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FOX (ended 1998)

Significant Firsts in this Series

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    I think I saw just about every one of these shows in each season, when it first aired.

    Does anyone remember these significant "firsts."

    1) Cell Phone Usage: I definitely remember that this was the first show I can remember that a cell phone was being used so often, and so many times, when the detectives were on the street. Keep in mind, this was a time when it wasn't very common to have. As I recall, only rich doctors, and scummy drug dealers used them. Pagers were definitely the preferred form of communication. PDA's were virtually nonexistent.

    Yet, these guys had more cell phone calls than most, and certainly just as many as Jack on 24. Constantly, their cell phone was going off.

    Anyone else notice this? Try to think back to those times, before answering.

    2) Famous music groups in an "open bar" atmosphere. They used to have these "all the way live" concerts in dance clubs in downtown San Francisco, and these are the only things I can think of that compared to the New York undercover bar, with live entertainment. But, the shows in San Francisco, were still an "audience" performance, not some casual music playing, the way it was done in this show.

    Of course, the scenario displayed in the New York Undercover show was ridiculous, no famous group would be singing out in the open, in the way that was done on that show. But it was entertaining to watch, and enjoy.

    3) White female boss, over minority detectives. Most common scenario I've seen with mixed races, is a black luitenant, over white detectives etc. This was the first time I can remember seeing this kind of thing. Anyone else remember this in another show? On a side note, I never really liked the lady bosses acting, a bit too "New York" for me. I didn't' like her character.

    4) Not really new, but didn't notice a lot of "demographic" changes in the last season? I always wondered if the salary negotiation request was what killed the show.

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