New Girl

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • not the best beginning

    I watched the pilot after following most of the season. It's not so great - Winston adds a lot, they aren't really into it yet, and they accepted her with song too easily. Luckily, the show gets so much better.
  • Formulaic and Way Too Cutesy

    Perhaps I'm a little biased since I'm not the biggest fan of Zooey Deshanel. I think it's a problem when I'm more partial to her SNL impersonation (by Abby Elliot) than the actual person. But I thought, eh, I'm a quirky girl (...and it's a problem when the accompanying SNL song is catchier than the title song.), maybe I'll like it.

    I didn't. I had high hopes for the show. I thought the writing would be a lot more clever, Jess a lot more likeable, and the boys more dynamic. But everything was off, and maybe it's just the curse of the pilot; usually characters are a lot more enjoyable once more story is developed, so maybe I'll stick with the show--just have it playing in the background while I study or exercise--and give it a chance to redeem itself.

    Ugh, but it's not looking good. I could recite the lines before I even heard them, I cringed at some parts, didn't laugh at any of the jokes, and the restaurant scene with the guys singing to Jess went on too long. If we're supposed to like Jess and think she's one smart, strong lady, then maybe the writers shouldn't have had her bawling in the first episode over her boyfriend.
  • New Girl is a great new show...

    I gotta say I really, really loved the pilot episode of New girl. It's fun, and sweet.

    Zooey Deschanel plays Jess, a very freaky, unique, but cute woman, who just broke up with her boyfriend. She moves in with three guys, whose names are Nick, Schmidt and Coach.

    Nick also broke up with his girlfriend (actually 6 months ago), but is still hung up on her.

    Schmidt is a real douche, but a loveable one. I love the douchebag-jar idea.

    Coach is just a cool guy, who has no idea how to talk to women, sadly he is only in this episode, because the actor is on another great show, Happy Endings.

    There is also Cece, Jess' best friend, who seems cool and like a good best friend.

    This was a great episode overall, it introduced all the character's very well.

    The actors are all great, especially Zooey, who is just perfect for Jess, I love watching her.

    I really can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes, and to see where it is going.

    If it's anything like the pilot, or better, it's all good.
  • Superb start to this funny show


    After leaving her long-time boyfriend, Jess moves into an apartment with three men, and tries to reenter the dating world. I thought that this was a superb episode of "New Girl". Although, the pilot episode could have been a little better... this was very enjoyable and I thought the start to the series was enjoyable. Jess moving into an apartment with three men after she breaks up with her boyfriend finding him with another woman is interesting. Jess getting naked (of course, they don't show her nudity) for her boyfriend was very funny. There were some parts in this episode that did give me a very good laugh. I wonder why Damon Wayans Jr. was replaced after the first couple of episodes. Seriously? what kinda of show does that though... a main character being replaced by another after a couple of episodes. Although, Winston is a wonderful replacement to Damon Wayans Jr.'s character Coach. Overall, this was superb start to a very funny and very enjoyable show called "New Girl"... the pilot episode could have been better, then again pilot episodes are weak half of the time and this is definitely not a bad start. 9/10

  • New Girl Pilot


    The Pilot episode of New Girl was perfectly entertaining and Zooey Deschanel is delightfully charming in her role of who's that girl? It's Jess! I like her quirky character traits! I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of humor and I was laughing out loud a few times. The guys in the apartment are cool and fun to watch interact with each other and Jess. I think this show has a lot of potential to be one of tv's best new shows. I certainly look forward to watching more of New Girl!!!!!!!!!

  • Character replacement - not happy.


    I am not sure why they replace Coach from this pilot, for a new cast
    member, but it is disturbing. They should re-shoot with the new guy
    to have some continuity from the beginning. The new guy is going to
    have to win me over after Mr. Wayans' first impression was rather good.

  • Loved it!


    I love Zooey, I loved this pilot! They really broke into the characters fast. It didn't take very long for me to know that I was already looking forward to next week's episode. I hate that they are already replacing one of the characters, but at least it's happening early rather than later when I'm all super attached.

    Can't wait for more!

  • One of the best!


    You know those shows were you seen like one episode and you think "this is the greatest show ever"? This is that show and that episode. I came for the Zooey, and I stayed for the laughs. This episode was endearing and funny and all of the things I look for in a show. I look forward to the next episode and hope all the rest are as good as this one.

  • It's a good show.. i love it.


    It's a good show.. i love it.

    OK. We all know that it's not possible for a woman to just live with a couple of men (3) as "roommates". I think that sometime in the near future with the personality that Schmidt has... he and Jess are gonna hook up, but there's going to be something serious between Jess and Nick.

  • Funny pilot yet lots of room forimprovement...


    so again i only watch this forZooey Deschanel, this show wouldnt be anything with out her thou... i couldnt imagine anyone else but.. the girl from friends. phoebe... but shes old now. so yeah.

    Anyways... this episode kinda lame for thecircumstancesbut i guess thats all they could come up with.... i wish they wouldnt madeZooey Deschanel look so vulnerable and discard the rebound lines.... imean like seriously that asian guy was like damn ugly too!!! tall asian? long hair? GRAY hair? and picky lmao.. looser. oh and thatBenjaminguyannoyingas hell.. and the bartender guy and his brake up thing .. lame.. but iliked how he handled it in the end of the episode!! hope he moves forward! oh yeah the trainer... uhm ithink its lame too by being loud to girls... n the model friend.. shes kinda ugly thou... but good friend n sweet but doesnt fit the bill for a model.

    anyways lets see how far this show goes and well idont see it goin for long thou.. i meanZooey Deschanel its an actual singer, she does far better on movies and im sure its just a trying thing.

  • Zooey Deschanel charms in her new TV show.


    Whether or not you want to use the word "charming, "adorable," "ad-dork-able" or some other adjective, I think we can all agree Zooey Deschanel has a certain personality that makes all of her roles infectious. She's probably my number one celebrity crush, so watching this show means I'm willing to overlook the sometimes rough patches, but for the most part, I found "New Girl" pretty good. I watched this and "Up All Night" one after the other and I liked this show more in terms of humor but "Up All Night" more in terms of potential.

    I think one thing the show has going for it is its core cast. Deschanel is great here, although the writers have to be careful to make her not grow into this one-note character who acts the same in every single episode. I liked Nick the most because he has this "sad sack" sort of attitude that I like in characters, and Coach was goofy in a good way, although it sucks the writers have to write him out since the actor is returning to his other TV show. The other guy (I can't remember his name) isn't really that funny, only when he's the punchline of a joke.

    The first episode is actually pretty straight-forward: Jess gets dumped, she moves in and tries to rebound. Her rebound fails, since she's way too goofy for her own good, and we can a fantastic scene where her three male roommates show up at a classy restaurant singing "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing, a moment that I thought ended up being funny as heck.

    The show really can continue on for multiple seasons. They just need to figure out the characters and what they want them to be. Also, fun fact: "New Girl" got higher ratings than Glee, its lead-in. Good sign? I think so!

  • She's Going Out to Find a Rebound, who's that Girl? It's Jess!


    I was one of the people who saw this early through its free full release on iTunes, and ever since i watched it a week ago, I have been hooked.

    I think the writing is hysterical. It manages to be innocent and sweet, while being completely dirty all at the same time. Jess is adorable and the perfect amount of quirky. Schmit(I hope that's how you spell his name) Is a douche bag, but he has a heart, and i love the douche jar! I liked Nick, he's a little mean to Jess at the beginning, but he's a mess just like her. I really liked Coach, he was fun and there was a lot of room for character development as the show went on, but I am interested to see the character they replace him with.

    Finally, Jess maybe my favorite lead character of this fall. So many of the girls this fall are Sarcastic and closed off and outspoken, and while those are good characters, its nice to see someone different. Someone who's positive, outgoing, an optimist and not afraid to be a dork.

    I think this is an interesting show, with an interesting plot and interesting characters. It was a solid start, and I can't wait to see what future episodes bring!