New Girl

Season 1 Episode 18

Fancyman, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • new girl fancymen part 2

    this was another hilarious episode i really laughed when shmidit and cece were naked in the back of schmidt's car and winston just takes it to mexico with him and then the police opens it and catches them so winston knows there secret and jess did the funny voices that made me laugh so overall a really funny episode
  • Fancyman Part 2

    Fancyman Part 2 was a perfect episode of New Girl and I really enjoyed watching because the humor was great, the story was fun and the intrigue was suspenseful. There was a lot of character growth and plot development as the characters took steps to solidify their relationships. I liked how Schmidt and Cece got caught by Winston in the back of the car and how Nick and his old college buddy were reliving their glory days. Jess gets more serious with her fancyman after partying with Nick and the college crowd. The episode was full of laughs and great scenes that move the series forward. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Russell mysteriously leaves Jess during their date and Nick learns from former law school buddy, Dirk.

    Jess is confused when Russell gives her nothing but a pat-on-the-back after Date #1 and leaves without explaining on Date #2, so she returns to the apartment with Nick, who is living it up with his former law school buddy, Dirk, who is played by the brilliant Martin Starr, whose favorite role of mine was Bill in the short-lived "Freaks and Geeks." Dirk has taught Nick to hang around 20-year-old college girls, where he surprisingly fits in, especially when he tells them he's a bartender. Meanwhile, Schmidt is upset when Cece tells Dirk that she is the "boss" of her "relationship" with her "boyfriend." To make it up Cece will agree to have sex with Schmidt in the location of his choice, and its in the trunk of his Manbulance. This is at the same time Winston borrows the vehicle to get Shelby back from Mexico, who went on vacation after Winston dropped a bomb: "we both need space." (Why Winston, why!?) Schmidt and Cece have been trying their best to keep their relationship secret but there's no hiding it when the patrol finds them as they recross the border. That is where that plot ends, we'll see where it goes next week. Meanwhile, Jess gets tipsy at the apartment with Nick and Russell comes back to explain himself. He didn't pack his daughter's inhaler and she had an asthma attack. So now they are apparently back on good terms, as he explains his pat was because he was nervous, and they finally kiss to my displeasure. However, the episode was still great and the intoxicated Nick when Jess and Russell were talking in the car was hilarious.
  • Fun Fun Fun

    I didn't laugh that hard in a long long time. Just hilarious! I can't really say much about the episode especially. Just that it was so much fun to watch. I think it was totally to the point about "old" vs. "young". chapeau to whoever came up with this. And the Schmidt and Cece story, how great was that. Winston.... he drove to mexico with those two in the words left.
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