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Dr. Choi tells his wife he's sorry and loves her while crying. His wife also cries and apologizes. When Dr. Bae Dae-ro thinks that the hospital director's body is rejecting the organ, Hye-seok holds her breath. Dr. Kim Tae-joon heads to the ER when his wife Yoo Hee-jin is hospitalized due to appendicitis and he somehow rides the same ambulance with Eun-seong, who was told that Jo Min-ah was in critical condition. When Dr. Kim Tae-joon arrives at the operation room, his hands start shaking, and he is unable to proceed. Under the direction of Dr. Kim Tae-joon, Eun-seong takes the scalpel and performs the operation by calmly suturing the vein with his right hand. The hospital director is on the brink of death and writes down a message for Hye-seok which he asks Eun-seong to give to her. When Hye-seok reads the note, tears well up in her eyes.moreless
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