New Girl

Season 1 Episode 24

See Ya

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • new girl see ya

    this was a great episode i laughed quite alot in this episode like when jess kept on saying meep meep to that coyote so it would run off and shmidit attempting to kiss nick again this also had some sweet scenes in this episode involving shimidit and cece and i really liked the ending it was a good way to end the season and i am looking forward to season 2 which should hopefully air in the uk sometime
  • Season 1 finale

    Nick can't handle the pressure of his new move in with Caroline and proceeds to get everyone stuck in the desert; Cece makes Schmidt jealous when they talk about the men from her work; Jess and Nick share an adventure with a Coyote. I thought that this was a perfect Season 1 finale of "New Girl". This has been an enjoyable first season of "New Girl" and it gets me excited about Season 2. Some episodes this season were a little weak and some episodes were just plain hilarious. I loved the character development in this episode and I thought that there were a bunch of hilarious moments in this episode. The situation with Nick leaving the rest of the gang to go move in with Caroline was pretty sad to see because the gang was really gonna miss him. I was glad, just when it looked like Nick left the gang forever, he just moved back and played an AC/DC song (my favorite band) and how each of the roommates were just rocking out in each of the room... I just very satisfied with how the ending of this finale played out and I just found it impressive how they handled that. Like I said, there were a lot of funny parts but one of the parts in this episode that really cracked me up was definitely the scene with Nick and Jess facing that coyote and Jess keeps saying "Meap meap"... oh my gosh, I cracked up and Jess acting like a coyote to make it go away was hilarious also. Just an all-around hilarious Season 1 finale. Overall, a perfect season finale of "New Girl" and I look forward to how Season 2 will turn out, no new episodes this summer sadly but I'll just have to wait til Fall 2012 my friends. 10/10
  • 1x24 "See Ya"

    I was a little disappointed b/c the previous episode made laugh so much. Wilson was great and CeCe but I didn't like the Schmidt break-up. The gang hanging out in the desert was enjoyable but at least once during the scene I saw a car on the road behind them. Whenever Nick sings and dances it is a good time but the Nick/Caroline story line was just odd.
  • 1x24 "See Ya"

    Wow! This episode was really really good. The best one yet. I am definitely going to watch New Girl next season!
  • Nick hesitates about his big move while the others try to talk him out of it.

    In a great Season 1 finale of New Girl, Nick briefly discusses his moving-in-with-Caroline with the rest of his loft buddies. I honestly didn't think Nick would execute the life-changing event, but the writers did a good job of convincing the audience, including me, that he was gonna do it, even after he freaked out by driving his moving truck with him and the guys to the middle of the desert. He throws his keys into the desert so an upset Jess must come rescue them. She pretends to throw her keys as well when Nick says he's still going to move in with Caroline, but quickly hides them so the entire gang can hang out. Although, this sets off in my opinion Winston's best scene of the season: "People, just please listen to me: Stop throwing your damn keys! The werewolves come out at night man! I don't want anybody to eat me! I got thick thighs, I got a fat ass! We are in the middle of the desert and no one's gonna find our bodies!" (The highway is appropriately shown in the near distance.) Then his crying to a soothing Nick was the cherry on top. Meanwhile, Schmidt sees what Cece does at her job as she's draped with men. His jealousy shows that he really cares about Cece in my opinion, but she can't handle it and they ultimately break up, upsetting me. I love them more than any other couple on the show. However, I do see them getting back early next season or even by the Season 2 premiere. Meanwhile, I'm not a diehard Nick/Jess fan like a lot of the female viewers are, but I like her with Nick more than anybody, and although I thought if they kissed or something this episode, the writers would be rushing them together, because I see this show lasting years beyond its second season. However, I was still kinda upset that they didn't. But Nick did return in the very end, but there are still questions to be answered once the Season 2 premiere rolls around, like "Are Nick and Caroline still together?", (I'm placing my bet for the surprising yes; she understood and she allowed him to return to the loft.) and "What will happen to Neil?", the new 1-day roommate. Despite the awkward ending with Jess, Schmidt and Winston celebrating by dancing in their respective rooms, great season finale and I'm looking forward to more.
  • See Ya Later Alligator, In a short While Crocodile.

    See Ya was a perfectly brilliant season one finale of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intensely deep and full of character development. I was laughing so hard when Nick and Jess were confronted by the coyote and she Meep Meeped more than a few times and then took offensive against the beast. In doing so she also sort of did what I asked a long time ago on some article comment and did a Xena Warrior Princess type of battle cry. I also thought it was great how Winston was scared of the dark and thought something would eat them in the night in the desert which I hinted at in the New Girl Picture Caption Article Comments. Schmidt growing jealous and doubtful over his relationship with Cece was a little overboard but made some sense. It was awesome to see the friends come together in this manner and realize what's important. The ending of the episode really rocked and I was definitely satisfied. I certainly look forward to more seasons of New Girl because I really enjoyed watching every episode so far!!!!!!!!!