New Girl

Season 1 Episode 12

The Landlord

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • "No way I'm doing a foursome"

    This was just too awesome of an episode that does a great job of delving into Jess and Nick's subtle connection with each other while introducing a new character into the mix, the Landlord. Here in this episode the theme was between Nick's pessimistic views into people compared to Jess' optimistic bubbly outlook on life. At first it seems like this would be a repeat of the previous episode with Julia, but the Landlord throws a nice wrinkle here.

    Although Remy was portrayed to be a hard unfeeling geezer, Jess' personality starts bringing down the layers to his facade. Nick doesn't feel comfortable with the two being alone, and they end up in a situation where they're having a threesome. The tension between Jess and Nick trying to one up each other on who was right or not was great. Jess fought till the bitter end until she finally admitted, and although Nick cheered loudly, you get the feeling that he almost wanted to be proven wrong just so he can be more intimate with Jess.

    The second storyline with Schmidt and his relationship with his boss wasn't so great. Wasn't that hilarious, however the ending with him getting naked in the conference room in front of a bunch of Japanese businessmen was great.
  • new girl the landlord

    this episode was very funny and i'm glad to see it back as i missed watching this as i live in the uk this was really good basiacly the guys think their landlord is a jerk but jess tries to prove nick wrong as he see's the worst in people this was funny especialy when shmidit thought everyone was coming on to him and the scene when the landlord thought they were having a threeway was hillerious very good episode.
  • Jess tries to teach Nick to stop seeing the worst in everybody

    Jess wants to befriend the landlord in an attempt to teach Nick to stop seeing the worst in everybody. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "New Girl". The storyline was definitely entertaining and very well written plus tremendous execution with magnificent humor to crack you up. A lot of parts in this episode really made me laugh but my favorite part about this episode is definitely Jess trying to teach Nick a lesson about now to be seeing the worst in everybody and just see the positive things by being friendly with them. Jess being friendly to that guy driving the truck in the very beginning of the episode and that guy responding back with kindness was hilarious as well especially Nick's reaction when he yelled at the guy and that guy pulled out a gun at the very beginning of the episode. I also loved seeing Jess being friends with the landlord as well. My score is just a tad low because a couple of parts could've been a tad better but this episode could've used a little more Winston. Overall, an excellent episode of "New Girl"... you gotta watch this one. 9.5/10
  • The Landlord

    The Landlord was a perfect and hilarious episode of New Girl and I really enjoyed watching because the story of what all happened was great, the flash backs were funny, and the crazy circumstances keep the laughs rolling. It was great to Jess and Nick arguing over the way they handle things and how obvious it's becoming that Nick is really into Jess. Dinner with the Landlord was funny, and the ending with Schmidt was priceless. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Awkwardness at it's best!

    New Girl somehow manages to make "awkward humour" work for me. I don't know how, but the show makes me covering my eyes and shouting at the TV while laughing out loud at very well placed jokes. Great characters, great storylines (even if it's just because of the situations they lead to) and a great show all in all. And this episode is one of it's best episodes up until now!
  • Now THAT is why I watch this show

    I'd give this episode an 11 if I could. Too crazy. The only thing missing was Jess stuffing the douche-bag jar full of cash for trying to call Nick's bluff & failing.
  • Jess wants to prove to Nick that everyone is good if you are nice back.

    This was a really good episode. I didn't care much for Schmidt getting mixed signals from his boss storyline and... well, Winston didn't even have a huge part at all, but I loved Jess's storyline with Nick and the landlord, Remy. Their whole argument started when they were in a parking lot fighting over a space. Nick yelled until the other driver pulled out a gun, but Jess "mouthed" and "hand-motioned" the guy into putting his gun away. I thought that was funny. And as the apartment continues to fall apart, a determined Jess wants to get the landlord up to fix some things, until she accidentally tells him more than the maximum three people are living in the loft. He originally comes over to investigate, but Jess gets on his good side and invites him over for dinner. Nick's still not convinced, and he turns out to be right when Remy expects the three are partaking in a threesome. Jess keeps playing along until Remy directs her and Nick to start the activities. She admits she's wrong but I still have to agree with her. And they manage to get Remy out without hurting his feelings or anything. I thought the episode was really funny and enjoyable and I was siding with Remy until he reappeared to the dining room with his pants off.
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