Newhart - Season 6

CBS (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Courtin' Disaster
    Courtin' Disaster
    Episode 24

    Joanna sets George up on a blind date with an antique dealer from a nearby town, not knowing she's being hounded a violently jealous ex; The Inn is graced by an overly generous guest with a fistful of cash.

  • The Gleeless Club
    The Gleeless Club
    Episode 23

    Joanna's dumbfounded and jealous when she's turned down for a spot on the town's glee club, but Dick is accepted even though his audition ended in disaster; Michael and Stephanie argue about what should be in their dream house.

  • Newsstruck
    Episode 22

    Michael unexpectedly grows into a well-rounded individual when he takes over production of WPIV's newscasts, but finds a downside to giving up of his life of ignorant bliss; George declares he is no longer a Red Sox fan a week before the start of spring training.

  • A Midseason's Night Dream
    This unique episode goes inside several characters' dreams: Dick dreams all his troubles have disappeared; the wicked Joanna torments Stephanie; Michael runs three major networks; and Larry guest hosts The Tonight Show.
  • Draw Partner
    Draw Partner
    Episode 20

    Dick is thrilled that his favorite illustrator has been assigned to collaborate with him on his latest book, but soon discovers the feeling is far from mutual; Everyone eagerly awaits the Stratford's 5,000th guest.

  • The Big Uneasy
    The Big Uneasy
    Episode 19

    Dick and Michael attend a conference in New Orleans with hopes of getting Vermont Today nationally syndicated, but Michael faces an unexpected moral dilemma when he's offered a lucrative deal by an attractive television executive; Larry and the Darryls move their business to the Inn after a grease fire destroys the kitchen of the cafe.

  • Attention WPIV Shoppers

    Dick is roped into co-hosting a low-budget home shopping show with Stephanie, but becomes jealous when her performance turns her into a local celebrity; Joanna tries to recreate the recipe for George's favorite childhood pudding.

  • The Buck Stops Here
    The Buck Stops Here
    Episode 17

    Everyone in town anticipates a new era of prosperity when George announces he has sighted the legendary Great White Buck... until Dick runs it over with his car;  A guest asks Stephanie on a date and won't take 'no' for an answer.

  • Would You Buy a Used Car From This Handyman?

    After changing his 10,000th light bulb, George reflects on his life and decides he'd rather be a used car salesman; Michael and Stephanie panic when their "Snow-Stephanie" begins to melt; Dick tries to guide a hopelessly lost guest over the phone.

  • Presence of Malice
    Presence of Malice
    Episode 15

    Dick is besieged by the sadistic but emotionally fragile television critic of the town's new newspaper, who has made it his life's mission to take Vermont Today off the air.  Larry and the Darryls become cult figures after making a pancake with Paul Anka's face on it.

  • A Friendship That Will Last a Lunchtime

    Stephanie's devastated when she's stood up by her new-found friend, Dick's air-headed former co-host Buffy Denver.  Larry and the Darryls try to learn dangerous magic tricks to entertain their customers.

  • My Three Dads
    My Three Dads
    Episode 13

    Larry and the Darryls make an impassioned plea to adopt a child from a local agency, and their wishes are fulfilled when they are blessed with a child who is three weeks away from his 18th birthday. George takes offense to Michael placing misleading news teasers during the airing of his favorite show, Barnaby Jones.

  • Support Your Local Shifflet

    Feeling guilty because the town just approved spending money on a new stoplight he requested, Dick urges Officer Shifflet to escalate his demands for a raise to the point he goes on strike.  Stephanie and Michael are inspired by Dick to impose their vision of urbanization on the town.

  • Laugh at My Wife, Please

    Dick blames Joanna's delivery when she bombs giving a tour group the humorous historical presentation he prepared.  George babysits the Darryls while Larry goes on a miniature golf vacation.

  • Telethon Man
    Telethon Man
    Episode 10

    Michael talks Dick into hosting a 48-hour long telethon as a last ditch effort to save WPIV, and his delirium allows him to soldier on alone when the unpaid staff walks out half way through.  Larry and the Darryls invent a new spoon they call "Doctor Dribble".

  • Till Depth Do Us Part (2)

    Michael and Stephanie decide the only way to save their relationship is to get married at the Vanderkellen mansion, but Dick and Joanna are troubled that the young couple refuses to consider the realities of married life beyond the actual ceremony.

  • Till Depth Do Us Part (1)

    After a string of bad dates, Stephanie and Michael seek professional counselling to save their incredibly superficial relationship; George neglects his duties while trying to figure out how to keep squirrels out of the bird feeder.

  • Take Me to Your Loudon

    Dick reluctantly agrees to host the town's Halloween costume party, but what he doesn't know is that Michael is hoping to create an Orson Welles-style panic by scheduling The War of the Worlds on WPIV that evening.

  • Vintage Stephanie
    Vintage Stephanie
    Episode 6

    Stephanie is plunged into a deep depression on her birthday when she realizes she has reached the peak of her beauty and Michael runs out on her; George finds his life becoming too complicated after buying his very first pair of regular blue jeans.

  • Reading, Writing, and Rating Points

    Facing a deadline to create a quality new show, Michael inadvertently steals an idea from a student in the television production class he is teaching; George regrets telling a potential guest months in advance that he could guarantee when the fall colors would occur.

  • Me and My Gayle
    Me and My Gayle
    Episode 4

    George eagerly awaits his high school reunion so he can finally confess his feelings to the girl who wrote "Have a Great Summer" in his yearbook 40 years ago; Stephanie fears her entire winter wardrobe has suddenly gone out of style.

  • Inn This Corner
    Inn This Corner
    Episode 3

    The Stratford becomes a ghost town when a Victorian house down the street is converted into an upscale inn and becomes an overnight sensation.  Larry and the Darryl's consider reselling customer discards at a discount as a way to promote their cafe.

  • Prima Darryl
    Prima Darryl
    Episode 2

    Larry must deal with being a subordinate brother after he finds documents showing he is not the oldest of the three; George becomes a nuisance after he buys a portable sing-a-long machine.

  • Here's to You, Mrs. Loudon
    Joanna has trouble dumping a 16-year-old boy with a crush on her. George searches for a nickname.