New Girl

Season 2 Episode 19

Quick Hardening Caulk

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 19, 2013 on FOX



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    • Nick: We have tons of stuff we need to get.
      Jess: Fine. Let me see what we have left.
      Nick: A whole bunch of stuff.
      Jess: (reading the list) drill? New nut wrench?
      Nick: Our old nut wrench is bad.
      Jess: Quick hardening...caulk?
      Nick: You don't want to wait forever for that caulk to harden.

    • Jess: Why do you smell so good?
      Nick: It's cause I did laundry. I smell like a baby in a damn meadow. Look at this. My underwear.
      Jess: What? What?
      Nick: They're blue now. I think it's cause I put colors in the whites. I'm still figuring it out, but I'm really excited about laundry.

    • Winston: (about the lionfish) Where'd you get that?
      Cece: You know, one of the perks of being a model. You get to meet a lot of sketchy people. The guy who got me this also said he could get me a box of dolphin steaks or a mostly white baby.

    • Schmidt: (after being stung by jellyfish) I want you to pee on my face.
      Winston: What?
      Schmidt: You need to pee on my face.
      Winston: I can't.
      Schmidt: It will sterilize the wound. Please do it, Winston.
      Winston: I cannot pee on your face.
      Schmidt: I thought you were with me till the end.
      Winston: I just peed in the ocean, so I'm all out.
      Schmidt: You peed in the ocean? Disgusting.
      Winston: Look, look, I know this is a dumb question. But will number 2 help?

    • Schmidt: Look Winston, if there was one thing that stood between you and happiness, don't you think I would be there to help you get it? No matter how stupid it was?
      Winston: You're right, Schmidt. If I was doing something stupid, you definitely would be involved.
      Schmidt: Yeah, you're damn right I would be. And I would probably be there to make it even stupider.

    • Nick: I don't trust fish. They breathe water. That's just crazy.

    • Schmidt: (about his aquarium) This is where I will keep my lionfish.
      Jess: Your lionfish?
      Schmidt: A rare beauty. The result of generations of interracial fish breeding. Just undulating in that water with that wry smile. Perfect, round fish breasts.

    • Winston: Schmidt, no matter how much you get drunk Cece's still gonna be engaged.
      Schmidt: Cece?
      Winston: I know you're down about it.
      Schmidt: I'm not down about Cece.
      Winston: This is, this is a mess.
      Schmidt: Listen, there are plenty of things to be down about: the air pollution in China, the deficit, The Hobbit wasn't very good. If I want to see dwarves in a real time dinner scene, I would've gone to Koreatown.

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