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  • Need this on Netflix

    A petition was created to bring back New York Undercover on bring back one the shows that started the Police Drama era? Sign share petition to brig New York Undercover to netflix it can be found at change dot org and search for show.
  • Why can't I watch this show?

    What is Where are the links that will allow me to stream and watch episodes of New York Undercover? Why is this show not available online? I don't want to read an episode guide or a show summary - I WANT TO WATCH EPISODES OF THE SHOW! Why won't you let me do that online? Anywhere?
  • Theme Song

    What jazz artists' song plays during Eddie and Nina Moreno first get together in the episode Color Lines? It's the episode when the Military bomber is killing military people and antagonizes . and Eddie.
  • Was A Great Show!!!!!

    I found NY Undercover was a great show! I was living in LA at the time the show was running and it kind of kept me in touch with NY......But I found the show on a whole was will put together and love running home to catch the next show!!!
  • Better than most shows in this genre.

    New York Undercover was a good show for many reasons. For one, the chemistry between J.C. Williams and Eddie Torress (Malik Yoba and Michael De Lorenzo respectively) was always there, and their friendship was believable and it just worked. Other than the case, the show also focused on the characters personal lives. For J.C., it was the struggles of raising his young son G. For Eddie, it was helping young puerto ricans and latinos off the street, and later on in the series dating and marrying a fellow cop. I wish the show would've stayed longer, because it definetly deserved it.
  • Good in the beginning, but went down.

    I thought this show was very good. When I saw the first season, I was somewhat iffy about where it was going. The next season they added the beautiful Lauren Velez, and I think it was then that the show took off. I became a New York Undercover addict! I even enjoyed the episodes in which they brought in Detective Macnamara, played by Jonathan LaPaglia. The next thing I know, New York Undercover just went down hill due to the killing off of the characters Torres and Macnamara. I thought for sure that the season after Macnamara was introduced, that it would get better just as the show always seemed to do at the start of every new season. Well, Mr. Wolf handed fans a HUGE disappointment. I agree with the person who stated that this show could have survived at least two or three more seasons had they kept the Eddie Torres character. Dick Wolf should have seen disaster on the rise. Viewers were used to seeing Torres and Williams. You can't kill off one of the lead characters and expect to have a chance at good ratings. Not only did they kill off Torres and Macnamara, but they killed the spirit of the show. Tommy Ford as Lt. Barker looked more like a pimp than a cop. And who were these other rejects? Even Lt. Cooper left the show. I think fans only watched the very FIRST episode of the last season because they wanted to know if in fact Torres' character was really dead. Once they found out, that was it. Dick Wolf has learned his lesson I'm sure. When you've got a good thing, keep it the way it is. Nobody likes drastic changes to something that they're used to. He's learning that with Law & Order.
  • I used to love New York Undercover. It was in my opion the best cop show of the 90's. It was a great show in the begining that sadly fell apart in the end but I still love watching reruns of this great show.

    I found New York Undercover to be such a great and diverse show. It featured 2 main characters of minority. detective JC Williams was a black cop and detective Eddie Torres was a portarican cop. Often time the cases they solved involving race would hit come to home with them and sometimes put them at odds. I loved the friendship between JC and Eddie it really was what made the show great. They fought and disagreed but always had eacth others backs and where their for eacth other no matter what. They had great chemistry and where the best of friends. I thought they had some great episodes esp the ones involving Ice-T as Danny Cort the crimanal with a serious grudge against Williams and who killed his grilfriend and nearly killed him. I also like the episodes where Eddie and fellow cop Nina Morano fell in love. I liked Nina alot and love her and Eddie together they had a great tv romance. It was such a good show that I was addicted to for 3 seasons but when they killed off Torres in the season 3 finale, I just could not watch anylonger and the series just fell apart and became unregonizable. It did not work without Eddie and killing him off killed the show. I thought S4 was terrible and seeing Eddie almost totally forgotten was to hard to watch and I felt the forced romance of Morano and Williams was wrong because they both loved Eddie and I cannot buy them getting over his death like that.

    Plus I loved Eddie he was my favorite and so hot and I could not watch without him.
  • A old show that I use to watch and enjoy.

    This is one of the first cop shows I watched when I was younger. Full of action and something different was going on each episode and I enjoyed every episode but somes things that happened in the show I wasn't to happy about when they killed the light-skin guy on the show. They were a great team of police and the show never had a dull moment where you would turn it off and turn to something else. So this show is a ten for me and they need to play some reruns on tv so I can remember everything that happened in this show.
  • Crime in the city of New York, best way to solve this crime is undercover!

    This was my favorite show in the late 90's i loved it. I thought it was so good i never missed a show. I liked the way the show was put out. It sucked when it was finshed but we move on. I think this ws one of Fox stations best shows to ever air, but that is my opinion. Now this show wouldn't last to many good shows out there. I personally think you should take the time out to watch this show give it a chance its pretty good actually. I liked it but then again its a personal choice.
  • Great New York detedtive show.

    A great New York detedtive show. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. A great TV watch.
  • Good cop show

    This was the burngenoning cop shows about NYC Police Officers. Detectives. But this show was interesting you never see. A Latino and a African American. Now hows that for a match. This show was interesting show to say the least, Im mad they cancelled all the good cop shows. But at least I got my Law and Order.
  • NY Undercover was sooooooooo good! A sexy black man and a hot puertorrican all in one show. What more could a girl ask for?

    New York Undercover was a great television show. I wish that it was still on the air. It is about time that not just white cops were shown on television, because there are cops of other races that work just as hard to put the bad guys away. In addition, the acting was excellent, and Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo are sooooo hot. I love men who speak Spanish, and therefore DeLorenxo was especially sexy to me, but don't get me wrong Yoba is hot also. I think that NY Undercover should be put on DVD at a reduced price, because there are people out there, just like me, who just loved every minute of it. I looked forward to each and every episode.
  • The real cop show that started it all.

    This was by far the greatest cop show. Forget NYPD Blue, New York Undercover was first and it kicked A5S. No other cop show had as much emotion that this one did. Unfortunately it didn't last as long as it should have. But it will always be the first cop classic.
  • better than most cop shows

    I hate cop shows besides Homicide:Life on the streets and Third Watch, every other one from CSI TO Law and Order to every other cop show you can think of I have never cared for, New York Undercover on the other hand was pretty damned good, While as the other reviewer stated it never had action that would blow u away that's what I liked anout the show it was more laid back then others it also had a nicely acted and diverse cast(which would be the shows downfall in season 4)The music segments it did at the beginning of each episode showing the crime take place was pretty cool too. All in all I'd put it on my top 20 shows of all time list I hope they decide to bring it to dvd soon.
  • newyork undercover was ffar the best cop show i have ever seen and today i still watch it and say what happen why did they kill off thestars who made the show everything about the show i love the Characters was awesome the polt location the music everythi

    I have to say that i don;t think New York undercover was bad show finally there was a show i can watch every thursday, i could not keep my eyes off the show, at the time i was only 10 years old i am 21 now and i still watch reruns
  • Not a terrible show, but for its genre it is nowhere near the top. New York Undercover is one of those traditional FOX bandwagon shows that never really makes it big because it is missing some key elements. Yet, none-the-less, it does have its moments.

    Not a terrible show, but for its genre it is nowhere near the top. New York Undercover is one of those traditional FOX shows that never really makes it big because it is missing some key elements. FOX tends to pump out a show that fits whatever theme is popular on TV at that particular time. For the years of this show, it was crime drama. Unfortunately, when they pump out these bandwagon shows such as this one, there tends to be a loss in quality. Also, FOX tends to inject what I like to call "machismo humor", the kind of conceded humor found in movies such as Bad Boys where the hero makes a lot of jokes regarding how he is popular with the ladies. While this humor is ok now and then, it does not come off well in this show, thus giving it one strike. Throw in the rushed storylines so FOX could ride the wave of theme popularity in time and you have strike two. The actors are decent so the show does have that going for it, but the action just doesn't have a "blow you away" aspect to it and the drama side isn't all that powerful either. Thus, strike three. All in all, this show is not completely terrible, but it is unoriginal and rushed causing it to suffer as a result.

    My final review: Not an all around horrible show, maybe even a decent show, but it's bandwagon unoriginality and rushed feel cause it to be nothing more than just a short running series soon to be forgotten.