New Girl

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • new girl kids

    this was the best episode of the season so far it was really good i liked it when russel's daughter had a crush on nick and saying all the crude stuff she wanted to do with him and cece could be pregnant but i fell kinda sorry for shmidit at the end cause he looked like he wanted to be a dad but hopefully we will get more on that next episode overall very good
  • Do I really need to say why I rated this episode a 10?

    Cece worries that she might be pregnant. Jess agrees to watch Sarah. Nick has a new girlfriend. A hilarious episode of "New Girl" is the word my friends and I'm here to tell you my opinion in this honest review of mine. I'll try to put in as much as I can into this review but all I can tell you is that I couldn't stop laughing. Jess offers to babysit Russell's daughter; Winston drives his boss around; Cece worries that she might be pregnant. All well done plots with good character development. This show is not only top-notch when it comes to humor but it's also right on track when it comes character development. It's just a very well done episode and I have nothing to say about it. I kinda expected that Cece wasn't pregnant though which is probably good news for her and Schmidt probably or maybe disappointed at the same time. Overall, this was a perfect episode of "New Girl". 10/10
  • Jess offers to babysit Russell's daughter while Cece worries she is pregnant.

    In another hilarious episode of "New Girl", Jess babysits Russell's daughter, who develops a huge crush on Nick. Nick is trying to impress his other roommates, meanwhile, with his girlfriend, Chloe. The others like her (except for Sarah, of course) until she tells them she's only 18. Then Sarah's back into it. But ultimately realizing she can't have Nick once Jess embarrasses her at the table, she locks herself in Nick's room until they can talk her out. In the mean time, what have we not seen in Season 1? Now Cece's late on her period and freaks out when she thinks she's pregnant. However, Schmidt gets closer to her when he's surprisingly happy. When Cece finally gets her period, she's overjoyed while Schmidt is secretly disappointed, especially when he blows off plans to ask her to marriage. I was a little disappointed myself that Cece wasn't pregnant, but I think once the characters mature a bit we could see them having a kid. (as long as they stay together/keep having sex) Winston only has a few scenes as he is out driving his boss around to and from multiple locations.
  • Kids was Hilarious!

    Kids was a perfect and extremely hilarious episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because the humor was awesome, the story was engaging and full of character development. I started laughing right from the beginning although there was a series touch to many of the scenes. I think it was interesting to see Russell's daughter spend a night at the loft and develop a crush on Nick and go a little crazy but her questions for Jess were great. The chemistry and feelings Nick and Jess have for each other continue to shine through and it just feels like one day they will inevitably get together. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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