New Girl

Season 1 Episode 9

The 23rd

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 13, 2011 on FOX

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  • A dose of reality

    I just can't get enough of New Girl's quirky new age humor. The gift exchange between Jess and Paul with Jess giving an anatomically accurate non smoker's heart, I snorted while laughing. And then what follows is an awkward moment when Paul confesses his love, and all Jess says is "Thank You". I thought during the christmas party that we'd see Jess getting advice from his roommates on how to handle with the situation, instead a drunk Nick, and probably jealous too, accelerates the situation by telling him she doesn't love him back!

    The scene with Jess and Paul talking it out, and with Nick being locked outside in the balcony along with them, it seemed the perfect set up for the trapped in an awkward situation trope. Instead Paul and Jess, as if Nick didn't even exist to either of them at the moment, proceeded to work out their relationship in front of him. This was a lot more effective than I thought; it magnified the drama of the situation even more. And when Paul said that he doesn't want to continue their relationship, it was just perfect; didn't drag on nor was it too short. It was cloven right at the exact moment.

    The ending with the gang including Cece causing a ruckus in Candy Cane Lane gave it a "reality happy ending". That when something can go so bad on a special day, such as Christmas, you always have your family with you. In this case their second family. There is no mistaken the point driven here.

    A strikingly effective episode that balances comedy with the drama.
  • Christmas Review #37

    The gang goes to Schmidt's holiday office party; Jess frets over an expensive gift from Paul. I thought that this was an excellent Christmas (well, day before Christmas) episode of "New Girl". There were so many funny scenes in this holiday episode but we also see a sad revelation between Jess and Paul. I just hope this isn't the last time we see Paul (Justin Long) though because I really like that character and he definitely is a perfect match with Jess. I felt bad for Jess since Paul broke up with her. But as for the funny scenes... I laughed so hard at the scenes with the guys in their roller skated in the beginning of the episode, Schmidt as Sexy Santa Claus, Jess saying "Are those my shorts?" when she saw Schmidt as Sexy Santa Claus wearing it, Nick's ringtone interrupting the talk between Jess and Paul (the ringtone definitely cracked me up), Nick feeling awkward listening to the Jess/Paul talk, the little boy walking in and screaming after hearing Schmidt say "Santa's dead, it's over, I killed him" when he actually meant that he doesn't want to be the Sexy Santa Claus anymore, and more funny parts. I also enjoyed the ending of the episode. Overall, an excellent Christmas episode of "New Girl". 10/10
  • **spoiler alert

    Funny episode. Winston and the little kid, soo funny. But why did Paul and Jess break up!!! They were perfect for each other. I'm really going to miss Justin Long, it would be awesome if they could make him a regular. He's such a difference from the other guys and it's funny seeing a guy version of Jess's quirky self. :( I can't believe they broke up, they were perfect for each other!
  • Injured

    Injured was another perfect and entertaining episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the characters had a lot of growth and development, there were many funny scenes that made me laugh, some truly touching moments, and some sad revelations. I liked when Jess caught the guys wearing her gifts to them, and also when Nick was locked outside with Jess and Paul as they talked about their feelings. This episode was a delight and makes me look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
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