New Girl

Season 3 Episode 17

Sister II

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on FOX
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When Abby announces that she is staying in the loft permanently, Jess then goes to find a safe place for Abby to live. Nick is then left to baby-sit Abby, while Jess looks for Abby's new place. Winston is nervous about looking at results of his LAPD entrance exam.


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  • A 'Special' Episode of New Girl

    The new girl in the loft is Jess' sister Abby and she is causing chaos on a daily basis, playing games like Sky Knife (you throw knives at the ceiling and see which ones stick) and drawing penises on Jess' art work. Jess' carefully constructed world of living with three men (one she loves) and having a fourth one always drop by (former roomfriend Schmidt) is falling apart and she doesn't like it one bit. Jess wants things the way they were and attempts to find her sister another apartment in a safe neighborhood which has plenty of middle aged gay veterans, churches, and an emergency room across the street. There is no mention of who would pay for this place and I am thinking it is not Abby as she seems like she is forever broke or in trouble. But this is not important in the whole scheme of things because reality often takes a backseat on New Girl if it gets in the way of the laughs. There are plenty of these especially when Nick gets involved in his girlfriend's plans. Plenty of lying goes on when Jess enlists the help of Nick to distract Abby, but Jess should have known better because Nick Miller cannot lie to save his life and he confesses Jess' plan to Abby. Abby later hooks up with Schmidt in one of the funniest scenes this season, a hogtied Schmidt on a table with an apple in his mouth as Abby melts chocolate at the stove while wearing Schmidt's famous mini kimono from the first season. Nick sees all this and now has one more thing to lie about, this time to Jess. It all comes to a head, in more ways than one, at a dinner where Abby can't keep her hands off Schmidt and Nick can't remember his lines from Jess' pre-arranged script to convince Abby to move. Finally Nick can no longer keep up the lies and almost explodes and tells Jess the truth. Here we get Jess and Abby have a heart to heart and we learn, as we already know, that Jess' mission in life is to fix people, like her sister. She does it for love of course but what if the person doesn't want to be fixed? We've already seen her try to fix Nick Miller and so far he has resisted and also relented on many things because he loves her and maybe in a way does want to be fixed. But not Abby. She wants to live as she does and solves the problem by declaring she will move in with Schmidt, who happily agrees as long as there is sex on the menu.

    Meanwhile Winston is worried over his impending LA police exam results. Here we get to see a great story for Winston at last even though he seems kind of pathetic as he is hitting rock bottom in the job market. He fails his exam and even tries to get a job at the local cafe but blows the interview. Coach is along as morale support, sticking by Winston even though Winston showing up at Coach's health club blows Coach's chances to hit on a lady client. The interplay between these two is great and the scene with Coach mad at Winston for interfering is one of the funniest in the whole episode. Winston learns he failed the exam but with Coach's pushing he agrees to take the exam again. Winston as always gets some of the best lines and Lamorne Morris' facial expressions are always spot on. Cece, as usual this season since she broke up with Schmidt, plays a small role, appearing in only one scene with Jess as she apartment hunts. The fact that the show still runs for only 22 minutes and now has way too many characters may be part of this, but Cece was always a minor character compared to the rest. It feels like they don't know what to do with her now that all her manic energy to have a baby and get married from season two seems to have been forgotten. Putting her behind the bar at Nick's workplace also feels like a simple way to get her into the stories of the others more than a thing of her own.

    Jake Johnson as Nick always has great scenes to play and his reaction to seeing Schmidt and Abby together is priceless. He messes up, but Jess forgives him as usual, saying that if he hadn't been unable to lie she never would have confronted her sister. They both agree that they are two most sane people in the loft, but that is not saying much seeing as they are surrounded by some of the craziest characters on TV right now.

    Overall, a good episode, with plenty of laughs, and which moved the plot of the season along as it was meant to, with Abby appearing in one more episode next week in which plenty of things will be resolved, we think.. Not the greatest New Girl but it still is up there among the top ones this season. It gets a solid B+ from me.moreless

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