New Girl

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 2012 on FOX

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  • Stumbled by chance

    I don't really watch this show religiously, but every time I do, I just love it and wonder why I don't. This season opener was no different, it was funny but emotional at the same time. I love the whole friendship thing Jess and Nick have going on - it's really sweet and endearing to watch.
  • 2x01 "Re-Launch"

    New Girls comes back strong people. The thing about this episode that I loved so much, was that the show is not going to pull a Rachel-Ross thing. Nick and Jess are probably remaining as friends for a long time. I like that.
  • Re-launch

    Re-launch was a perfect season two premiere episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because there was a ton of character and plot development. The characters all seemed more grown and Jess had to deal with being fired. There was a lot of emotion and laughs as Schmidt threw himself a party to celebrate the healing of his nether regions, Jess was a shot girl at the party, and Cece introducing her new boyfriend. I liked how every thing played out and the last scene with Nick and Jess was great. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!