Season 1 Episode 5

This Probably is Condemned

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 22, 1982 on CBS

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  • When The Stratford is having a Health Inspector come by to check it out Kirk starts to worry. It seems when the Health Inspector sees the Minute Man Cafe he condemns it for being out of code. Everyone scrambles to help clean it up.

    Not an extremely funny episode at all. Kirk who is by far the least funny character on this show is featured in an episode where the Minute Man Cafe is supposedly condemned by the Health Inspector.

    Kirk's act of lying about everything wears thin each and every time we see him. In this case he lies to get help cleaning up the cafe for free and then doesn't even stay to help by claiming to be going out (with Dick's money) to buy everyone some food.

    Not a whole lot to say other than the cafe was not condemned, he never did show up with food after everyone worked all day to get the cafe spotless, and finally lied about lying about everything. In other words his lies about lying are lies so you can never believe anything he ever says.

    A disappointing episode and despite some clever dialogue from time to time the series is going down hill pretty fast. Thanks for reading...