New York Goes to Hollywood

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Will New York ever just go away?

    *Sigh* After watching New York on Flavor of Love and I Love New York you would think she would maybe take a hint that her 15 minutes of fame are up. Unfortunatly, the producers of vh1 have given New York yet another show, and this time she is trying her hand at acting. One problem... she has no specific talent. Come on New York. This whole wanting to become a serious actress thing was basically screwed over when you decided to do reality shows. No one is really taking you serious. At first the whole "crazy" mess person was only scary so I assumed you were only pretending to be like that. Now I only question if you're really mentally psycho. New York tries to act, sing, and be a b**** while working in Hollywood, but it never seems to be going anywhere. To all the New York fans out there you can't honestly expect any real Hollywood producer to deal with her. She is a talentless joke in the real world.
    So for all of the people who want to see a joke attempt to become a serious actress "New York Goes Hollywood" is for you. But for all those who see that New York is a washed up reality star just change the channel because she is still as terrible as ever.
  • This show is okay but Vh1 just cant let new york go....

    VH1 as a channel has failed to bring a great shows after the love triangle(flavor of love,i love new york, and rock of love). They keep bring the compettitiors back for more fame, more money ,and more drama. But guess what...people are tired of it and they need to stop. New York goes to HOLly wood is okay... They try....TRY to add drama but it dosent really got to far. New york Hires a manager and an asistant to help her get to success...This show starts with the song from Little jackie...the world revovle around me and it sets the tone for the show...that song describes the entire concept and past of new york( ttiffany).So i wouldn't tell you not to watch......keep doin so.... It needs fine tuning because in the commercials they let out to much info and leads people away.