big stepping stone for the two. Pretty much ever since "Fluffer" we have been seeing more and more that these two depending on each other (in this episode it kind of goes to an extreme where Jess needs Nick to the point where she makes a dummy version of him). But this is the episode where it really shows that these two have a thing for each other.

    Also this episode includes another game of True American with Clinton rules in place (aka strip true american), and because Jess has been Nicks cooler and has been preventing him from getting girls she tries to help him get this girl named Holly but it back fires on them and they get put in a situation where inorder to continue the game they must kiss each other (which gives us some of the most awkward and funny moments ever)

    If you are a Jess and Nick fan then this is a must watch. But by far the best scene happens in the last 2 min of the episode.