New Girl

Season 1 Episode 10

The Story of the 50

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • Lacking, but it's saved by one scene

    After that fantastic warm hearted Christmas episode my expectations were, unfairly, risen. Although part of that goes to with a disappointing pay off after an anticipating set up. It starts off with the gang discussing about the D-Bag jar and how Schmidt managed to outdo himself by committing an act so dastardly that he put in 50 in it.

    The whole stroryline I thought was cute; Schmidt's birthday party gets ruined because his reservation for a party bus bounces and his vanity prevents him from getting another one. Jess takes it into her hands to throw him one, and in Jess style she gets a school bus and decorates it with all the D-Baggery she could grab her hands on.

    Of course Jess would somehow make a party bus with a stripper pole look like it was set up by the cast of Barney. And her ordering a stripper over the phone, and it going not quite she expected, was also hilarious.

    And here's where it went wrong; after a series of events that caused the bus to crash, Schmidt, feeling so uplifted by Jess' charming personality, tries going in for the kiss.

    That whole storyline concluding with that was anti-climatic, but there's a reason why I'm not docking points for it, and that has to do with Jess' personality. I hate to cross compare actors and actresses with their other works, but after seeing Zooey Deschanel in Weeds and 500 Days of Summer, it was hard for me to see her as the innocent conservative girl no matter how hard she tried pulling it off throughout the showuntil now. That scene with Schmidt going in for the kiss, and then Jess backing away, PERFECT! There was no better way of conveying that scene than what she did there. Most actresses oversell that part, acting way too weirded and grossed out, but Zooey nailed it so well that that scene alone deserves a couple of bumps in score. Schmidt's her friend so she also didn't want to make him feel weird about it, and she just nailed that part so well I can't even describe it through words.

    We're also introduced to a new character, presumably Nick's love interest Julia. Their storyline was alright, wasn't too consequential to the main storyline other than when Julia decked Benjamin in the face. I actually like her and hope she's a staple in the show.
  • julia?

    where did julia come from all of a sudden???
  • The Story of the 50

    The Story of the 50 was a great episode of New Girl and though it wasn't as hilarious as previous episodes it was still enjoyable. It was great to watch Jess plan Schmidt's birthday party. Schmidt's one friend was actually quite a douche-bag and it was great how Winston stood up for Schmidt. I also thought the ordeal with the stripper was funny and it could have been funnier, but at the end of the episode I still was satisfied. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • Not their best episode

    Great show, lousy episode. Kept waiting for something to happen, but it never did. The male stripper had potential but never quite got there. The lawyer with anger management problems was a nice surprise, but didn't fully blossom. Last scene was the best. The rest was very weak. I think the writers, producer & director each need to put $100 into the douche-bag jar.