New Girl

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 2012 on FOX

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  • Hilarious, Didn't like the story

    I KNEW that Jess was gonna end up with Nick, and I can promise you that they're saving it for the stupid finale. Almost guaranteed. That's so predictable!! Ugh.. I really liked Russel's character and he and Jess made a fun, dynamic couple that added some really cool elements to the show's humor as well as storyline. The way Jess ended it was sooooo stupid!! C'mon!

    The idea of Nick and Jess together is terrible, and I hate it even more now after seeing how Jess ended the relationship with Russ. I mean, did anyone actually buy any of that?
  • new girl tomatoes

    this was another good episode i laughed a few times during this episode like when jess and nick were having an argument and nick said if you don't like looking at my face then look at my ass that was a pretty funny scene as they were shaking their butts at each other and it was funny when shmidit broke his penis and winston made him get a boner on purpose by saying all the things that turn him on good episode
  • "If you don't like looking at my face Jess... then look at my @$$"

    Nick tries to give up dating but he fails to do so. He starts growing tomatoes. Schmidt ends up hospitalized after a sexual encounter with Cece's flatmate. Cece reveals her feelings to Schmidt. Russell and Jess come to the realization that they are not looking for the same thing in a relationship. This was a superb episode of "New Girl". The show still remains to be a very entertaining show as it does have very well done execution, splendid storyline writing, and fun and unique characters. Zooey Deschanel sure gets more beautiful every episode I saw her. This might not be the first time I've mentioned in that my reviews for this show but I just can't help it haha. I thought that this episode was well done and it was fun to watch. It did bore me in some parts which is why my score is a little low but other than that this was a funny episode to watch. The plot with Nick growing tomatoes was a very hilarious plot especially Winston's line about sandwiches and making love and then Nick keeps telling him to stop saying that.. The plot that probably bored me the most was the Jess/Russell plot but that plot had its share of some pretty hilarious moments so yeah. Out of all the parts though, the most hilarious part in this episode and it cracked me up so much that I had to pause it but Jess and Nick's argument at the end of the episode like when Jess told Nick "Stop making that face" and then Nick tells Jess something "I only have one face and this is the only face I can make" and says "If you don't like looking at my face Jess... then look at my @$$" and then Nick and Jess are shaking those butts at each other and saying "I can shake my butt faster than yours" and Nick's line "This is the butt of a failure" was hilarious and I laughed hard when the argument ended with Jess telling Nick "Stop looking at my @$$" (then she walks away) and Nick responds "Oh, I'll kill her"... I just cracked me up so much at that part. I have no idea on how hard it made me laugh and it's now one of my new favorite moments from this show. Winston and Schmidt's conversation at the very ending of the episode immediately right after Jess and Nick's argument was funny as well. Overall, a funny episode of "New Girl" despite having some boring parts but that ending sure gave me a very good laugh. 9/10
  • Jess wants passion, Cece realizes her feelings for Schmidt, and Nick wants Winston back.

    Jess, for some reason, invites Russell's ex-girlfriend out for dinner with her and Russell. What could go wrong? Plenty, that's what. Jess eventually breaks up with Russell when she realizes she wants a relationship with passion when Russell states "Passion is overrated." I knew the break-up was going to happen by the end of Season 1, I was just unsure of how it would happen. But I'm glad it's done. Nick, who most people want to see end up with Jess, has gone crazy, decided to stop dating, and starts growing tomatoes on the roof. It's partially because his boy Winston's always with or talking about the great Shelby. Enough with it! I've haven't grown on Shelby yet, but that's just because I haven't seen enough of her to judge. But they finally apologize and Winston does realize he mentions [the beautiful] Shelby too much. Meanwhile, I thought this could of happened in the last episode but shrugged it off when it didn't. But Cece ends things between her and Schmidt after her pregnancy scare. Remember, Schmidt was even going to propose to her and now she's dumping him! However, on a side note, I'm glad the pregnancy got some more attention in a latter episode. Remember how Nick could of had cancer? He didn't, but that big event hasn't been brought up since! So Schmidt and Cece are broken up, and Cece encourages Schmidt to go on a date with her Russian roommate, but Jess, who can see right through Cece, can tell she likes Schmidt. Schmidt goes on the date, still, and apparently "breaks his penis" after being roughed up in bed. Cece visits him in the hospital and admits her true feelings, and they get back together. But apparently Schmidt will be "out" for eight weeks. With his and Cece's history, I wonder how this could possibly play out with two episodes left in Season 1, which has greatly impressed me. No doubt New Girl is the funniest show the 2011-2012 TV season has to offer. I'm glad but not surprised this show was renewed and I see this going as long as the writers and actors want it to.
  • Tomatoes

    Tomatoes was a hilarious and perfectly entertaining episode of New Girl. I really enjoyed watching because there was obviously lots of humor, intrigue and character development. It was interesting to watch Nick grow tomatoes, Winston to be in love with Shelby, Schmidt go out with Nadia and Jess to break up with Russell after realizing something important is missing. As obvious as some things are in this series, like the passion between Nick and Jess, there is a complete opposite side within the humor of the series, which makes it as close to real life as tv can get. I loved watch Jess discover what was missing with Russell but was surprised when she didn't immediately recognize she has what she is looking for with Nick. I love that Cece realized how much she cares for Schmidt. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode of this amazing series!!!!!!!!!
  • New Girl

    so far so good