New Year's Eve with Carson Daly

NBC (Holiday Event 2003)


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  • Tasteless and not funny

    What a disappointment! Watching with children for whom staying up until midnight was a big treat. Had to change channels because of the crude, vulgar talk and political sniping. Not funny and not entertaining. NBC should be ashamed. Ryan Seacrest's show, on the other hand, was fun and entertaining for all ages. Isn't that the point on New Years Eve?
  • Disgusting display of political crap

    We tuned in just in time to hear idiotic banter amongst the 'hosts' most of whom you couldn't pick out from a line up (although most deserved to be in one). After midnight the conversation turned downright ugly with nothing more than politically charged snipes at Trump and the GOP. After 2 minutes I turned it off. NBC owes the public an apology. Guess what NBCyou can take you're political agenda and stuff it. One only hopes that Trump wins and in turn relegates NBC to the WH parking lot.
  • What were they thinking?!?!

    We were looking forward to the New Years Eve Show but was totally disgusted with the whole thing.

    a drunk, a loud mouth and a half naked girl just didn't get it. Hollywood Stupid! They should have left Hoda and Kathi Lee on. They did a much better job!
  • Totally disgusted

    I started out watching with my 6 yr old granddaughter. We were looking for some good family entertainment but had to turn off because of the filthy commentary. Are family shows and entertainment a thing of the past? Our country is in a sad, sad state .
  • Badshow

    Show was boring and the guests were just plain stupid. Nothing funny or entertaining.
  • Boring New Years Eve show

    Carson Daly was boring and ineffective, and the woman who was paired up with him was annoying. There were very few acts and then it was over.