New Tricks - Season 3

BBC (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Congratulations
    Episode 8
    A convicted arsonist, son of a notorious criminal, is freed after it is discovered that he committed another crime when a fire was started in a school which burnt the caretaker.

    UCOS is asked to re-investigate and discover who really did it.
    Halford is determined to nail a vicious criminal who has so far eluded him and in doing so he puts himself in grave danger.

    But the team get distracted by other things and take their eye off the case, leading Pullman to become increasingly frustrated and weigh up an opportunity that could end her time in UCOS.moreless
  • Ice-Cream Wars
    Episode 7
    The team are on the case of the ice cream bandit, an armed robber whose targets were the ice-cream vans of two feuding ice-cream manufacturers in the mid 1990s. The battle between the two families erupts into violence, so UCOS decide to track down the bandit and stop the conflict once and for all.moreless
  • Bank Robbery
    Episode 6
    The return of one of Gerry's informants leads to the team re-opening a botched bank robbery, which left a cashier dead.
    The prime suspect at the time is now a celebrity - he is a suspect, but was he responsible, or is he as innocent as he claims?
  • Wicca Work
    Episode 5
    A young woman insists that the suspicious death of a local librarian was because of witchcraft and the team are drawn into the world of magic and the supernatural. A series of strange events occur and they are put under increasing pressure. The squad gets convinced that the supernatural exist and struggle to remain cynical.moreless
  • Diamond Geezers
    Episode 4
    Halford receives a mysterious invitation to a funeral and when he attends realises whose it is.

    After Jack is assaulted and intimidated the team must work out why he was invited and by whom. And why is Chopper Hadley back in the country?

    Desperate measures are used and Brian is sent undercover to get Hadley once and for all.moreless
  • Old Dogs
    Episode 3
    When a serial dog-killer starts stalking Hampstead Heath, the team re-open a 30-year-old case and must understand what the killer's motives are and why they have re-started killing now.
  • Dockers
    Episode 2
    The murky death of Joe Walsh, General Secretary of the Crane Driver's Union, whose body was found in the Thames in 1975, is reinvestigated. At the time of his death, Walsh stood accused of stealing money from the union's account. The team find themselves at the centre of a political minefield, with suggestions of misappropriated union funds, MI5 involvement and a union leader whose threats of strike action were gravely threatening the national interest.moreless
  • Lady's Pleasure
    Episode 1
    After 5yrs the Police have to return a car in which an attractive woman was killed. Pullman had worked on the original case and been troubled throughout by the lack of emotion shown by Nancy's husband Stephen. Convinced that the accident was in fact murder, Pullman re-opens the unsolved case, hoping her team can track down the dead woman's secret lover, and a clue soon leads them to a male prostitute.moreless