Newhart - Season 7

CBS (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Town Without Pity
    Town Without Pity
    Episode 1

    The townsfolk organize a book burning after a homicidal maniac proclaims he's a big fan of Dick's and admits he used one of Dick's how-to manuals to break out of prison.

  • Apples, Apples, Apples

    The town makes the mistake of asking Michael to modernize a traditional apple festival that was founded by George's grandfather; Dick quickly regrets pledging a dollar a mile to Larry and the Darryl's walk-a-thon to save a local swamp from being developed.

  • This Blood's For You

    Stephanie is horrified to discover that a blood transfusion following an emergency appendectomy came from Darryl; George finds out he has high cholesterol.

  • I Married Dick
    I Married Dick
    Episode 4

    After learning a friend's marriage just ended because of "stagnation", Joanna fears that she and Dick are about to suffer the same fate; Stephanie has second thoughts about her relationship with Michael when she finds out he had large ears as a child.

  • Goonstruck
    Episode 5

    Stephanie finds herself lusting for the crude yet virile young stonemason working at the Inn; Joanna sets out to redesign the Inn's promotional brochure, much to Dick's chagrin.

  • I Came, I Saw, I Sat

    Dick makes big plans for his father's first visit to Vermont, only to discover he'd rather spend the whole time on the lobby sofa.

  • Twelve Annoyed Men...and Women

    Dick's patience is tested as jury foreman for an open-and-shut case when a single juror holds out for inane reasons; Larry and the Darryls become dangerously obsessed with answering an age-old philosophical question; Michael and Stephanie volunteer as fashion police at the mall.

  • Home for the Hollidays

    Joanna's foray into real estate gets off to a rough start when she lets a young hillbilly couple stay at the Inn until she finds them a new home; Stephanie takes issue with Dick and Joanna's decision to bequeath the Inn to George.

  • Shoe Business Is My Life

    Michael suddenly finds himself unemployed after badmouthing his new boss's daughter, and discovers the only job in town he's qualified for is as an apprentice stock-boy at the discount shoe store;  George regrets donating his favorite hammer to Larry's time capsule.

  • George and the Old Maid

    Madelyn Stone, a former maid at the Inn, returns to answer George's marriage proposal from 25 years ago; Stephanie develops a work ethic when she fears Madelyn wants to take her job back.

  • Hi, Society
    Hi, Society
    Episode 11

    "Richard" accompanies Stephanie to a high society charity ball, and steals her spotlight after Stephanie introduces him as a hotel tycoon; Joanna and George try to identify a mysterious guest who never crosses paths with them.

  • Cupcake on My Back
    Cupcake on My Back
    Episode 12

    Stephanie's refusal to change her extravagant lifestyle leaves Michael in desperate financial straits and puts their relationship in jeopardy;  Dick is blamed when an incident at a poker game causes a rift between Chester and Jim.

  • Another Saturday Night

    Michael accompanies Joanna to a dinner party full of surprises hosted by Larry and the Darryls; George helps Stephanie endure her first Saturday night without Michael; Dick accepts an invitation to deliver a commencement speech at an exclusive school he knows nothing about.

  • The Nice Man Cometh
    The Nice Man Cometh
    Episode 14

    Dick is conscripted by the station owner to be the permanent stooge for an abrasive comic host of the new late-night talk show, Vermont Tonight; Michael takes a series of humiliating temp jobs.

  • One and a Half Million Dollar Man

    Wealthy socialite Scooter Drake drops by Vermont hoping purchase a quaint inn to fill a hole in his heart left after a bad breakup, and shocks everyone by making a $1.5 million offer for the Stratford; Michael decides to become the town's first street mime.

  • The Little Match Girl

    While visiting Michael, Ridge Valley Sanitarium's newest resident,  Dick runs into illustrator Corinne Denby and invites her to collaborate with him again on his next book.  Unfortunately, it takes a visit from Officer Shifflet to make Dick realize he's made a big mistake.

  • Buy, Buy Blues
    Buy, Buy Blues
    Episode 17

    Desperate to forget Michael, Stephanie instructs George to destroy her old wardrobe and goes on an uncontrollable shopping binge; Michael's doctor proclaims romantic feelings for him just as he is about to be discharged from the sanitarium.

  • Message from Michael

    Michael develops a cult following of townsfolk, inspiring them to abandon their responsibilities and life ambitions, when he appears as a last minute guest on Vermont Today to talk about his experience in the sanitarium and new perspective on life.

  • Homes and Jo-Jo
    Homes and Jo-Jo
    Episode 19

    Joanna becomes the host of a new real estate showcase program, which quickly develops into a great lead-in for a floundering Vermont Today due to the sexual tension fostered by her amorous male co-host; One of the Darryls receives a British manservant as a birthday present from his aunt.

  • Georgie & Bess
    Georgie & Bess
    Episode 20

    A family friend whom George called Aunt Bess visits for the first time in 45 years, shattering his fond childhood memories when she admits to being his father's mistress; Darryl employs an unusual strategy against Dick in a game of chess; Michael becomes a bag-boy at the grocery store.

  • Murder at the Stratley

    Dick regrets using characters closely resembling everyone he knows in his first murder-mystery novel when officer Shifflett accuses him of murdering Joanna just after she leaves town on a stormy night.

  • Malling in Love Again

    Unable to find desirable mates for themselves, Michael and Stephanie try to find the perfect date for each other by conducting personal interviews at the mall;  Dick has a hard time believing Larry's claim that Johnny Carson pays his gas bill.