New York Undercover

FOX (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Catharsis
      Episode 13
      Nadine Jordan, the accused killer of Torres and McNamara has been convicted of their murders. She receives a life sentence with no parole which upsets Moreno. Meanwhile The District Attorney who prosecutes a radical terrorist by the name of Eve Flemming finds that his daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom until Flemming is released from prison. He receives a videotape of her tied up and crying for help. Barker devises a plan where they are going to play along to see where Flemming's people lead them to. One part of the plan includes Moreno going undercover as a fugitive to get close to Flemming. While undercover in the prison, Moreno finally gets the chance to settle the score with her husband and partner killer.moreless
    • The Troubles
      The Troubles
      Episode 12
      When a woman becomes a fugitive, Nina uses her only resource to help find her, her daughter. Stone's life becomes threatened.
    • Going Native
      Going Native
      Episode 11
      Lt. Barker and the unit go after a leader of a criminal empire that is extorting money from several businesses in Manhattan. This case turns personal for Barker when he is reunited with an old flame and is treated like family by the target. Meanwhile JC and Nina try to find where their relationship is at after sleeping together.moreless
    • Sign o' the Times
      Sign o' the Times
      Episode 10
      The Special Investigations Division tries to track a serious serial killer who targets young men on the rave scene by giving them a tainted drug. During this G catches Nina and his dad together in bed.
    • The Unusual Suspects
      Nell's ex husband comes back and asks Nell for protection from the mob. Nina and J.C. become close.
    • Capital Punishment
      A serial killer gives male victims tainted drugs.
    • Quid Pro Quo
      Quid Pro Quo
      Episode 7
      The detectives discover that the CIA is involved in a money-laundering scheme at a bank in a Cuban neighborhood.
    • Rat Trap
      Rat Trap
      Episode 6
      The unit probes mysterious fires in the garment district.
    • Mob Street
      Mob Street
      Episode 5
      The detectives go undercover on Wall Street to foil a stock-manipulation scheme.
    • Spare Parts
      Spare Parts
      Episode 4
      Missing teens prompt a probe of a private hospital's organ-donor program.
    • Pipeline
      Episode 3
      The unit goes after a Ukrainian kingpin who is using this "pipeline" to distribute cocaine, and causing massive deaths. But when the unit bust him, they find out that he is under diplomatic immunity and can't be prosecuted by the laws of the US. Under direct orders they are told that the case in closed. In secrecy under the order of the Chief of Detectives the unit goes undercover to shut down the "pipeline" once and for all. During the investigation, Nina considers giving up her badge if that means she can be with her daughter.moreless
    • Drop-Dead Gorgeous
      Members of the unit target a modeling agent.
    • Change Change Change
      JC and Nina are called into the office of the chief of detectives after 6 months of being off to deal with the deaths of Macnamara and Torres. They are assigned to the Special Investigation Division. Along with new detectives Alec Stone, Nell Delaney, and Lt. Malcolm Barker they go after armored car robbers. During the investigation JC and Nina find out they have been recruited to go after Nadine Jordan, the women who killed Macnamara and Torres.moreless
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