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  • Hilarious Comedy Moments

    I am English and most of my friends wonder why I prefer American comedy to British, normally this is because it's just funnier and it doesn't end after 6 episodes/2 series. I went into this series with no expectations and although the pilot was strong, it took me at least 6 episodes to decide how much I liked it. I really like Zooey Deschanel but I honestly watch for Nick/Schmidt, these two make the series laugh out loud. Jake Johnson is hilarious at times and has nearly brought me to tears from laughing so hard. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a laugh and is second only to Community.
  • I love it!

    This programme is so funny. I love all of the episodes and I sincerely hope there will be another season. Schmidt has to be the funnies characters in this and Nick and Jess also make the show a fantastic one. Please, please, please bring this back :D
  • Quirky, fresh, funny, well written and great performances!

    I love this show, i find it so funny and I jsu look forward to each new episode. Love the details in the writing and the nuances of the characters. I will continue to watch! LOVE IT!!
  • Weardly great...

    After my first episode of the New Girl I just felt awkward, Jess "disturbed" me but strangely in a good way so... I realise after the second episode that I was in love with the show !!!

    And Schmidt is just so stupidely hilarious !
  • Not as good as it used to be

    This show used to be great! It seems that it has gotten "dumber" and more over the top. Winston has become a completely unlikable idiot. Nick used to be a believable law school drop out. He was scared to fail, and dropped out. Now, I cannot believe he was ever in law school. Ever. The first season was fantastic. The second was great. Now, it's hard to watch. It just seems to be "let's find the the most ridiculous situations to get them in and warp whatever character into what we need to create jokes" now.
  • It's pretty hard to comment on a show after only seeing one episode. Usually it takes about 5 episodes for the characters to fully develop but in this case they kind of lay them all out right at thebeginning and they all like each other right before the


    end of it.

    I really do hope this show gets better after at least 4 more episodes other wise I'll probably give up.

    They story could be kind of cool, one goofy girl living with 3 pretty nice guys. And they have some good actors playing those roles, but the humor so far isn't that good. And thosesingingparts, OMG I hope they will skip them in the future. They were too long andawkwardin this first episode.

    It actually reminded me of Cougar town; trying to squeeze out some laughter that's hardly there to begin with.

  • so funny and lovely!!!!!!!!!

    so funny and lovely!!!!!!!!!
  • A woman recovering from a horrible breakup moves in with three guys. What could go wrong?

    In my favorite new sitcom of the 2011-2012 TV season, Zooey Deschanel plays Jess Day, the new girl who moves into a loft with three guys after she catches her boyfriend of years cheating in an embarrassing way. "Adorkable" is the perfect word to describe Zooey and her character. Deschanel is my favorite actress and keeps up her excellent work in "New Girl". Her roommates from the second episode are Schmidt, (Max Greenfield) Nick, (Jake Johnson III) and Winston. (Lamorne Morris) They are all incredibly funny in their own unique ways. Schmidt is obsessed with himself and I usually hate people like that but his ways are hilarious. Nick is a bartender who hasn't cared about much since dropping out of law school and is financially troubled. He isn't as funny as he sees the negative side in most things but is great nonetheless. Winston, who first appeared in the second episode, unfortunately doesn't get as much screen time. From what we've seen, he's a great and funny guy as well who is probably the sanest of the roommates. Hannah Simone stars as Cece, Jess's sexy best friend who Schmidt likes and she secretly likes as they continue to try to hide their relationship from their friends. All-in-all, it's a great show, and whoever comes up with their scripts is a freaking genius, as I expect to see this show on air for years to come.
  • The best show on TV

    New girl is the best show on TV right now. It's witty humor and emotionally invested plot lines combine to make this the only show I'd never miss an episode of.
  • I love it!

    On the surface the plots seem quite conventional, but if you analyse the dialogues and behavior of the characters, it is just fantastic! Where else can you find a show, where at least one of the characters behaves strangely in absolutely every single scene? The sometimes subtle, sometimes shrill but always weird way how emotions are expressed is a great achievement by the writers and actors. I also love the fresh ideas almost all episodes have to offer - hopefully they can keep up the good work for a longer period of time, it is definitely one of the top shows for me right now.
  • Love it!

    I just love this show.

  • I love it

    I love this show. I start wathcing yesterday, and I watched all episode. Jess a little bit annoying for me, when she singing, but she is a cute girl. I hope she getting together with Nick. I can't wait the next season!!:))
  • Embarrassing to watch... In a fantastic way! If only the programming was consistant.


    I looove this show. Jess is such an endearingly embarrassing character to watch. You just know things are going to go wrong if Jess is involved, yet you can't help but watch the train wreck happen. I have to watch this show on DVR because I am usually laughing too hard to catch the entire episode the first time around.

    The only problem I have with this show is when it airs. So far there have been 6 episodes aired from September, and yet again we have a 2 week gap before episode 7. Consistancy is generally the key to finding and keeping an audience but so far this show has not had that, and while it is a great show, I am getting sick of having to track down when it is going to air. Hopefully after this next missed week, there will be some consistancy to when this show airs.

    Other than that, well worth the watch.

  • Consistency please!

    I hate that New Girl isn't on every week! Its one of the only shows that can give me a real "belly laugh" and I try to record it every week to watch it after work, but its so inconsistent I can't even count on it!! Come on Fox, don't make me give up on your best show ever!
  • i loVE THIS

  • Deschanel may be the "New Girl" but Johnson makes the show!

    I've Loved every season of the show & thou I've never been a fan of Megan Fox, Reagan was a good character to bring in during Jess's absence, as long as her presence only add's drama & excitement to the inevitable Nick and Jess reunion that I've been waiting for since "Mars Landing" (Season 3 eps.20). Side note; Jake Johnson is the most talented & HOTTEST!! actor on . I love the entire cast, as well as the writers all people involved in this show are talented & hilarious, But Jake Johnson/Nick Miller is in a world of his own!

  • Great.

    One of the ebst TV Shows Ever.
  • New Girl = My Happy Place

    New Girl is a nice break from all the drama heavy tv shows I watch, and I'm thankful for that. The characters are ridiculous in the best way, and over the top, and the show clearly doesn't take itself too seriously and I think that as a viewer if you don't take the show too seriously, you'll enjoy it as much as I do!
  • craziest funniest series out ther

    best show in the world and super it. amazing script, up to u
  • Season2 Episode15

  • So Funny!!!!

    I love this show!!! Zoey is hilarious as Jess Day.
  • Amazing

    what a show one of the best i have seen keep it up...
  • Chutney.

    So many fan reviews hinge on whether Zooey Deschanel is funny or not as the unbearably cute 'Jess.' I have one word for all of you: SCHMIDT. I seriously don't think it even matters whether you like Zooey Deschanel or not. The weird polyamourous bromance between the three male leads is hilarious, and Schmidt at his best is like Tom Cruise at his unintentionally deadpan worst: absolutely manic. All he has to do is say "CHUT-en-ey" and I'm gone. The tone of the humour is modern, wry and witty. The reviewer below who compared 'New Girl' to the obscure 'Ned and Stacy' and 'Karen's Song," a sit-com I had never even heard of, is comparing sardonic 21st century wit to the comedies of another era. Humour changes! Keep up. I like Jess, but only ads part of an ensemble cast. She brings out aspects of the guys that we wouldn't see if it was an all-male cast. The male characters are nothing like the cliched masculine archetypes you encounter time and time again in dated sit-coms like 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' Winston, Nick and Schmidt are solid comedic characters, and even Cece is funnier - and smarter - than you might expect, but Schmidt, of all people ON TELEVISION is hands-down the funniest. Somebody get this guy an Emmy.

    The show is just hilarious. The cast has great chemistry and the show has it's own identity. The first season like "the Office" took a bit for me to get into but it sucked me in. It's just funny. Plain and simple
  • Fresh and Funny

    The show is fresh and funny due to the amazing cast and witty humor, Jess and Schmidt are my favourites as they carry the show along and the rest of the cast are good too. One of the best new comedies out there.
  • cool show just as i like

    I was in search for a show which suits me better having a good cool comedy and a bit emotional punch
  • Jess , you go girl!

    The new season has not aired in india yet but up till s4 I would like to remark that it was one of the beSt comedic shows I have ever seen after . . Jessica's attire inspired me to change ,y own wardrobe! (Not her behaviour though,) They should seriously have named the show "quirky girl" or "crazy girl" or "girl who has the worst tastes in men " ... Though seriously when is Jess ever getting a good guy? I really like jess but when she is paired up with Nick, she seems better! I am not looking forward to see s5 since jess won't be there. I mean what is new girl without Jess.
  • nice BUT...

    I startted watching the series mainly because I like Zooey Deschanel and it has turned out to be a plesant surprise so far (just started season 2). What annoys me though is that Jess is wearing glasses without lenses and with no explanation on why this is happening. If the character does it for stylish reasons, then she is stupid to have glasses without lenses on them (who does that?). If the makers thought that we wouldn't notice, then they are insulting our intelligence. In any case this is a big minus for me.
  • Best comedy of the 2000's

    Best comedy show of the 2000's. Always laugh every episode. I love Zooey too :)
  • Hilarious!

    I've fallen in love with this show, and I agree with everyone who said Schmidt is the best character. He is so funny ... almost everything he says cracks me up, and even when he screws up I can't help but love him. I'd say Nick is my second favorite character at the moment, and I love the bromance between Schmidt and Nick. Cece is probably my third favorite because of her relationship with Schmidt. Schmidt/Cece is definitely my favorite relationship on the show. I love Nick/Jess too, but not as much. Winston is sweet and I enjoy his presence on the show and how bad he is at pranks. He has his funny moments. Jess is great too. After Schmidt, Nick, and Cece, I'd probably tie Jess and Winston for fourth. We didn't see enough of Coach for me to rank him, but he was great in the one episode he was in. Overall, great show and all the actors have chemistry!
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