Season 8 Episode 11

Jumpin' George

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 01, 1990 on CBS

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  • "Do you ever have the feeling that you're the only sane person in a town of crazies?"

    --and what are the kids listening to these days?

    --recurring nightmares are better when you only have them once

    --Bob Newhart's such a smartass! I knew you'd mock me. yeah, that's pretty much what the show's based on.

    --Now there's a vision of hell for you - listening to Burl Ives, drinking warm milk, and someone pokes you with a knitting needle every time you nod off.

    "It's guys like you who killed the hustle"

    "You keep an elk in your apartment? I've got two

    First Dolly Parton in a dream sequence on "Designing Women" and then Peggy Fleming in a dream sequence here - both aired originally on 1/1/90.

    That was a lame ending. Swimming lessons? Peggy Fleming?