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    Ive had the Newlyweds DVDs for quite a while and I just got back into re-watchin them again. It brought to mind that for some reason whenever they are watching tv that isnt sports, its blurred out. Does anyone know why? And also, they only have 4 songs that they play, ever, and Im pretty sure 2-3 of them arent really songs youd hear on the radio but songs they made up. Even when there was an episode where Jessica was doing her Sweestest Sin video and Nick was doing some one too, they never played the music as they watching it but did some random song instead. Anyone know why?
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    I think it has something to do with the fact that they would have to pay a royalty for any actual tv show or song that's used in the show. About the song in the Sweetest Sin/ Shut Up episode, maybe nick and jessica would have wanted a royalty from MTV for using their songs.
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