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  • And there comesZooey tv!


    SO huge fan ofZooey Deschanel, she is a great actor on any movie ive seen of her and she does best comedy, but this show i think over does everything that she is thou.. the goofy, the singer, the dramatic, the big heart.... etc

    Also for the other cast roles, why does it every show now days have to have a friend circle that hangs out on a bar? that one of them is a bartender and that there is aprofessionaltrainer and a guy that thinks its the best looking and cocky as hell? hint hint friends with benefits...

    Anyways, gonna be honest im only sticking with this forZooey Deschanel her eyes on HD 1080 resolution n on a 65inches tv.. will always get my attention!

  • It's pretty hard to comment on a show after only seeing one episode. Usually it takes about 5 episodes for the characters to fully develop but in this case they kind of lay them all out right at thebeginning and they all like each other right before the


    end of it.

    I really do hope this show gets better after at least 4 more episodes other wise I'll probably give up.

    They story could be kind of cool, one goofy girl living with 3 pretty nice guys. And they have some good actors playing those roles, but the humor so far isn't that good. And thosesingingparts, OMG I hope they will skip them in the future. They were too long andawkwardin this first episode.

    It actually reminded me of Cougar town; trying to squeeze out some laughter that's hardly there to begin with.

  • Awful. It's as if they took all the little clips that made up the preview commercials, and made a brick wall with them using crap as the mortar.


    I should know better. By now, I should know that when I see previews for a new show and I think "That might not be so bad", it's wishful thinking. The clips that make the promos aren't typical of a show, they're the best part, and we viewers so often forget that. And unfortunately, I saw the promo so many times before the pilot aired that when those scenes actually happened, even they had lost their humor.

    Zooey is more creepy than funny, and the boys are simply pathetic. I typically like the Deschanel dry delivery, and Zooey's sister uses it to great success in Bones, but here it comes across as emotionless. It's almost like part of Zooey's brain is missing - the part that keeps us from becoming serial killers.


  • This show stars Zooey Deschanel who's character just broke up with her boyfriend & needs a place to live. She moves in with 3 guys from a Craig's list ad.


    This show has some potential but I don't know if I can get passed Zooey's voice! It's nasally & then throw in an annoying whining tone & it drives me crazy! And I'm not a fan of her singing either. She tries too hard to be too cute & again, just annoying! She's a pretty girl with beautiful eyes, if you can get past the thick bangs! She needs to tone it down to be tolerable.

    The guys are mostly unknown except for Waymans who unfortunately gets replaced in episode 2 to star in his other show Happy Endings. I did find it endearing that all the guys came to her rescue when she was stood up by a date...for being annoying before the date even started! That was sweet!

    Episode 2 they introduce Wayman's replacement who has far less personality. Jess goes to her old place to get her stuff from her ex-boyfriend. Her 3 new amigos come along to back her up. I haven't watched episode 3 yet...I'm debating, worth my time or not?!

  • Embarrassing to watch... In a fantastic way! If only the programming was consistant.


    I looove this show. Jess is such an endearingly embarrassing character to watch. You just know things are going to go wrong if Jess is involved, yet you can't help but watch the train wreck happen. I have to watch this show on DVR because I am usually laughing too hard to catch the entire episode the first time around.

    The only problem I have with this show is when it airs. So far there have been 6 episodes aired from September, and yet again we have a 2 week gap before episode 7. Consistancy is generally the key to finding and keeping an audience but so far this show has not had that, and while it is a great show, I am getting sick of having to track down when it is going to air. Hopefully after this next missed week, there will be some consistancy to when this show airs.

    Other than that, well worth the watch.

  • does anyone know the reggae song that was playing during "nicks naked scene"?


    Ok so in the fourth episode of the season the one where nick gets naked. I wan to know what was the reggae song paying in the back round that he was dancing to does anyone happen to know or know of a place where i can find that out?

  • Doesn't quite live up to the hype.


    Oh, New Girl isn't a bad show, but it doesn't quite live up to the promo Fox has invested in it, and in all honesty I wouldn't recomend it to any viewer over the age of twenty five. This show is definately geared towards the twenty somethings out there (and I mean specifically the early twenty somethings) but the situations the characters find themselves in are of the type most people have outgrown two or three years out of college. The characters seem well versed in all the current sound bites and have the proper amount of angst you might expect from a bunch of just past college age kids, but this show kind of makes me glad I'm NOT a kid any more. New girl should be a hit with the frathouse crowd I would think.

  • Just Bad...


    After watching the first few episodes, it's pretty obvious this show isn't meant to be funny. You just have to sit there and cringe at the bad acting and incredibly predictable writing. It's impossible to connect with any of the characters, which is the point of a sitcom. Basically, this show lacks everything it needs to be successful in the long term. Hopefully it gets the axe after the first season, along with Allen Gregory.

  • Just the kind of sitcoms you would like to spend a lazy evening after a busy day watching.Zooey Deschanel is going to behilarious,as always.She did a really bad job in The recent movies like Your highness and the others,But the trailer and scenes look pr


    omising enough to give it a try.I think the other members of the cast will support her well.Alot of people think it will be a flop,but this will be one of a kind venture .Looking forward to the 20th of september.Best of luv k to the show

  • So Much Fun!

    I have so much fun watching this show but I guess quirky and sweet isn't everyone's cup of tea. Zooey Deschanel is adorable and recent episodes are starting to show what a great supporting cast she has around her. I think this show's got legs and I am hanging out for the next episode.
  • I don't really like it...

    It just isn't that funny to me. I remember in July there were previews of it on CONSTANTLY on Fox. So, me and my brother watched It. Although I didn't really like it, I thought the "douchebag jar" was pretty clever. :]

    Maybe I should give it another chance!
  • Love this show!

    I love New Girl's qwerky humor. Zooey Deshanel is perfect for the role and this is a show i will continue to watch for a long time.
  • Takes ages for the next episode

    I like this serie a lot, but i keep annoying myself of how long it takes for the next episode to show on december they let us wait a month..the last episode was two weeks ago...if this keeps up, then i'm done with this series..!!
  • entertaining!

    love their relationship :)
  • Quirky, awkward, and embarrasing..... But in a good way, right?

    I have to admit when I saw this show for the first time, it was almost cringe-worthy to watch how the acting played out.... That being said, I kept watching, episode after episode and I fell in love with jesses very unique and innocently naive character. Her trio of men supporting her are just as unique and fallible as her, but do it in their own hilarious style (Schmidt). This show isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy awkward moments and embarrassing dialogue with hints of nativity, then it's a ride you won't soon forget. The latest episode as of writing this, had me ROFLing at the end. Schmidt is my favorite character.
  • Quirky, fresh, funny, well written and great performances!

    I love this show, i find it so funny and I jsu look forward to each new episode. Love the details in the writing and the nuances of the characters. I will continue to watch! LOVE IT!!
  • Awful. Simply Awful.

    When quirky leaps beyond the imaginable, you've lost me.

    The characters are apparently (mostly) professionals yet there is no way any people this damaged (they are trying for quirky) could hold down the jobs they portray.

    As you can see from the ratings here, you either love this show or you hate it. That's because everything is so BIG, you can't ignore anything or let anything slide. The acting is BIG (bad over-acting), the situations are BIG (You can't be that dumb / naive / horny and hold down a job - anywhere).

    When you go for BIG, you get BIG extremes in people's acceptance.
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  • No soul...

    I thought that this show got potential at first. Now I can't stand to watch it for 5 minutes. It's totally disgusting.

    And I gotta tell you this, Zooey Deschanel is one of the worst acresses on primetime TV. If you compare How I Met Your Mother or Community which rediscover what comedy is on every new episodes, New Girl is just another crappy comedy featuring a sexy leading actor.
  • coffee grinder

    So your roommate bought top of the line coffee grinder, so you use it for crayon sharpening. I do not tolerate this type of writing on a show, this is stupid, disgusting, and unacceptable. You will not be on the air in my house, and I hope you lose this show. erased, deleted. You have a cute sister, that we all adore, but you are a loser, and you just lost me.

    You need to add more ratings, such as OFF THE AIR.
  • Weardly great...

    After my first episode of the New Girl I just felt awkward, Jess "disturbed" me but strangely in a good way so... I realise after the second episode that I was in love with the show !!!

    And Schmidt is just so stupidely hilarious !
  • Not bad...

    But not that good either. Jess gets on my nerves a lot, as she still acts like a child in her late 20s and sings way too often. I still watch every week because Schmidt makes me chuckle, and I like the idea of Nick and Jess getting together.
  • A woman recovering from a horrible breakup moves in with three guys. What could go wrong?

    In my favorite new sitcom of the 2011-2012 TV season, Zooey Deschanel plays Jess Day, the new girl who moves into a loft with three guys after she catches her boyfriend of years cheating in an embarrassing way. "Adorkable" is the perfect word to describe Zooey and her character. Deschanel is my favorite actress and keeps up her excellent work in "New Girl". Her roommates from the second episode are Schmidt, (Max Greenfield) Nick, (Jake Johnson III) and Winston. (Lamorne Morris) They are all incredibly funny in their own unique ways. Schmidt is obsessed with himself and I usually hate people like that but his ways are hilarious. Nick is a bartender who hasn't cared about much since dropping out of law school and is financially troubled. He isn't as funny as he sees the negative side in most things but is great nonetheless. Winston, who first appeared in the second episode, unfortunately doesn't get as much screen time. From what we've seen, he's a great and funny guy as well who is probably the sanest of the roommates. Hannah Simone stars as Cece, Jess's sexy best friend who Schmidt likes and she secretly likes as they continue to try to hide their relationship from their friends. All-in-all, it's a great show, and whoever comes up with their scripts is a freaking genius, as I expect to see this show on air for years to come.
  • not the best

    new girl is an alright show not the best, its very like dorky and awkward, it can be funny but more silly funny, its just so like different to your average comedy id much prefer 2 broke girls, i do watch new girl occasionally and do laugh but its not a show to be a favorite, zooey plays a very good role though...
  • I love it!

    This programme is so funny. I love all of the episodes and I sincerely hope there will be another season. Schmidt has to be the funnies characters in this and Nick and Jess also make the show a fantastic one. Please, please, please bring this back :D
  • so funny and lovely!!!!!!!!!

    so funny and lovely!!!!!!!!!
  • I love it

    I love this show. I start wathcing yesterday, and I watched all episode. Jess a little bit annoying for me, when she singing, but she is a cute girl. I hope she getting together with Nick. I can't wait the next season!!:))
  • great

    best show out there by far!!!
  • episodes

    when will be the next season?
  • She could do better

    Zooey Deschanel has been in so many good movies and I expected a lot from this show, but every episode ends in the same predictable way. A cheesy, cliche ending that doesn't even make sense isn't what I was looking for. New Girl is just a fun tv show for girls, but not real comedy.
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