New Girl

Season 1 Episode 11

Jess and Julia

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 31, 2012 on FOX

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  • Lizzy Caplan tho

    I'm surprised that this episode did an excellent job of intertwining several story lines together without them all feeling like they were stepping on each other's shoes. The most notable one of course is Julia, whose storyline crosses with both Jess and Nick's.

    Right from the get go the episode showed the disparity and differences between where Julia and Jess stood; Jess being the hip young hearted innocent teacher and Julia the uptight lawyer that thinks like a man. Although I would have liked if they spent more time creating friction between the two characters, I have to remember this is a sitcom first and not a drama, and it effectively did its job really well. The scene with Julia telling Jess to leave the restroom so she can cry, and then her going to another restroom with Nick crying in it, was the absolute perfect way of advancing the story while injecting humor.

    Wintson's story felt sort of like an outlier, the most unrelated to all the other ones, but we can see that this is set up for future story lines for him.

    Overall an absolutely great episode.
  • Jess and Nick's new girl girlfriend Julia get into a fight

    Nick asks his new girlfriend Julia to help out when Jess gets a traffic ticket. However, it does more harm than good when the two girls get in a fight. I thought that this was a superb episode of "New Girl". I FINALLY found time to review new episodes of this show and here it goes. I really thought the storyline here was well done and it was very funny throughout. Some moments were kinda serious but even those have a little bit of humor added in there. My score is a little low because it wasn't my favorite and it could've been just a little better. I really enjoyed the acting here as usual. Zooey Deschanel gets more beautiful every episode and the well crafted humor in this show continues on. I recommend this episode to the fans of this show. Overall, a superb episode of "New Girl". 9/10
  • Jess and Julia

    Jess and Julia was a perfect episode of New Girl and I really enjoyed watching because Lizzy Caplan guest starred and it was great to watch her and Zooey work together. Jess and Julia are just about complete opposites from each other and perhaps they have something to learn from each other. It was awesome how well the writing, acting and editing came together in this episode because it felt serious in some moments yet maintained the humor that makes the show what it is. I find their humor hilarious and it seems like they have a blast making this show. The characters are great, the actors are perfect in their roles, and the writers know how to write for them. I am hooked on the series I only wish more episodes aired sooner!!!!!!!!!
  • Really Good.

    I really liked Lizzy Caplan and I hope she stays on longer.

    Schmidt was funny as always and I liked the Winston storyline.

    Can't wait for the next episode.