New Girl

Season 2 Episode 17

Parking Spot

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 2013 on FOX

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  • One of the best episodes yet!

    The way how they treated the weirdness and emotions by using a seemingly mundane subject such as the fight over a parking spot was just brilliant. I almost liked this episode better than the "Cooler". Also, Winston's trousers were quite funny... ;-)
  • Destiny, the Lady B**ch

    I just don't think this show could get any funnier. And I think ALL of the guys, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt are an impeccable humor team (Greenfield & Deschanel get all the notoriety, but Johnson & Morris deserve just as much recognition as far as I'm concerned). Oh, how I literally LOL'd. And I love Brenda Song for Winston <3 I think the pivotal moment of utmost comedy though, was after Schmidt read the no-nail contract to Jess, and she reacted. Bahahahahah.
  • Funniest episode ever :)

    It was a really funny one, and I am so curious of when and what is gonna happened between Jess and Jack!?
  • Parking Spot

    Parking Spot was a very entertaining episode of new girl. I really liked the character and plot development. There were many great character defining moments. The story was well written and the actors played their parts very well. There were some great action scenes sounds plenty of drama throughout. It was hilarious to watch the roommates fight over a parking spot. The lengths to which some rose was funny. I liked how everything played out and I look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!
  • Game of Parking Spots

    I have loved these few episodes after the kiss. The writers have managed to make the episodes not so filled with drama which surprised me. Even though the main plotline with the parking spot was funny. It was Winston's quest for a condom that was so ridiculously weird that I couldn't stop laughing. So a great episode.
  • Maybe next week?

    I'm afraid we might have to say: maybe next week, for a couple more weeks. Seems like the writers are going overboard to get things as weird as they can possible get it. Loved this episode. That moment when Jess dropped the box just before Schmidt came in... almost as good as a kiss.

    I think that it will get so bad that even Schmidt can't handle it anymore and gives them his blessing.
  • so, when is the second kiss coming?

    I think the writers have managed to make us jump from the when are they going to do it? to when are they going to do it again? well played, enjoyable... and it is coming, don't know when but we know it will come.