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  • I used to love New York Undercover. It was in my opion the best cop show of the 90's. It was a great show in the begining that sadly fell apart in the end but I still love watching reruns of this great show.

    I found New York Undercover to be such a great and diverse show. It featured 2 main characters of minority. detective JC Williams was a black cop and detective Eddie Torres was a portarican cop. Often time the cases they solved involving race would hit come to home with them and sometimes put them at odds. I loved the friendship between JC and Eddie it really was what made the show great. They fought and disagreed but always had eacth others backs and where their for eacth other no matter what. They had great chemistry and where the best of friends. I thought they had some great episodes esp the ones involving Ice-T as Danny Cort the crimanal with a serious grudge against Williams and who killed his grilfriend and nearly killed him. I also like the episodes where Eddie and fellow cop Nina Morano fell in love. I liked Nina alot and love her and Eddie together they had a great tv romance. It was such a good show that I was addicted to for 3 seasons but when they killed off Torres in the season 3 finale, I just could not watch anylonger and the series just fell apart and became unregonizable. It did not work without Eddie and killing him off killed the show. I thought S4 was terrible and seeing Eddie almost totally forgotten was to hard to watch and I felt the forced romance of Morano and Williams was wrong because they both loved Eddie and I cannot buy them getting over his death like that.

    Plus I loved Eddie he was my favorite and so hot and I could not watch without him.
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