Season 8 Episode 16

Seein' Double

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 1990 on CBS

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  • Stephanie decides she wants her own show so Michael creates a sitcom for her, "Seein' Double", where she plays identical twin sisters and Dick is the dad.

    Coming as this did in the final season of "Newhart", this episode often is overshadowed by the now classic series finale which aired about two months later. This episode is a gut bustingly funny. The entire concept of "Seein' Double" is a riff on shows like "The Patty Duke Show" (which was airing on "Nick at Nite" when this episode was originally broadcast) that rely on camera tricks and doubles to pull of the "identical twin" concept. As is typical of Stephanie and Michael, they get it all wrong. Having the double have an oversized book in front of their face or shuffle off sideways with their back to you is one of the delights of this episode, as is Dick learning that the set was too small. (You have to see this gag to get it.)

    The writers and producers were clearly were having a lot of fun producing this episode. The ending of the episode (a freeze frame of the cast laughing) is a parody of older sitcoms and even the commercial bumps were changed to Stephanie (in character as Judy/Jody) saying, "Seein' Double" will be right back! *giggle*"

    I'd be happy if this episode were released separately. I saw it once 16 years ago and as you can see, it has stayed with me. Definitely on of "Newhart"'s best episodes.