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  • i loVE THIS

  • Deschanel may be the "New Girl" but Johnson makes the show!

    I've Loved every season of the show & thou I've never been a fan of Megan Fox, Reagan was a good character to bring in during Jess's absence, as long as her presence only add's drama & excitement to the inevitable Nick and Jess reunion that I've been waiting for since "Mars Landing" (Season 3 eps.20). Side note; Jake Johnson is the most talented & HOTTEST!! actor on . I love the entire cast, as well as the writers all people involved in this show are talented & hilarious, But Jake Johnson/Nick Miller is in a world of his own!

  • Jess , you go girl!

    The new season has not aired in india yet but up till s4 I would like to remark that it was one of the beSt comedic shows I have ever seen after . . Jessica's attire inspired me to change ,y own wardrobe! (Not her behaviour though,) They should seriously have named the show "quirky girl" or "crazy girl" or "girl who has the worst tastes in men " ... Though seriously when is Jess ever getting a good guy? I really like jess but when she is paired up with Nick, she seems better! I am not looking forward to see s5 since jess won't be there. I mean what is new girl without Jess.
  • Jess Quirkiness is getting freakishly boring

    I would like to say that the series is promising. It's a light comedy but the character of jess is become unbearable to watch now. The character is stupid and the romances of the character is no fun to watch and the Sam guy she is dating. That story is boring as hell. Its like every time they come on screen I want to fast forward it. To be honest I din't miss jess in first few episodes of season 5. The introduction of Reagan felt refreshing. The romance between nick and Reagan felt something new. On the other hand all the romances of jess are boring. I mean the actor who played Sam doesn't even deliver his dialogues well and every time jess and Sam kiss I want to throw up. The other characters are developing and creators of new girl should consider changing the momentum of the show towards them instead highlighting the unbearable Quirkiness of jess and shoving it into our throats.
  • Less "new girl" and more of the rest of the cast!

    The show has hit a peak in every episode that Zoey Dechanel has not been a part of the script.... In fact, the series with Megan Fox, dare i say... jumped the shark.... to save this mundane depiction of living in nowhere's ville (pretending to be LA)... please remove "the new girl!" to let the other cast find a better job... Wayens had the right idea last year!

    Rated 3, only for the storylines that don't include Jes
  • a missing in action title theme would be best..

    it's all in all a round about movie, or teen show for lack there of, when teens rule the tv, i will vote this as number one.
  • Jess Come Back

    Jess.... Zooey Deschanel,

    I know that you're taking a break for your sanity, but there is no New Girl without you. Megan Fox, Reagan, is one of the worse actresses ever. She is only in the business for her looks, and her personality is so boring. She is ruining your show. I'll be counting down till March 10th
  • season 1, the best of all time

    the rest just complete garbage...
  • Great.

    One of the ebst TV Shows Ever.
  • Better all the time!

    I wrote the shows producers a couple years ago, and complained that the show was going to crap. The ship has turned around now though, and is better than ever. My faves -- 1) Schmidt freelancing off script, 2) Nick and Jess sparring (popcorn machine sketch was the funniest every), and CeCe's on and off feelings for Schmidt. Everything else on the show is just gravy -- tasty gravy yet, but just gravy. Thanks, NG!
  • You need to be in the mood

    I like New Girl. Every episode is hilarious. Except it's not keeping my attention. I haven't watched it in about 8 months. In my opinion, it's the type of show where you have to be in the mood to watch it, otherwise you'll just be plain bored.

    The plot is a bit silly, but it's definitely funny.
  • Fourth Time's the Charm

    New Girl is back! From an awful Season 3 (despite canon Nessie ship which was practically the only thing that kept me going) Season 4 is hilarious and all around amazing. Though nothing can top the first two seasons, this one gives us the fantastic reality of the true flatmate dynamic.

    We're done with the getting to know you season, the starting to like you season, we've cringed through the messy bit season and now we've hit the I already know you, I already like you and let's just pretend the last season didn't happen season.

    Here we see how The Jew, The Hot Indian, The Clutz, The Screw Up, The Black Guy and The Other Black Guy really come together. This is the time where we see what their true friendship entails.

    All the wackadoo nonsense imaginable, coupled in with honest to God heart-to-hearts is just the Apartment 4D Crew's run of the mill day -as I've seen so far in the first 10 eps of the new season- and I can safely say without a doubt in my mind that New Girl Season 4 sure is one great waste of 30 minutes every Tuesday.
  • It's funny again!

    After a wonderful first season, a likable second and what the hell happend third I have really liked all the episodes so far in the fourth. Hoping that the last episode "Background check" will serve as a benchmark for episodes to come.

    After sitting through the third season with a big question mark on my forehead, I really laughed my ass off today. With Jess throwing her talent on everything she can, Schmitd crazy funny again with lines perfectly timed and executed. Winston so enigmatic awkward and inappropriate that I just can't stop smiling everytime he is on screen. Cece and Coach bringing it and Nick as much Nick as we can get, moonwalking and sweating like no other.

    Keeping my fingers crossed the show will continue in same fashion...

  • The plot is boring, but it's funny.

    Winston is great.
  • Talking about ego...

    Why on earth does ANYTHING revolves around "Jess" i mean if you watch the first season it was really funny and everyone had his/her own weight... but around the second season every character become "stupid" and ALL i mean ALL is about Jessica, cmon u have amazing support actors and this is what turns out??

    man, talking about how can ego destroy something.
  • same old, same old

    When will the writers of these shows dare to be different, it's always the same thing. Boy meets girl, they fall in love for a year and then the inevitable break up happens, it's almost as if they follow a template. I long for the day when a show dares to be different!!! On the plus side I do still find the show funny and enjoyable to watch, but like I said just needs someone to show a bit of backbone and go off the normal sitcom path.
  • Not as good as it used to be

    This show used to be great! It seems that it has gotten "dumber" and more over the top. Winston has become a completely unlikable idiot. Nick used to be a believable law school drop out. He was scared to fail, and dropped out. Now, I cannot believe he was ever in law school. Ever. The first season was fantastic. The second was great. Now, it's hard to watch. It just seems to be "let's find the the most ridiculous situations to get them in and warp whatever character into what we need to create jokes" now.
  • Noooooo.......

    How could they break Nick and Jess up! They were an awesome couple and the conundrums they found themselves in were brilliant. The awkward situations they would face as a couple far out weigh the awkward that will be caused by the break up. Hoping the finale brings happiness!
  • We Were on a Break!

    This show was at its best when it had the sexual tension with nick and jess. Each episode they tested their limits. Now season 3 has them together and its just become boring.

    Like the writers in FRIENDS did with breaking up ross and rachel, it gave the shows many funny moments. Sometimes you have to take risks with your characters. Putting Nick and Jess together was too predictable, as a viewer we all wanted it but the way its panned out is just boring. It pains me to say this because Nick and Jess are two of the most charismatic characters in the show.

    If the writers want to save this show they need to split them up. It will create some great comedic elements, and allow Nick to be sarcastic cynical nick audiences fell in love with in the first two seasons.

    Also Jess's choice of boyfriends in the past were great plot lines . Coach has helped the show somewhat but even his character seems to be holding on for dearly life.

    I hope season 4 brings some great ideas into it. Maybe some new characters, celebrity cameos. Or even involve nicks brothers and mother who we had some insight into in season 2 . Maybe introduce Schmit and Winstons families into the mix.
  • Pet Peeve--Jess' glasses

    I like New Girl, but I hate her fake glasses with no lenses that they have her wear so you can see her eyes. It is SO OBVIOUS they are not real glasses.
  • Make Abby go away

    Sorry, but we think Abby is really dragging "New Girl" down. The show isn't nearly as good with her character as it was before she came on the scene. We worry our favorite sit com will spiral down if she stays in the story. Please, go back to the shows that made "New Girl" such a success. We love all the characters, the interaction-but Abby just doesn't work.
  • Not the same. Still good.

    The show was great until they almost ruined it with Nick and Jess together. They somehow overdid it and now it's still good but not what it was used to be. Somethings missing. Waiting for it to get its mojo back.
  • still entertaining but...

    The sitcom actually still fun and hillarious in season 3, but sometimes pointless and it's more like the 'New Girl' stopped and the 'Jess-Nick Things' began. I hope the story can get better as "Prince" episode
  • tap vs pistons

    This episode is one of the funniest of the season. I like when Nick and Jess deny the other the sex tap. No vitamin D. It's the war of basketball teams.
  • Season 3 is disappointing me..

    I rated 7 because I loved the first 2 seasons!! I just don't like how they changed the plot. There are so many boring episodes in the new want the old new girl back!
  • New Girl = My Happy Place

    New Girl is a nice break from all the drama heavy tv shows I watch, and I'm thankful for that. The characters are ridiculous in the best way, and over the top, and the show clearly doesn't take itself too seriously and I think that as a viewer if you don't take the show too seriously, you'll enjoy it as much as I do!
  • Best comedy of the 2000's

    Best comedy show of the 2000's. Always laugh every episode. I love Zooey too :)
  • eeemm getting worse by episode

    This show is becoming less and less funny. Im sick of nick screaming and yelling, he used to be funny. I don't know where the show is heading..
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